3 Common Kinks (And Why You Need To Try Them)

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on 23 Nov 2017

3 Common Kinks and Why You Need To Try Them

Whether you prefer vanilla sex, or something a little more daring, there is always room for a bit more experimentation.

Of course it's great to know what you like and dislike, but far too many people fall into the trap of finding a routine that works for them and never mixing it up.

Some of the best sexual experiences you will ever have will be as a result of being bold and trying new things.

The thought of something going disastrously wrong may be off-putting at first, but if you and your partner share a positive attitude then you both stand to have a great time.

With that in mind, here is our list of 3 fab kinks and why you need to try them.


Tease by Lovehoney Bondage Tape

The most ubiquitously well known aspect of kink, and one of the most frequently portrayed in the media, light bondage is often seen as a staple of anything beyond the vanilla bedroom.

This is for good reason: casual bondage is inexpensive, easy and requires very little prep work.

As with all kinds of sex, you should have a safe word setup, but beyond that all you really need to enjoy restraint play is a tie, some cuffs, or even a T-shirt.

As for the benefits, bondage is a great way of dabbling in control exchanges, a fundamental principle of many kinks.

The best way to get started is with a roll of Lovehoney's bondage tape - it's cheap, reusable and only sticks to itself so it's easy on the skin.

Temperature Play

Lovehoney Beaded Sensual Glass Dildo 8 Inch

Physical sensations are inextricably linked to contrast, which is essentially an overly complicated way of saying that you feel things more if they're distinctly different from each other.

So, for example, if you were out in the blazing sun, you'd notice an ice cube being pressed against your skin much more than you would in a freezing blizzard.

So how can we apply this principle to sex? Like so many other items in this list, the core appeal of temperature play is the transferral of power between partners and the sense of the submissive partner not knowing what to expect.

At beginner levels, the contrast between hot and cold stimuli are usually not enough to cause any real discomfort, with the focus instead being on providing the sub with a constant unpredictable stimulus.

Coupled with this is the effect ice can have on the nipples, clitoris, and other erpgenous zones, achieving an enhanced level of sensitivity along the lines of clamps or suction toys.

One of the most common ways to incorporate temperature play during sex is with the use of a glass dildo, as these are wonderful at staying warm or cool from simply being immersed in water of the appropriate temperature.

For an even cheaper option, it can be extremely pleasurable for a woman to receive oral sex while her partner holds an ice cube in their mouth. The alternating cold of the ice and warmth of the tongue lead to a super-sensitive clitoris.

As ever though, communication is key. Just because some people enjoy it doesn't guarantee your partner will, so be sure to ask first!

Pain Play

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One of the most heavily stigmatised fetishes is pain play, and it's easy to see why. The idea of deliberately inflicting harm upon your significant other often seems inherently wrong, and for good reason.

The important distinction to make is that pain play is not about harming your partner for your benefit, and never should be. Rather, it's about inflicting pain for the pleasure of both parties.

Common ways of doing this are through the use of clamps and through spanking, which we will focus on to explain the two most popular sides of pain play.

Nipple clamps are a perfect toy for exploring endurance pain play. They inflict a constant, dull pain at an adjustable level by pinching the wearer's nipples.

This acts as a mental focus for the sub, and provides a great deal of pleasure when removed, especially since they leave the nipples far more sensitive to other stimulation.

Spanking, on the other hand, is a much more immediate, sharp pain. It's a very flexible tool in any dom's arsenal. It can be used as a punishment in roleplay, a way to assert power or simply performed for the rush that comes with it. It's easy, free and fun.

All of these are a great way to try out new fetishes you may have been curious about but never dabbled in.

They're also budget friendly for those with a slimmer wallet, making them accessible to people of all means.

As with all sexual acts, consent and communication are of the absolute most importance, and a safe word is essential too.

So go forth and explore, have fun and dive right into kinkier, happier sex. After all, if you follow these tips all that can go wrong is that you'll have an interesting night and gain an amusing anecdote!

These are Lovehoney customer bondage favourites:

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