1. Music to your ears - January Review Of The Month

    With Valentine's Day right around the corner, it's the perfect time to share the love, which means... it's January's Review of the Month, everybody!

    As each month ends, that's my call to go diving into all of your fabulous reviews and pick out my absolute favourite for the month. It's just as hard as it sounds, there are so many... the things we do for love, eh?

     The winner will be awarded with a £100 Lovehoney shopping spree, just in time for Valentine's (whoop whoop).

    This month the golden review crown goes to....Gosig for their incredible and in depth review of the We-Vibe Chorus App and Remote Control Couple's Vibrator.

    "As much as I deeply enjoy sex with my husband, being brought to orgasm by sex itself was just always going to be very unlikely to happen. Imagine then our delight to find a toy whereby this is no longer the case. I was initially very sceptical, looking at the shape and size of the toy that it would even be comfortable! But, a five minute quickie, in missionary position is now my cast-iron guaranteed route to back-arching, vocal, cramp-inducing bliss." 

    That is just a sneak peek at Gosig's top notch review, but if you want to read it in full then you can click here.

    There are still 2000 points up for grabs to our three runners-up! But who are they? Could it be you? Read on to find out!


    Lovehoney Heart Pounder Silicone Dildo

    BeeMine's review of the Lovehoney Heart Pounder Silicone Dildo

    "This dildo was made to pound with, as the give in the silicone allowed me to thrust as hard as I liked without injury but the curve in medium-firm shaft hit my sweet spots with enough force to send me swiftly over the edge, my heart pounding." 

    Xialos's review of the she-ology Wearable Silicone Vaginal Dilator Set

    "Needless to say, I love this product. All expectations were surpassed. The only attention my old dilators receive now is an occasional scowl when shuffling through my toy collection."

    KatyKay's review of the njoy Pure Wand Stainless Steel Dildo

    "Do not expect instant success. That may be for some but not everyone. The key is patience. Do not put this toy away after one use thinking it doesn't work. It does."

    Video: Not Valentine's ready? Annabelle takes you through 3 gorgeous lingerie sets perfect for a Valentine's day treat!

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    The Best Sex Toy Reviews at Lovehoney

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