Pump it: Review of the Month August 2018

Pump it: Review of the Month August 2018

by Lovehoney

on 3 Sep 2018

When you write a sex toy review for Lovehoney you get a chance at winning a whopping £100 to spend on Lovehoney products. We call it Review of the Month.

Let's see who's taking home the prize this month...

Enjoying pleasing pumping sensations with the improved Lovehoney Supreme Sensation Pussy Pump is a newer forum member: ;)amo.

"It was immediately obvious that there was a definite increase in sensitivity. My partner was obviously experiencing an increase in sensations and she came much faster and stronger than previously." Read the full review here.

Happy shopping ;)amo... Psst, get more for your money right now with the big sale; we have up to 70% off  wahoo!

This isn't the only pumptastic review to win this month, check out some reviewers that have been awarded with 2,000 Lovehoney reward points...

Runners Up

Behind Closed Doors's review of Bathmate Hydromax X30 Wide Boy Hydrotherapy Penis Pump:

"The Bathmate Hydromax X30 Wide Boy Hydrotherapy Penis Pump is a quality product, it is built very well, it's not flimsy at all, in fact, it's solid. It is simple to use and almost self-cleaning and the best bit is it feels good when it’s on."

MissJesse's review of Mantric Rechargeable Realistic Vibrator

MissJesse's review of Mantric Rechargeable Realistic Vibrator:

"I can attest that it works great both on and off, in whichever spot you fancy fitting it. Indeed, the tapered middle section made it feel pretty secure for butt stuff, which is a bonus.."

Rob36's review of Lovehoney Release Masturbation Lubricant 100ml:

"Lasts as long as required to finish the task at hand, even if it's a long hard slog and leaves your skin feeling lovely and soft (soft is acceptable after the jobs done of course)."

Video: Did you know that Lovehoney has the largest database of sex toy reviews anywhere in the world? In fact, we've received over 200,000 reviews telling us what you love (and what you don't) when it comes to sex toys.
In this week's vlog, Jess and Roy play 'Guess the Sex Toy' using your reviews!

Want to enter to win? Have a read of our handy review writing tips and submit your own review on something you own!

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