Better Anal Sex with pjur | Lubes, Sprays and Serums

Better Anal Sex with pjur | Lubes, Sprays and Serums

by Lovehoney

on 12 Aug 2017

pjur anal lubricant

Anal sex is no longer the taboo it once was, and has been making its way into the mainstream media - and bedrooms everywhere - with good reason!

Anal sex can be an incredibly pleasurable act for both men and women, thanks to the high concentration of nerves located in and around the anus.

For men, the sensitive prostate is stimulated during anal sex, which can lead to those incredible P-spot orgasms, and for women, the vagina can also be indirectly stimulated.

Anal sex can therefore lead to particularly intense orgasms both in men and women. Win-win!

As the anal area has no natural lubrication, it is absolutely essential that a personal lubricant or the appropriate spray or serum is used to help things go smoothly, and fully enjoy this stimulating and intimate act.

A few aspects to consider before having anal sex:

    • As with any kind of sex, it is best to shower or take a bath beforehand. Not only is this more hygienic, but it will also have a relaxing effect which is as, if not even more, important.
    • With anal sex, it is particularly important to take things slowly. Mental and physical relaxation are key. Make sure you get in the right mindset, and look for products that contain ingredients to help the body relax.
    • As the anal area is not self-lubricating, it is necessary to use a personal lubricant to make the experience as pleasurable as it should be and to avoid injury.
    Use protection
    • It is just as easy to transmit diseases via anal sex as it is through vaginal sex. Using a condom is essential to protect you and your partner.
    Anal stimulation
    • If it’s your first time trying anal sex, it’s a good idea to get used to the feeling of penetration by using your partner’s fingers or a beginner’s toy.
    Take it slow
    • Particularly at the beginning, it is important to take things slowly. Penetrating the anus too quickly can be painful and damage the delicate tissues.
    Talk about it
    • Make sure you talk about how it feels. if you need your partner to go slower then tell them. Great sex - of any kind - is based on communication.

Personal lubricants, sprays and serums for amazing anal sex

pjur offers an extensive range of products to help you have the best anal sex possible, from personal lubricants to sprays and serums, with different formulations depending on your needs.

Silicone-based personal lubricants for anal use from pjur


Silicone-based personal lubricants for anal use are very popular, such as the pjur BACKDOOR Relaxing Silicone Anal Glide and pjur analyse me! RELAXING silicone anal glide.

These provide long-lasting lubrication with the addition of jojoba extract, which has soothing and caring properties to help relax the muscles of the anus and improve the elasticity of the skin.

Silicone molecules are larger than the pores of the skin, which is why pjur silicone-based personal lubricants for anal use are not absorbed, but remain on the skin’s surface to provide longer-lasting lubrication.

This protective film on the skin is breathable and leaves behind a luxurious and velvety soft feeling.

For really relaxing results, opt for pjur Backdoor Relaxing Silicone Anal Glide as it contains the highest concentration of jojoba.

Water-based personal lubricants for anal use from pjur


pjur’s water-based personal lubricants also offer excellent lubrication for anal sex. pjur Backdoor Comfort Water Anal Glide contains an important additive called hyaluron.

Hyaluron has the ability to bind together large quantities of water, thus creating little water cushions which support the lubricating effect.

pjur’s water-based personal lubricants for anal use are absorbed into the upper layer of the skin and leave a pleasant, sensually smooth feeling.

They also offer more flexibility when it comes to using sex toys as they are compatible with all materials. For intense anal sex and maximum lubrication, use pjur BACKDOOR Comfort Water Anal Glide.

Sprays from pjur


pjur also offers an anal spray: pjur BACKDOOR Anal Comfort Spray.

Anal sprays can be used in conjunction with personal lubricants. They allow for greater levels of relaxation, as they contain beneficial panthenol and aloe which helps the elasticity of the skin and tissue.

Both sprays help to stem over-sensitivity in the anal area and ensure carefree, ultra-sensual pleasure.

They are also safe for use with condoms and do not contain benzocaine or lidocaine.

pjur BACKDOOR Anal Comfort Spray has been specially designed for intense anal sex as it has a more concentrated formula, just like the personal lubricants.

pjur serums


The anal serums from pjur approach the subject of sensitivity reduction from a whole new direction.

Whilst personal lubricants and sprays can reduce sensitivity with their ingredients, the pjur Back Door Anal Comfort Serum creates an invisible protective film on the skin 15 to 20 seconds after application, which reduces the sensitivity without a numbing effect.

This makes it an excellent addition to anal sex. The serums from pjur are also safe for use with condoms and free from lidocaine and benzocaine.

All of these products help with relaxation so that you can enjoy anal sex to the fullest.

Each individual should try out which products suit them best, whether it's the sprays or the serums or simply a personal lubricant. For beginners the most important thing to remember is: it's better to be a little too careful and use various different products than too few.

The personal lubricants, the sprays and the serums are simple to use and can be applied to the appropriate area before anal sex.

When it comes to personal lubricants, you will generally need less product with silicone-based personal lubricants than with water-based ones.

For the sprays, simply spray onto the relevant part of the body before having sex.

When using the serums, you should use a generous amount. They will start to take effect after 15 to 20 seconds. Gently dab off the serum so as not to affect your partner with the desensitising effect.

Anal sex can be a truly pleasurable experience for both partners and add a whole new dimension to your sex life.

In order to enjoy it fully, make sure to prepare yourself properly and use a lubricant, spray or a serum – or even use a combination. pjur has specifically designed its range of anal sex products to meet your every need!

This feature was provided by pjur.

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