Alphabet Dating: The After Dark Edition

Alphabet Dating: The After Dark Edition

by Lovehoney

on 19 Feb 2016

Alphabet Dating: The After Dark Edition

A new craze is sweeping the land and it's one we can really get into bed with.

#AlphabetDating requires two partners to take it in turns to think of dates as they journey through the alphabet of lurrrrrve.

You could start off with a touch of archery, move on to ballroom dancing and spend one night cooking (and so on and so forth until you end up at the zoo or zorbing because there aren't any other Z dates).

It's all very romantic and lovely… but we're more concerned with what goes on after the dates. Which is why we're launching the #AfterDarkAlphabet.

We've scanned our filthy minds to bring you the x-rated version, giving you 26 ways to bring back the fun and naughtiness to your relationship over the coming weeks.

Let us know how you get on in the comment section below and join the conversation on Twitter using #AfterDarkAlphabet. We'll be revealing a new letter every week so keep an eye out.

A is for Anal Beads

We're throwing you right in at the deep end with this one (geddit?). Enjoy them anally during sex and remove at the point of climax for mind-bending satisfaction. Any consenting bum will do.

Learn more in our ass-tingly-tastic guide to Anal Beads.

Alphabet Dating: After Dark Edition 'A'

B is for Blindfold

Now you see me, now you don't. Explore sensory deprivation for enhanced sensitivity and pleasure in the bedroom… or wear your blindfold to bed to keep out any pesky lights. It really is win, win.

If you can see yourself using a blindfold, check out our handy guide.

Alphabet Dating: The After Dark Edition B

C is for Cock Ring

If you like it, then you should definitely put a ring on it. Achieve harder, longer-lasting erections for him and an almighty climax for her with a vibrating cock ring. Non-vibrating cock rings will also help to make your session a marathon, not a sprint.

How big? How small? How stretchy? Find out how to find the perfect cock ring here.

The After Dark Alphabet C

D is for Dildo

No shock there. But before you knock the plastic cock, give this guide a once over.

You might be surprised to find out there are lots of weird and wonderful variations of the trusty dildo that might just hit the spot.

Alphabet Dating: The After Dark Edition

E is for Erotic Massage

Treat tired muscles to a sumptuously sensual massage with the help of oils and candles.

Follow our guide to erotic massage and let the muscle tension turn to sexual tension.

Alphabet Dating Erotic Massage

F is for Fishnet

Fishnet screams sex appeal and, thanks to its stretchiness, is super flattering on almost all body types.

Anyone can look fierce as F in fishnet. Check out our Fishnet Lingerie and Stockings. Guys can try it too!

After Dark Alphabet Dating

G is for Glass

Grab some delicious new sensations with glass toys. Use these purty toys to experiment with hot and cold. Extra bonus: they’re usually dishwasher safe.

From Dildos to Butt Plugs, glass toys come in all shapes and sizes. Check out our Glass Dildo guide for tips and tricks!


H is for Handcuffs

Buckle up for a rollicking good time. Handcuffs can be used to attach someone to whatever you choose (within reason, obvs). Sensations can be heightened without the use of hands, so every touch you bestow is intensified.

Of course, it's important for someone to consent to this and a great way to ensure continued consent is to use safe words. Explore our Bondage Saftey Tips here.


I is for Ice

Ice ice baby. All right stop, collaborate and listen: combining ice with your playtime can be a fab way of exploring sensation play. Run it over your partner's body and follow with hot kisses for spine-tingling sensations, or melt it in your mouth and get creative with what you do next.

If ice isn't your thing, you could try the gentle warming sensation from a Massage Candle.


J is for Jacuzzi Sex

Prepare yourself for a hot and steamy session. There's no doubt that jacuzzi sex is one hot thing. Water buoyancy is fun, the heat makes everything feel steamier and with the right positioning (say, near a jet stream) you can free up your hands!

Silicone lube is a must because water washes all other lubes away (sob).


