1. Fly on these wings of love - December Review of the Month

    It's a new dawn, it's a new decade, it's a... new review of the month!

    Every month I go deep diving through all the reviews posted that month and select my favourite. It's a blessing and a curse, since I get to award one lovely person a super Lovehoney shopping spree, but I have to choose from so many AMAZING reviews. The winner will be given a £100 Lovehoney Voucher! as a thank you for their fantastic review!

    This month's winner is unifex for their superb review of the Hot Octopuss PULSE SOLO LUX Remote Control Vibrating Male Masturbator.

    "The best analogy for the experience is to say it is like the kind of orgasm that girls get to have with vibrators. Until I tried this toy I had never really experienced first-hand that things like vibration patterns particularly mattered. They so do!" 
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    Thank you for the great review unifex, enjoy your prize.

    Did you think I was done? We still have three runners-up to announce who will each be awarded with 2000 Lovehoney Points!


    Swan Motion Rechargeable Luxury Thrusting Rabbit Vibrator

    Petrichor's review of the Intimina Ziggy Ultimate Comfort Flat-Fit Menstrual Cup

    "I'm so glad that Lovehoney have started selling these - I think I'd previously requested cups in the Pander to Me thread because there's nobody I trust more when purchasing silicone for my vagina!" 

    HunnyMonster29's review of the Lovehoney Do You Come Here Often? Role Play Book

    "It's sure to keep you busy but not with the reading material - it's short, sweet and to the point."

    *sexybabe*'s review of the Lovehoney Midnight Mirage Black Lace Bra Set

    "The fit is absolutely perfect for me as I can adjust everything to get it to fit my body."

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