Top Bargain Sex Toys for Students

Top Bargain Sex Toys for Students

by Lovehoney

on 1 Jan 2015

Lovehoney Powerful Pocket Vibrator

Pop quiz: For breakfast this morning, did you have a) cereal, b) toast, or c) pizza?

Is your favourite game a) football, b) chess, or c) fuzzy duck?

Is your most prized piece of artwork a) a sculpture, b) a painting, or c) a beer can tower?

If you answered mostly c, odds are you're a student, battling the 11am alarm each morning, donning fancy dress at every chance, and honing your hawk-eyed tenacity for spotting a bargain.

Twinning top-rated toys with wallet-friendly pricing, this compilation of vibrating sex toys for students should send your skinflinty spidey sense haywire. All available for under £20, they're ideal for budget-conscious academics looking to blow off some post-lecture steam.

Their thrifty pricing makes these toys a steal, and additionally the ensuing run of nights in you'll enjoy post-purchase will also help rack up the pennies, making these toys doubly good value.

Lovehoney Powerful Pocket Vibrator

  1. Lovehoney Powerful Pocket Vibrator

  2. If the best things in life are free, it surely follows that the second best things are very cheap indeed. Testament to this is the logic-defyingly thrifty Lovehoney Powerful Pocket Vibrator, which at [[productprice:productid=24786]] is buck-low but bang-high.

    Astonishing vibration strength combined with 4 interchangeable heads makes this the pleasure toy that keeps on giving.

    Key features:

    • Great value
    • 4 interchangeable heads
    • Extremely powerful single speed
    • Brings you to climax quickly

    "You absolutely can't beat this price! I have multiple powerful orgasms every time I use this toy." - ashnicholedaw, Lovehoney customer.

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  1. Lovehoney Silencer Whisper Quiet Vibrator

    Lovehoney Silencer Classic Vibrator

    Some seek internal vibrations, while others prefer external play. If your in-or-out indecision could put a cat in a doorway to shame, a classic vibrator like the Lovehoney Silencer ([[productprice:productid=16603]]) is the choice for you, allowing for both G-spot and clitoral stimulation.

    Whisper-quiet in use, you can play with peace of mind even with your housemates in the next room.

    Key features:

    • Satisfying 7 inch size
    • Smooth soft-feel rippled shaft
    • Multiple speeds
    • Easy-to-use twist base
    • Waterproof

    "The feeling this provides is unreal and like nothing I've felt before. I would definitely recommend this to anyone!" - Swanniie, Lovehoney customer.

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  2. Lovehoney Dream Bullet 10 Function Bullet Vibrator

    Lovehoney Dream Bullet

    If your orgasms are all about the bean, recruit Lovehoney’s Dream Bullet ([[productprice:productid=22122]]) to be your partner in sexy-time. A tapered tip allows for perfect precision, while a single button controls 10 different functions for broad-ranging sensation in a snap.

    Travel-friendly sizing makes bullet vibrators ideal for students travelling between uni and their parents' house.

    Key features:

    • Tiny size but super strong vibes
    • 10 speeds and patterns
    • Easy-to-use push-button control
    • Can be used during sex
    • Completely waterproof

    "It's small and discreet and feels amazing. The vibrations are very powerful… very satisfied." - happyvegan, Lovehoney customer.

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  3. Tracey Cox Supersex Vibrating Love Ring

    Tracey Cox Supersex Twin Silicone Vibrating Love Ring for Couples

    Some things are too good not to be shared. If you’ve got a lover in tow, a vibrating ring might be just the thing to add vibration stimulation into your encounters. This [[productprice:productid=20525]] best-selling Twin Love Ring adds vibes while helping keep him harder.

    Slip the bullet out of its sleeve to use it independent of the ring for a bargainicious 2-toys-in-1.

    Key features:

    • Stretchy material fits most
    • Double rings for a secure fit
    • Textured clitoral stimulator
    • Removable bullet
    • Comes with 2 sets of batteries

    "The vibes are amazing for her. Me and my OH just kept wanting more and more." - sexytime87, Lovehoney customer.

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  1. Lovehoney G-Slim G-Spot Vibrator

    Lovehoney G-Slim G-Spot Vibrator

    While your fingers are the most cost-effective option for firm G-spot stimulation, they ill befit the task, featuring pitfalls such as fingernails and a general lack of bulbousness. Far better to use Lovehoney G-Slim G-Spot Vibrator ([[productprice:productid=2008]]), which features a slim body with firm bulbous tip.

    Intense vibrations in multiple speeds amp up internal sensation to push you over the edge.

    Key features:

    • Firm bulbed tip for firm stimulation
    • Strong vibrations
    • Easy twist controls
    • Waterproof

    "After a few minutes of playing, though, and I was making myself squirt, on my own, for the very first time." - Dan & Jo, Lovehoney customer.

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  2. Lovehoney BASICS Rabbit Vibrator

    Lovehoney BASICS Rabbit Vibrator

    If you’re the type who’s never knowingly burned the candle at just one end, you’ve got the have-it-all mindset that’s perfect for rabbit vibrators. When faced with the choice of internal and external stimulation, you said ‘both’, and instead of ‘please’ you said ‘now’. We salute you.

    The Lovehoney BASICS Rabbit ([[productprice:productid=35205]]) is sized for beginners, and waterproof too - ideal for bath or shower sexy times.

    Key features:

    • Simultaneous internal and external stimulation
    • Multiple speeds of vibration
    • Twin motors for power
    • Waterproof

    "A non-threatening size and colour, good girth and length with great vibrations that hit all my spots… this is a great addition to the collection, a must buy!" - LisaLips, Lovehoney customer.

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  3. Lovehoney BASICS Vibrating Love Egg

    eginners Basic Wickedly Powerful Orgasmic Love Egg

    Give a girl an egg and she’ll breakfast for a day; give a girl a Lovehoney BASICS Vibrating Love Egg and she can climax every day for the rest of her life. An unbeatable [[productprice:productid=9670]] price tag belies this egg’s power, while the scroll-wheel wired controller makes custom vibration strength simple.

    Hand the controls to your partner and incorporate the egg into your foreplay or love-making.

    Key features:

    • Fantastic price
    • Can be used internally or externally
    • Extremely powerful vibrations
    • Great couple’s toy

    "I use this product *all* of the time and it never fails to bring me to orgasm. The vibrations start at very subtle ones and go up to really strong ones." - jazzy4eva, Lovehoney customer.

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