Lube, Glorious Lube: How it Will Change Your Sex Life!

Lube, Glorious Lube: How it Will Change Your Sex Life!

by Lovehoney

on 1 Jan 2015

How Lube Will Change Your Sex Life

Firstly, let's get one thing out of the way: people who use lube have better sex. They just do.

It reduces uncomfortable friction for lads and ladies unlike, which leads to a smoother experience, which in turn makes it more enjoyable. Still not convinced? Well, we’ve got a little experiment for you to try.

Guys: Try rubbing one out. Easiest homework ever, right? But now (or as soon as you can), try introducing Mrs Palm and her five lovely daughters to a slathering of lube before you start.

You see what a difference it makes? No more uncomfortable chafing when you’re going for a long time, plus it feels considerably more like the real deal.

Girls, now it’s your turn. Playing using lube makes everything much smoother and more enjoyable, and over 70% of women have found sexual experiences more enjoyable when they’ve used lubrication.

So, which lube's best for which situation? Just keep reading to see our super 'handy' guide.

Always Come Prepared

It’s not just important for solo play. Lube can greatly enhance sex with a partner, too, as sometimes Mother Nature needs a helping hand producing the body’s natural fluids (especially when you’re dehydrated, say, after a night out).

Keep a bottle in the drawer beside your bed for when you bring someone home, and, like they taught you in Scouts, you’ll always be prepared. Although we think that may have been more for a compass and some twine, but the same rule applies.

Lube is also the new best friend of anyone looking to experiment with anal sex. Unlike the vagina, the anus doesn’t create any of its own natural lubrication, which is part of the reason why it can sometimes be very painful. We’d highly recommend not undertaking any kind of bumfunnery without a decent quality tube o’ lube to hand.

The trouble is, there are a huge range of different lubes to try out there. One way to find out what works best for you is by grabbing a few smaller sachets or sample sizes of different kinds; they’re pretty much one-use-only, but they’re handy, cheap, and an easy way to try things out. The other, of course, is to keep reading.

Which Lube Should I Choose?

Chances are that by now, you get that lube is the way to go. But which do you kind do you shell out for? Scroll through our top lube suggestions below for the best all-rounder, as well as the best lubes for new sensations and experiences.

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Originally published on 1 Jan 2015. Updated on 5 Aug 2020