7 Sexy Things To Try In The New Year

by Guest

on 27 Dec 2016

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As 2017 approaches, we all begin to think about what new things we'd like to try in the new year, and what aspects of our lives we'd like to change for the better.

Whether it's joining the university gym or trying to get to your 9 a.m. lectures each week, many New Year's resolutions are well-intentioned, but tricky to keep going.

After all, student life is supposed to be full of fun and excitement, not swapping Jägerbombs for early nights; so, why not make a list of much more fun things to enjoy in the New Year instead?

By mixing things up in the bedroom, you get to explore new experiences, reinvigorate your sex life, and make some sexy resolutions that you're actually likely to keep.

Here, I've written a list of seven things every student should try in the New Year which are bound to give you a sense of satisfaction no gym membership ever could.

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1. Roleplay

This truly puts a different spin on the phrase, 'New year, new you' but you don't have to be studying for a degree in Drama to introduce a bit of excitement into your sex-life.

Try out a new outfit and open yourself up to a new world of flirtation and excitement.

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2. Experiment With Lubricant

Introducing lubricants when giving oral sex is something everybody should try. Lovehoney sell a wide range of flavoured lubes, from strawberry to caramel, offering a cheap, easy way to find some joy in 2017.

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3. Watch Porn Together

Watching something erotic with your other half is a fantastic way to build sexual tension whilst still being intimate. Why not try restraining your partner's hands while you watch, so that they can't touch you or themselves? It's the ultimate tease!

4. Try Nipple Play

Nipples can often get overlooked like that formative assessment you were too busy to hand in last week. However, the truth is that they can be just as stimulating as many other parts of the body.

There are a wide range of nipple toys out there designed to give your nipples the attention that they truly deserve, why not give some nipple suckers or beginner's nipple clamps a go?

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5. Play a Game

Every student loves to play a good drinking game before a night out, so why not play some games in the bedroom, too?

Monopoly is hardly going to get anybody's heart racing (and more likely to start an argument than to start your foreplay), but there are plenty of games that will definitely spice up any evening. Whether it's sex dice, sex position cards, or some cheeky truth-or-dare, games are an adventurous way to maximise pleasure in the New Year.

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6. Make Time for Massages

So many of us are too keen to get down to business that we often forget to savour the feeling of our OH's body.

Take some time to explore every single part of your partner using your hands, and maybe a little massage oil. It may seem simple, but as our skin is our largest and most sensitive organ, it's an easy way to get you both in the mood.

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7. Hot and Cold

Changing the temperature in the bedroom is a classic move which can really warm you up in a cold January, or get those goosebumps raised for extra sensitive skin.Experimenting with temperature when giving oral sex is really simple and super effective. Just before you're about to begin, quickly have a gulp of hot tea or suck on an ice cube to drastically change the temperature in your mouth and create some wildly different sensations that'll leave your lover begging for more.

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Heading back to university after the Christmas break is a great opportunity for you to indulge in some of these tricks to bring some joy to your January, as deadlines begin to loom again. It's always good to have new things to try in the bedroom, to explore new pleasures and keep things exciting. If you have anything you'd recommend fellow students trying, please add them to the comments - after all, sharing is caring.

Megan is a Psychology student at the University of Exeter. She can't quite read minds, but can read bodies.

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