1. How To Turn Your Bedroom Into A Beautiful Boudoir

    How To Turn Your Halls Into A Seductive Boudoir

    Whether you're spending a lot of time in the same four walls, or whether you're coming home from a demanding job, sometimes things in the bedroom can feel a little bit... samey. And we're not necessarily talking about the sex side, either.

    Our bedrooms are, of course, primarily a place for rest, but they're more than that - they're a place to relax, and to retreat from our busy days. And when you're relaxed and happy, guess what? You have better sex.

    Being able to transform your boudoir into a serene-yet-sensual scene for seduction might seem like a big undertaking worthy of any daytime TV property show host, but it's actually very simple.

    So if your sex'n'slumber chamber is in need of a little nocturnal va-va-voom, just read on to find out how to give your room a Moulin-Rouge-esque makeover.

    Change Your Sheets

    Basic, right? But you'd be surprised how much difference fresh bed linen makes to your erotic experience. Particularly if that linen hasn't been changed since the Christmas decorations came down.

    Treat yourself to some bedding that not only looks great, but feels amazing against your bare skin, and make sure that you wash it with some decent fabric softener. Because nothing ruins the mood like a bobbly sheet.

    Get the Light Right

    Being able to see what you're doing is definitely important, but bright overhead bulbs can really ruin the magic of the moment.

    Investing in fairy lights or a lamp with a dimmer switch can really add a sensual atmosphere to your room. The dimmer lighting instantly adds a sexier touch to your surroundings, and is perfect if you or your partner perhaps aren't completely body-confident.

    And - there's a reason they're a romance staple for a reason - get yourself some candles! They create a lovely warm glow that's both comforting and flattering. Just make sure they're out of reach of any clothes that might be flung about, or grab some LED versions for peace of mind instead.

    Make It Scents-ual

    Our sense of smell plays more of a part in boosting our libido than perhaps we give it credit for, especially when it comes to detecting those pheromones that cause much of our attraction to each other in the first place. However, rather than rubbing your armpits on every object in your bedroom, use other smells to heighten your boudoir's sex appeal.

    If the naked flames of a massage candle aren't the kind of naked that you're comfortable with, you can still add an alluring aroma using reed diffusers instead. The scents most linked to sexual arousal include vanilla, cinnamon, sandalwood, jasmine, and - weirdly - liquorice.

    Pick the Right Pictures

    Though many of us love to cover our rooms in personal pictures, or our favourite posters, having THAT cat poster or pictures of you and your ex staring over you can slightly ruin the mood.

    Make sure that any photos or decorations that you have around aren't going to put you off in the heat of the moment.

    Add A Little Music

    Whether it's to help set the mood, or disguise any giveaway noises that other people in the house may overhear, don't underestimate the power of a good sex playlist.

    Take the time to find a list of songs that make you feel confident and sexy, whether it's some slow R&B beats, heavy rock, or the steady rhythm of some seriously sexy blues, and make sure that you make a playlist that's long enough to last you a good couple of hours. Because the last thing you need is your Harry Potter audio book to start playing at an inopportune moment.

    Looking for inspiration? Luckily, we've created 5 sexy playlists to suit every taste and mood (except those with a penchant for aggressive banjo playing).

    Megan is a Psychology student at the University of Exeter. She can't quite read minds, but can read bodies.

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    • James Rogers: May 10, 2019 15:49
      Harry Potter is the sexiest soundtrack... "Harry looked at Hermione and grabbed his wand...."