1. This Week on YouTube: Multiple Orgasms for Men

    When you hear the words 'multiple orgasms' most of us would assume they're pleasures to be enjoyed by just very lucky females. However, men and women are both capable of achieving two, three or even fourgasms. It just takes practise...

    Join our resident sexpert Annabelle Knight as she dives into the world of multiple male orgasm and shows you how to try it yourself.

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    Annabelle Knight is one of the UK's most recognisable sex, relationship and dating experts, a bestselling author, sex toy expert and celebrity relationship coach.

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    Comments (2)

    • Holly: October 05, 2019 07:26
      Hi, I was just wondering how to help my hubby last longer before he cums he seems to cum really quickly and he is getting more and more frustrated because we are trying for a family with no luck as of yet. Thanks
    • Ian Chimp: October 06, 2019 11:17
      Hi Holly,

      I'm afraid the blog comments isn't a great place to get the answers and advice you're looking for. However, if you try the Lovehoney community forum instead you may have better luck. ??


      Hope this helps. ??

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