1. Position of the Week: Access All Areas

    position of the week: access all areas

    She can completely surrender herself to him with the Access All Areas position, letting him pleasure all of her sweet spots in one explosive session.


    She lies back and spreads her legs as far apart as possible. He kneels in front and penetrates her, holding her thighs to move her legs apart


    Deep penetration isn't the only benefit of this easy yet incredibly rewarding sex position. He can take complete charge of pleasuring absolutely all of her erogenous zones (you name it, he can access it), while heightening it with intense eye contact and occasional breaks for a passionate kiss.


    She can take full advantage of her hands being free for some self-stimulation. She can also raise herself up a little to caress his balls and send his pleasure levels soaring.

    Make it even better

    He or she can take full advantage of the no-holds-barred access with a finger vibrator to get all of those external nerve-endings tingling with delight.


    This position can be adapted for female-female couples with the use of a strap-on dildo. It's also a great position to try for anal sex (and add a male masturbator into the mix if the receiver has a penis).

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    Comments (5)

    • Liza: January 11, 2020 09:03
      Always looking to try new things with my partner
    • Andy: January 11, 2020 13:56
      Love this position seeing myself going in and out of her and having a great view of her pussy, had to stop n eat her to orgasm though as it got me to the edge abit too quick watching her run herself
    • Megan: March 13, 2020 23:32
      Absolutely love this position especially half way though sex when your just about to change into a different position. Always get me everytime
    • Phil: April 16, 2020 14:35
      Brilliant position for start the day with a fuck??Holding Zoe’s legs wide,great view of her wet pussy,especially good to see my hard cock,juicing her slit,as I power in and out.zoe’s breasts bouncing,as we fuck like animals( no finesse,just fucking each other’s brains out til we cum,pretty much together ????
    • Jan: June 13, 2020 18:46
      Definitely one of our favourites. Either hole filled easily.
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