1. Ep.20 Sexual Happiness Podcast: Remote Control Sex Toys

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    What does it take to get your engine revved up? How about ramping up the turn on with a bit of remote controlled play? Putting the power of passion in the hands of a partner could really getting your motor running... and how far can you actually go - in every sense of the word? Your mission - should you choose to accept it - is to work yourself and/or your partner in to a frenzy without using your hands or being anywhere near them...

    This week on the Sexual Happiness Podcast Sammi and Jess give their top tips on the best remote control sex toys out there.

    And of course we cover our usual segments "You can never know enough about sex" and "Question of the week" where we share what we've learned about sex this week, and answer your sex questions.

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    Transcription: Lovehoney Podcast Episode 20

    Sammy [00:00:08] Hello! You're listening to the sexual happiness podcast from Lovehoney. The podcast where we answer your questions about sex and sex toys. I'm Sammy.


    Jess [00:00:14] And I'm Jess.


    Sammy [00:00:15] And this week we're asking the question: "How can I use remote controlled sex toys?"


    Jess [00:00:19] Oh.


    Sammy [00:00:20] Remote controlled - we're getting high tech this week.


    Jess [00:00:22] Very high tech.


    Sammy [00:00:23] But before we get into that we need to do our "You can never know enough about sex" section.


    Jess [00:00:28] Yay!


    Sammy [00:00:29] Yes. So what have you learned about sex this week Jess?


    Jess [00:00:32] Okay. So this week I learned. Well it's an expansion of some knowledge I already had. So I already knew that the clitoris is a bit like an iceberg and that you can only see a bit of it. Yes. And quite a lot of it is sort of internal. So we can't see all of it. What I didn't realize though is that it's actually up to four inches long.


    Sammy [00:00:56] Oh I didn't know that.


    [00:00:56] I didn't know that that was the sort of total length. This is like the average which funnily enough is about the same length as the average flaccid penis. So that's quite interesting. And also sort of another little... Connected to this... Is I think I've cited before in here that as a woman gets older the clitoris continues to grow. It's a bit like your nose and your ears and stuff which is great. So it means a lot of older women find it actually easier to climax. But I didn't know that it grows up to about two and a half times its original size.


    Sammy [00:01:29] Oh wow.


    Jess [00:01:29] Yeah. So now what I don't know though is... Is that just the external bit or is that the internal bit, so does four inches, turn into, like 10?


    Sammy [00:01:40] Is it just the tip?


    Jess [00:01:42] Yeah. So if anybody out there does know the answer to that I'd be very interested to know. But that's what I learned this week... clitoral proportions.


    Sammy [00:01:51] Yes. That sounds like a great album title.


    Jess [00:01:53] Ha yeah I'm gonna save that. What about you? What did you learn this week?


    Sammy [00:01:56] So there's a lot of discussion about kind of the average length of sex when it comes to duration during penetrative sex, I should say, not just everything that sex encompasses. So there's a lot of talk about how long that should last. But apparently in terms of not length - in terms of thrusts, the average penis in vagina session can last anywhere between 100 - 500 thrusts.


    Jess [00:02:23] I want to know... Like how fast is this happening?


    Sammy [00:02:26] This is like a math problem.


    Jess [00:02:28] Yeah.


    Sammy [00:02:29] If Dave thrusts at a rate of 500 thrusts per...


    Jess [00:02:32] How many oranges to Sadiki have?!


    Sammy [00:02:36] Yeah and that was due to a finding found in... well it was reported in the journal Royal Society for Open Science and so anywhere between 100 and 500 thrusts.


    Jess [00:02:46] So is this like a pedometer you like, wear around your waist?


    Sammy [00:02:48] A FitBit. A DickFit.


    Jess [00:02:48] Love it. Yeah. That's interesting so that sort of feeds into something else I read this week as well about duration of penis in vagina sex. It was based on time. So supposedly the survey said that sex that lasts less than two minutes was not satisfactory apparently for both partners.


    Sammy [00:03:12] Okay.


    Jess [00:03:14] Around about between three and six minutes was like, great. That was like super, brilliant.


    Sammy [00:03:19] Okay.


    Jess [00:03:20] Seven minutes being like between seven and 13 was optimum. But if it lasted around 30 minutes most people said, and this is most women said that was far too long, and that was just too much. So for all those guys out there who were like 'ah you know...'.


    Sammy [00:03:35] 'I went for 15 hours...


    Jess [00:03:37] I can bang for hours. Well actually that's not such a good selling point it turns out.


    Sammy [00:03:43] That's not your main USP.


    Jess [00:03:44] No it's not your main USP so keep it to yourself.


    Sammy [00:03:47] Yeah okay. That's interesting.


    Jess [00:03:48] Yes. It feeds into that. So then I'm curious I want to know what what does 100 - 500 thrusts equate to over around seven minutes? I'm sure somebody who's good at math... my boyfriend's really good at math. Come on. If we said, okay, five minutes and 500 thrusts that's 100 thrusts a minute.


    Sammy [00:04:08] That's more than one thrust every minute. That's physically impossible. That's like a hummingbird thrust every second. Faster than the human eye...


    Jess [00:04:15] Like a jackhammer. Well I'm intrigued by this so who knew it was so sciencey.


    Sammy [00:04:23] Okay so now that we've done our 100 thrusts a minute we are moving on to our main topic of the week which is "how can I use remote control sex toys?" So...


