1. This Week on YouTube: What Kind of Sex Toys Are There for Men?

    Sex toys aren't just for people with vulvas. There are a wide range of awesome toys on the market to tickle your pickle, play with your prostate and have a ball with your danglies. Join Annabelle as she shows you how to upgrade your solo session with sex toys.

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    Annabelle Knight is one of the UK's most recognisable sex, relationship and dating experts, a bestselling author, sex toy expert and celebrity relationship coach.

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    • Bekki: June 08, 2020 23:29
      Never did I think that I as a woman would be here looking at male masturbators, and yet here I am because I'm willing to give most anything a chance that might help improve my boyfriend's stamina.
      Trouble is that it's obviously a very sensitive subject and he gets upset when I try to bring the topic up, and I feel like purchasing one of the stamina training units would come across more as an insult than as a kind gesture ??
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