1. The Sexual Happiness Podcast is Back!

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    Yes, that's right, it's the moment you've all been waiting for: Season Two of the Sexual Happiness Podcast has arrived!

    Since we finished the first season way back in the before times February, we've been hard at work behind the scenes, beavering away to bring you more great guests, more scintillating sex facts, and more sexy topics that are so hot, you'll need oven gloves just to press 'Play'.

    On the very first episode, Sammi and Nick are joined by sex tech expert, Bryony Cole, to talk about turn-ons, arousals, and understanding the many facets of the language of love and seduction. Whatever makes your freak flag fly, be it stockings and suspenders, or robots, or maybe even scratchy knitwear, the team share their tips for how to embrace and enjoy your own unique turn-ons.

    And of course there are more wonderful snippets of sex trivia in You Can Never Know Enough About Sex, and we answer your Question of the Week.

    Got a question or topic you want us to cover? Email us at podcast@lovehoney.com or comment below.

    You can find us on iTunes, Soundcloud and Spotify, and we release new episodes every Friday. Subscribe to stay up to date!

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    Comments (11)

    • Steve: September 19, 2020 08:53
      Can't we just have the old sex tip emails back with outvhaving to listen to a podcast?
    • Su: September 19, 2020 11:29
      I would rather like the old style back with demo and explanation please
    • Kerry: September 19, 2020 12:21
      Not into podast no for me
    • Ben: September 19, 2020 14:08
      Me and the girlfriend loved sex tip Saturday we could never wait to fuck in the positions suggested .. bring them back please! Missed it this morning!! Had to make our own up!! (Doggy)
    • Katie: September 19, 2020 14:46
      Miss the old sex tip Saturday email with position of the week
    • Antony Beardon: September 19, 2020 19:29
      Bing sextip Saturday and position of the week back
    • Danu: September 19, 2020 23:15
      Miss the old sex tip Saturdays with position of the weeks! Prefer that to podcasts!
    • DAVID PARRY: September 20, 2020 01:24
      I wanna get in position ??
    • Eric Cook: September 20, 2020 06:44
      Please bring back the old format!!!!
    • Tom: September 20, 2020 07:39
      Not really into the podcasts ?? I like the sex tip Saturdays with the position and how to get into the them
    • Shaun: September 21, 2020 10:32
      please please bring back the sextip positions
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    1. Yes, please! Email me when there are more comments after mine