1. Ass-tounding Anal Adventures - Review of the Month July 2020

    Our lovely reviewers have been hard at work again this month, helping out by writing tip-top reviews. This does make it super hard to select a winner for Review of the Month, but I've persevered and selected this month's champion.

    But what is Review of the Month? Well, dear reader, each month one of our incredible reviewers is awarded the metaphorical reviewer crown (and a £100 Lovehoney shopping spree.) to say thank you for their spiffing review.

    This month, the crown is snapped up by KatiaGG for their amazing and informative review of the Roll Play Medium Butt Plug with Jiggle Ball and Suction Cup.

    "They were then impressed when they saw the solid medium size. What happened next was one of the most intense anal sessions of my life: Real balls-deep lots-of-lube fast-thrusting rough anal, for which I was extremely well prepared thanks to this plug. It actually felt amazing. My date said they had never had someone who could take such a solid pounding anally. I win a prize! I was exceedingly smug. Some of the credit goes to the plug.

    Congratulations,KatiaGG it looks like you've now won 2 prizes! Make sure to keep the review crown polished. Read the rest of KatiaGG's review here.

    But, who are our runners up? They each win 2,000 points each!


    THRUST Pro Elite Tamara Rechargeable Vibrating Masturbator

    maximum turnip's review of the THRUST Pro Elite Tamara Rechargeable Vibrating Masturbator

    "The entrances gently grip your shaft as you slide in and out, which feels fantastic and looks so hot. I'd say this toy could accommodate anyone, from the smallest to the largest of penis size without any issue. The orifices are filled with tiny lumps and bumps that provide the perfect balance of stimulation, but not too intense." 

    Recyclops' review of the TENGA GEO Coral Textured Male Masturbator

    "The advertised 6.5-inch internal size is the absolute maximum this toy will stretch to. I'm around that size and trying to stretch it to cover everything felt like either I would burst through the top of the toy or there be some uncomfortable bending taking place. Saying that, it doesn't need to be fully stretched to be enjoyed. It does a FANTASTIC job on the head and top third of the shaft."

    Roonaleska's review of the Lovehoney Powerful Rechargeable Silicone Wand Vibrator

    "I put the vibe head to my clit at the lowest setting, I immediately tightened up from pleasure and pushed the dildo out of me. There was no foreplay here. You can't use this vibe for foreplay. This thing made me cum within a minute. It shot through me like lightning and I barely got up to the highest setting before I was making some weird, animalistic noises." 

    Video:Join Annabelle as she takes a look at anal douches and enemas, to help you decide which one is right for you.

    Want to enter to win? Have a read of our handy review writing tips and submit your own review on something you own.

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