4 Sexual New Year's Resolutions Everyone Should Have

4 Sexual New Year's Resolutions Everyone Should Have

by Guest

on 4 Jan 2017

4 Sexual New Year's Resolutions Everyone Should Have

2016 – possibly one of the craziest years on record! – is at an end and now we look forward to the adventure that will be 2017.

The start of a new year gives many of us a chance to take stock, re-evaluate and do some reflection on what happened in the previous year, and what we’d love to work on, try out or do just a little differently.

Some people can go a little overboard with their goals and resolutions, but remember, the year doesn't necessarily have to mean you should aim for a whole new you or a vastly new life.

If you had an awesome 2016, don’t feel like 2017 should have to be a complete turn-around in a new direction… keep heading on that awesome path!

That being said, of course no one’s life is perfect, and no one’s sex life is 100% flawless. Even if yours is 99% flawless, there is no shame in aiming for improvement and further experimentation, so I present some Sexual New Year’s Resolutions that don’t require a total sex life shake-up, but can still have a positive impact all the same…

Kama Sutra Positions Challenge

1. Try At Least One Crazy Position This Year

Yeah, every article of this type will tell you do this. However, when I say crazy, I mean "What goes where?!"-type crazy: f it looks near impossible, go for it*!

The best that can happen? It's a stroke of genius and you feel like a darn-near sexual expert with this in your arsenal.

The worst? It's so befuddling and ridiculous that you and your partner have the funniest time and biggest laughs, which is still a heck of a lot of fun.

No partner to do these outrageous moves with? Who cares. Look up solo positions and give them a go - if you're alone whilst doing it, then you can be a silly as you want in front of yourself.

*But, remember: safety first. No one wants to start their year with a sex-related trip to A&E.

Vibrator and Text Books

2. Do Some Educational Sex Research

Have you ever wondered about the actual mechanics and scientific workings operating behind your sex life? If you've never researched into the biology and psychology behind sex and intimacy, definitely have a browse online when you have spare time.

I know too many details can detract from the sexiness, but to anyone who is genuinely passionate and interested in all aspects of sex and wants to know the "why" just as much as the "how", I highly recommend.

For me personally, things in particular that piqued my interest were G-Spot and A-Spot location, research into squirting (spoiler: there isn't a great deal) and the minute changes female bodies make at different times in the menstrual cycle (one study I found showed our bodies even try to make our ears and fingers more symmetrical during ovulation).

Dildo Clock

3. Never Go Too Long Without Sexual Pleasure

Of course, everyone's sex drive and levels of need for pleasure will be different. Some will need an orgasm a day, others will be able to go months with no sexual activity and be unphased.

Whatever your preferred timescale, make sure you give yourself the sufficient amount of pleasure you feel you need. Often, stress and life can overwhelm our time and we can neglect ourselves. If you are someone who feels they aren't getting enough pleasure, be it solo or partnered or otherwise, this year set yourself a time frame.

If you go a certain amount of days or weeks without orgasming or pleasuring yourself or having sex with your partner, sometimes forcing yourself to be kind to your body can do a world of good. Obviously, sexual relief often is about taking care of a need when it arises, but if you lead a busy life, half the time you can't even tell you're in need, because you've been ignoring it to focus on everything else going on.

Setting a timescale based on your own personal judgement of what is normal to you can help you to gauge when perhaps you've been spreading yourself a bit thin and need some personal time to yourself (and remember, it's scientifically proven sexual relief is a wonderful stress-buster!).

Clearly, if you're lacking sexually because of more serious issues, as opposed to just time-consuming factors, don't pressurise yourself. This resolution is more about making sure you have time to yourself and can tend your own needs, not about trying to make yourself enjoy something you don't.

Bondage Date Night

4. Positive Affirmation and Compliments Towards Yourself and Partner

Sometimes we get lazy and stopped being vocal about positive things we might think or forget to acknowledge things we appreciate. In this coming year, aim to not get to that stage.

If you think you're partner looks hot, even if they look exactly the same as they did yesterday, say so! Everyone loves to hear a compliment. If you appreciate how your partner has taken note of that particular move you like and regularly tries to do it to please you, thank them for the effort.

Towards your own body, every time you see yourself in the mirror, be it in sexy underwear or straight-up naked, appreciate yourself and look upon yourself with positivity. Doing these things is not hard, but keeping up doing these things long-term often slips most people's minds.

Actively trying to send good vibes and appreciation out will keep your sex life emotionally healthy and can help foster a more mindful approach towards the physical acts in your sex life too.

Blogger supercutesecret is an established sex and relationships blogger, who studies Maths & Statistics at the University of Warwick.

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