Guest Who? It's Andrea from Returns on ITV's This Morning!

Guest Who? It's Andrea from Returns on ITV's This Morning!

by Lovehoney

on 29 Jan 2015

Andrea ITV This Morning Guest Who

Lovehoney's very own star in the making, Andrea Bartlett appeared on ITV's This Morning yesterday to have a giggle with Phillip Schofield and Christine Bleakley about her experiences working in Lovehoney's returns department.

Andrea appeared on the show's weekly 'Guest Who' section in which the This Morning presenters take out their ear pieces, put down their notes and forgo any directions from the floor manager in anticipation of their mystery guest. They then have two and a half minutes to grill their guest about what they do before the claxon.

The lovely Andrea had Phillip and Christine in fits of giggles by the end of the quick-fire question round which had Andrea explaining all of the weird and wonderful reasons that people return their unwanted sex toys to Lovehoney - highlighting our fantastic 365 day returns policy. You can watch the full clip here.

Andrea is the second Lovehoney employee to be featured on ITV's This Morning, joining Lovehoney TV's Annabelle Knight.

The clip also made the show's Best Bits section online and was tweeted to Phillip Schofield's three and half million followers.

Phillip Schofield Tweet Andrea This Morning

Those of you who watched More Sex Please, We're British on Channel 4 or The Joy of Sex Toys on Lifetime TV (previously Frisky Business) will remember Andrea as the bubbly West Country lady featured heavily in both documentaries.

Andrea is fast becoming one of the most loved faces at Lovehoney HQ and is a pleasure to have around. We're so proud!

What's next for Andrea from Returns?

Andrea ITV This Morning Guest Who Tweet

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