"We Now Understand Our Sexual Interests" - 15 Years of Sexual Happiness

"We Now Understand Our Sexual Interests" - 15 Years of Sexual Happiness

by Lovehoney

on 27 Apr 2017


The only boring thing about a Lovehoney delivery is the plain brown box it arrives in.

But don't take our word for it.

In our last couples' interview, we spoke to two regular customers to find out why they choose Lovehoney as their go-to sex toy shop.

What would they tell us? Is it our 24/7 customer care that keems 'em coming back? Our discreet packaging? Or maybe our 365-day returns policy?

Not inclined to blow our own trumpet (it's so much more fun when someone else blows it for you), we asked them.

Check out what they said, and let us know why you shop with Lovehoney in the comments below.

Introducing Couple 1: Natalie and Tom

From: Derbyshire, UK

Together For: 2 years

Did you discover sex toys together?


How did you bring up the conversation about using sex toys?

"It came up after a friend told us a hilarious story about a butt plug that she'd ordered. We had a quick browse online afterwards and never really looked back."

How long had you been together before you started using sex toys?

"Not long, I think it was just over a month judging by the date I joined Lovehoney! We had known each other a long time before getting together though so the trust was already there."

What do you like best about Lovehoney?

"Customer care. We've been shopping with Lovehoney for almost two years now and one of the main reasons they continue to be a favourite for us is the fantastic customer care team.

They're always happy to help out and go above and beyond to resolve any problems or answer any questions."

What difference has Lovehoney made to your lives together?

"We now understand our sexual interests much better, as well as having a better understanding of our bodies/anatomy and how we like to be stimulated."

What are your favourite couples toys?

"We-Vibe Unite, Liberator Wedge and the Tease by Lovehoney Riding Crop."

What would you like to try next?

"A cane, a glass butt plug and a remote-controlled male masturbator like the Hot Octopus III Duo."

Describe how sex toys have changed your relationship in 3 words?

"Never gets boring!"

Thanks for answering our questions Nat and Tom - We love having you aboard!

Enjoy what you read? Check out the Lovehoney forums for even more sex toy chat.

Join in and comment below with how sex toys have improved your sex life in three words... If you can!

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