5 Ways to Get Your Sexy Back

5 Ways to Get Your Sexy Back

by Guest

on 3 Feb 2021

We're living in weird and unsettling times, so it's no wonder many of us aren't feeling our sexiest selves. In this blog, Audrey gives us 5 tips on how to shake up our routine and get our sexy back.

Stress is how our body responds to situations and life events. When your body starts releasing stress hormones and chemicals, like adrenaline and cortisol, your ‘fight or flight’ response is triggered, and your immune system is briefly boosted.

Occasional stress, like the nerves you feel before a job interview, can be appropriate or beneficial. Once this stress passes your body simply returns to its resting state without any negative side effects.

But if we experience long-term, or chronic stress, it’s like our body never gets the message to return to its resting state. This is how consistent stress can leave us feeling run down and sick, with next to no sex drive to speak of.

Physical and mental health are not our expertise, so for help with these things you should see your GP. But help with how to feel sexy again? That we can assist with!

1. Explore new avenues

Shaking up your routine by trying something different in the bedroom is a great starting point for getting your sexy back. Going through the motions can keep you in your comfort zone, and while consistency and predictability can keep us feeling safe and secure in times of stress, it can also lead to boredom and low libido.

If you’re ready to embrace some spontaneity, why not pick up a sex toy that you’ve never tried before?

2. Positive mental attitude

Put an end to that negative internal monologue! We know it’s easier said than done but hating on yourself or the way your body looks isn’t conducive to your mojo. Start by looking in the mirror once a day and paying yourself a compliment.

You don’t have to say it aloud, just try saying the words in your head. It sounds silly, but if you’re willing to feel a little silly once a day you could end up boosting your confidence, and consequently, your sex drive.

3. Cut down your screen time

We don’t mean to sound like your grouchy parents, but the science is irrefutable. Too much time spent scrolling on your phone or laptop can lead to low-quality sleep and even insomnia. The blue light that emanates from your devices with LED displays can disrupt our circadian rhythm, the system which is responsible for telling your body when to wake up and when to sleep.

Lack of sleep and fatigue means a reduction in testosterone levels for both women and men, and this can lead to low sex drive. Try limiting your screen time or stopping it completely around 90 minutes before you prepare to hit the sack.

4. Dress to impress

Even if the person you’re trying to impress is just you, treating yourself to some new lingerie could be the key to bringing that sexy back.

Lounging around the house in your oldest, comfiest pair of pants may be supremely comfortable, but it does lack that certain ‘va va voom!’ necessary to kick the mood into overdrive.

5. Bathing beauty

If you’ve got a bath at your disposal, get that hot tap running. Not only can a warm, relaxing bath quieten your mind, it can also allow you to reconnect with your body.

Light some candles, pick a luxurious bubble bath and immerse yourself. There are plenty of waterproof sex toys on the market, so it’s never been easier to relish in some tub time.

If you have long-term problems with low libido, this is something you should speak to a medical professional about. It’s a common problem and there’s no need to put up with it. However, if you know that stress has got you stuck in a bit of rut, try any of the above suggestions to get your sexy back.

Audrey Andrews is a student blogger for Lovehoney. In her spare time she loves to do craft, but would not advise knitting your own condoms.


Written by Guest.

Originally published on 3 Feb 2021. Updated on 3 Feb 2021