"Yes! Do That Again!" - Celebrating 15 Years of Sexual Happiness

"Yes! Do That Again!" - Celebrating 15 Years of Sexual Happiness

by Lovehoney

on 25 Apr 2017


How did you introduce sex toys to your relationship?

Did you discover them together?

Had you been together long?

These are just some of the questions we're itching to know the answers to!

This month is Lovehoney's Birthday month and, in case you missed it, we're 15 years old!

To celebrate, we thought we'd chat to some of our longest-standing customers and find out how Lovehoney has helped add more sexual happiness to their lives.

Introducing Couple 2: Violet and James

From: North East UK

Together For: 8 years

Find out what they told us below.

Did you discover sex toys together?

Violet: "No, I got my first rabbit for my 18th birthday, and haven't looked back since! However, around 3 years ago James did make the suggestion that we try some more couple-focused toys, as the rabbit was getting old fast, and that was when we discovered Lovehoney, and the vast range of products available."

James: "Seeing as Violet had several rabbits by that point, I wanted something we could both get use and enjoyment out of. We may not have discovered sex toys together but we have developed together, which is just as important."

How did you bring up the conversation about using sex toys?

Violet: "I've always been very forward and open about what I want. I've used toys for my own gratification for the entirety of our relationship so James has never known any different, and he is laid back enough to just go with it!

When either of us want to try something new, it really is as simple as just sitting down for a chat, scrolling through Lovehoney together, and reading out descriptions and reviews of items that pique our interest."

James: "It was actually off the back of seeing a Lovehoney advert on TV that made me suggest we try some new toys together. Good icebreaker!"

How long had you been together before you started using sex toys?

Violet: "I believe it was only a matter of months before the rabbit was brought into our joint sex life rather than just my own, but it was 5 years into the relationship before the conversation came up about introducing something to benefit both of us."

Sexy Plus Size 18+

What do you like best about Lovehoney?

Violet: "I find Lovehoney to be one of those all-round retailers that has it all: easy to navigate website, fantastic offers and deals, great returns policy, a huge product range, an amazing social community and all the benefits that come with it, and customer service that is second to none.

But for me, the jewel in the crown is the Plus Size collection - I have curves the size of my sass and I have never seen such a wide variety of gorgeous products for a larger lady anywhere else!

What difference has Lovehoney made to your lives together?

Violet: "Orgasms are good for the soul and we get to experience that in many different ways now. Our sex life has improved as it is more varied and addresses my kinks, meaning my mood has also improved considerably.

My body confidence is through the roof! After having kids and rarely finding time to pamper myself, I feel like I must be unattractive, but to find plus size lingerie that fits and flatters? I genuinely couldn't be more grateful.

It's amazing the difference a good bodystocking or babydoll can make to my outlook on my appearance. Confidence is sexy, sexy is happy."

James: "Sex is definitely more adventurous now, keeping our love life alive and interesting. I'd say it's brought us closer together too, we communicate better because of the intimate nature of it."

What are your favourite couples' toys?

Violet: "I'm a big lover of bondage, and James certainly sees the benefits as it leaves him free to explore without my interference!

We adore the collar and cuff restraint set for this, it's definitely a go-to piece as I adore being collared. More recently we have discovered the Lovehoney Deluxe Magic Wand and its attachments that benefit both of us, and that has been a really great addition so far."

James: "The wand is lots of fun, it's brought a new aspect of play to our sessions. I didn't think it was something I could use too, not knowing there was a male attachment for it until Violet had ordered it.

I love that we can incorporate it in different ways, and that we can use it on each other."

What would you like to try next?

Violet: "We are both looking to advance in anal play, with James especially hoping to find his elusive P-spot!

I love my [butt plug] tails and I'm desperate to work up to my large aluminium grey tail. The feeling of having a plug in during sex is mindblowing! More spanking and under the bed restraints are also high on my list!"

James: "I'm also contemplating one of the realistic vagina/ass male masturbators."

Describe how sex toys have changed your relationship in 3 words.

Violet: "This is really difficult for me to narrow down to just 3 words as I feel like we've had a huge overhaul to the dynamics of our relationship since bringing more toys into the equation, but it lies somewhere between: 'dear God, yes!', 'do that again', and 'adventures start here'."

Thanks for your time Violet and James.

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What three words would you use to describe how sex toys have improved your sex life?

Let us know in the comments below.

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