K is for Kama Sutra

Ahh, the historic art of being great in bed. Although Wiki reliably informs us that only 20% of the book was about sex positions, that's the only bit we care about.

Find yourself a handbook for your cultured sexy times in our Sex Positions & Kama Sutra category.


L is for Love Egg

Can you feel the luuurve? Similar in size and shape to Kegel exercisers, love eggs have the orgasmic addition of vibrations and nestle against the G-spot.

Find our love eggs here or hand over control with a Remote Control Love Egg.


M is for Masturbation

Whether you’re bashing the bishop, rubbin’ the nubbin’, doing the trouser shuffle or the two finger salute, some alone time getting to know yourself can work wonders for your sex life and sanity. After all, if you don’t know what you want, how can anyone else?

Sexpert Tracey Cox has some top tips on the subject. Read about why it’s good for you, discover hot techniques, and find risqué ways to spice it up.


N is for Nipple Clamps

Nip your nips for a provocative pinching. Male or female, our nips are a sensitive area and additional stimulation can send orgasms to another dimension. Oohhh…

Read about how to use them here and explore our selection here.


O is for Orgasm Denial

Good things come (literally) to those who wait. Denial can make the resulting release an orgasmically magnified beauty. Oh yes!

A common way to deny orgasm is with chastity devices. Find out more in our guide.


P is for Phone Sex

Speak the language of love. A simple way to add some spice to your sex life or maintain intimacy in a long-distance relationship. You’ll be calling to say more than just “I love you”.

Find some other simple ways to add some spice to your sex life with Tracey Cox’s tips.


Q is for Quickie

I want it all, and I want it now. Sometimes it’s not about the long and slow, it’s about the hard and fast, and there’s something super sexy about knowing someone just has to have you now.

Tracey Cox points out that quickies are great if you’re short on time. Watch her guide to having a quickie here.


R is for Roleplay

Roll out the red carpet and don your best outfit. Role play can be great for getting out of a rut or for giving you an opportunity to try something you’ve previously shied away from.

You don’t need to be oscar-ready and über creative to try role play, read our tips here for scenarios and suggestions.


S is for Spanking

Get ready for some spankingly good fun. Enjoy as part of erotic role play (see R) or as punishment. While painful, spanking can be used to pleasurably compliment sweet sensations and push you over the edge to orgasm,

Choose from a selection of spanking toys here and brush up your knowledge with our guide.


T is for Tickling

Indulge in a sensual session of fluffy foreplay with a feather tickler. Designed to enhance sensory perception, these feathery friends elicit shivers of excitement.

Find our ticklish collection here.


U is for Underwear

Well it had to appear somewhere! Drape your derrière, caress your cupcakes or swathe your sex sausage with some sexy underthings for instant hawtness.

Explore our sexy selection here including Sexy Plus Size and Underwear for Men.


V is for Vibrator

Obviously. A toy box essential, they come in all shapes and sizes and can be used in all manner of ways to reach the big O.

These vibes will have you buzzing in no time.


W is for Wet Look

It’s time to shine. No longer confined to awkward pornos or the backstreets, use wet look to highlight one of your many assets for an ultra sleek and sexy ensemble.

Anyone can rock wet look. Check out our guide.


X is for X-Rated Movie

Ready the lube and settle in for a raunchy rendezvous. X-rated movies are great for going solo, getting ideas and making you hot under the collar. Watch someone else’s creation or make your own…

Explore the pros and cons and find the perfect tool to make your own (unique) movie here.


Y is for Yes

Yes, yes, YES! Exercise your vocal chords and practise a different kind of oral: try speaking to your partner about what you like, or being (extra) noisy in your enjoyment.

You’d rather be quiet? Try a ball gag instead!


Z is for Zap

Danger! Danger! High Voltage!. Turn your mundane sex sessions into electrifying experiences with electro-sex.

Think we’re mad? Read a more detailed explanation here.


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