1. Could This Be the Magic? Review of the Month September 2019

    Review of the Month is Back, Back, Back Again!

    Each month, one of our amazing reviewers has the opportunity to win a £100 Lovehoney Voucher! Yes you heard correctly, words = orgasms! Whilst rummaging through all of your amazing reviews, this one stood out as a winner!

    Our wordsmith of the month is ...drumroll please... the unforgettably named Vagslayer420, for their review of the Lovehoney Classic Mains Powered Magic Wand Vibrator.

    "orgasm ricocheted through my body. My whole body tensed up and I was paralysed, unable to even move. I thought that was it, this is how I go and I apologise to the person who finds me half naked and dead with a massive vibrator buzzing away in my hand. (Can you die from an orgasm?" 
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    Congratulations Vagslayer420, the September 2019 crown is yours!

    But it doesn't end there, there are still 2000 Lovehoney points for our amazing runners up...


    Lovehoney Air and Water Curved Silicone Dildo

    VR's review of the Lovehoney Air and Water Curved Silicone Dildo

    "This is such a gorgeous dildo I haven't been able to stop playing with it - when not in use it sits serenely on my bedside table reminding me of that far-off tropical beach I'd love to visit one day" 

    Optimized's review of the LovehoneyFantasy Officer Frisk-em Costume

    "The outfit is great for helping to set the scene but also has that fun, naughty element that means that it doesn't feel like we needed to take things too seriously."

    Tik-tok's review of the Celeste White Front-Fastening Lace Bra Set

    "It's both sexy and ethereal, comfortable enough to wear all day and classy enough for a romantic evening."

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    In this week's vlog, Jess and Roy play 'Guess the Sex Toy' using your reviews!

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