    Jess [00:04:33] Remotely.


    Sammy [00:04:35] You can control them... but just in case anyone is like "What the hell is that?" Jess, what is a remote control sex toy?


    Jess [00:04:42] That's kind of how it sounds. So it's a sex toy that usually vibrates and has some sort of moving function that is rather than being operated by a button that's on the toy itself. It has a separate remote control that can be used from a distance - so this isn't a wired controller. This is a remote control. Or sometimes these toys can be linked up to your mobile phone - like to an app. But either way they're being controlled from a distance. I would say that's the main definition. Would you agree?


    Sammy [00:05:14] Yeah I would agree. But what kind of toys can you get that are remote controlled? Like, give us some examples.


    Jess [00:05:21] So I would say the most popular kind is a love egg. So this is a small egg shaped vibrator that's designed to be worn inside the vagina and it vibrates. But you can also get remote control butt plugs and cock rings as well. I would say it's kind of the top three. Are there any others? 


    Sammy [00:05:39] I think We-Vibe do similar ones. You can get clitoral vibrators... So We-Vibe have a thing called the We-Vibe Unite, which is a kind of C-shaped vibrator that can be worn both internally and externally at the same time.


    Jess [00:05:53] Oh and you do actually get sort of remote control bullets/knicker vibrators as well.


    Sammy [00:05:58] Yeah. Remote control knicker vibrators or panty vibrators if you're in the US.


    Jess [00:06:03] Yeah so those are the top ones I'd say I'm sure we'll see more being created and invented in the future but they're the main ones.


    Sammy [00:06:09] Oh. We-Vibe do a rabbit vibrator as well. Anyway. Sorry. Yeah I'm just being like...


    Jess [00:06:13] Do they?


    Sammy [00:06:13] Yeah it's got... rather than being traditional rabbit shape it's like schlewp but it's on a... 'Schlewp' is me making a backwards 'C' with my hand and then...


    Jess [00:06:25] I didn't know that. There you go. Something I learned about sex this week. The more you know...


    Sammy [00:06:31] So you have heard of a remote control vibrator. You think that sounds like fun. You buy one either for yourself or for use with a partner. Then what. How can you use them, how are they beneficial to your sex life?


    Jess [00:06:44] Well I guess it depends on what kind you've got. What a lot of people say. I would say there's three main things that spring to my mind. So one is public play. So if you're somebody who quite likes the idea of, I don't know, being in the cinema or out on a date and you want to be able to wear a sexy toy and for your partner able to operate it.


    Sammy [00:07:07] Right. Yeah.


    Jess [00:07:07] Sort of on the down low. It's quite fun for that so it can add a new element to your sex play and get you very aroused. And the second main one I would say is sort of in the bedroom and either one of you could take the remote control but, for example, a lot of women say that they quite enjoy wearing a toy whilst their partner's playing with another part of their body and they can operate the sort of speeds... so they still have some control of what's going on. And then the other thing is long distance relationships. I'm thinking more here with like the app controlled ones because these can be operated like literally on the other side of the planet. You're not limited to radio waves or Bluetooth, or whatever is the main function now. But yeah so it can be great for that so whether you and your partner live far apart or maybe one of you travels with work or any reason that you're not together, you can actually enjoy... your partner can still make you come without actually being in the room with you.


    Sammy [00:08:05] It's our old favorite technology isn't it? And what's it called? Teledildonics.


    Jess [00:08:08] Teledildonics.Yeah cool. So those would be probably my top three. Can you think of any more sort of main uses. I think those are the main ones really.


    Sammy [00:08:20] Yeah. Public play. Also during masturabtion. If you are someone who maybe you don't have a partner at the time and you're like, mmm, yeah, but I don't have enough hands to do all the things I want to do to my body. Like you were saying about a woman potentially wearing one and controlling it while her partner does other things, you can wear and control it while your hands are free to do other bits and pieces as well. So it kind of opens up your solo play options as well.


    Jess [00:08:46] Yeah. And actually just adding on to that as well as you were speaking I was thinking actually yeah. There are actually some toys where having a button on the toy is actually just inconvenient and I'm thinking...


    Sammy [00:08:58] Yeah, the placement on them.


    Jess [00:09:00] Yes so placement or particularly I know for sure that there are certain butt plugs, vibrating butt plugs, where the button is on the very bottom of the toy. This could be inconvenient for two reasons because... number one it's kind of difficult to reach round there anyway. Number two, if you press the button you're pushing the toy into yourself, more, like naturally. And number three if you're somebody who likes to ride a toy you need the base to be on a solid surface...


    Sammy [00:09:26] Yeah you don't want it flicking between different settings.


    Jess [00:09:27] Exactly. So basically being able to insert a toy and then lay in any position that you're comfortable in and take the control in your hand means that you don't have to be flexible. You don't have to have, you know, any sort of folding yourself into two to be able to change settings or to stop play. So say if someone knocks on the door, you don't have to fumble around trying to think "Oh my God where's the button?!" You've got it in your hand all of the time. So there's just a convenience factor.


    Sammy [00:09:50] And it's also a good thing if potentially, you have difficulty with reaching or gripping or mobility issues, it can be a good way of controlling your toy without having to worry about, like you say, contorting yourself.


    Jess [00:10:01] Next we need like Alexa controlled sex toys don't we?!


    Sammy [00:10:05] Alexa! Get me off!


    Jess [00:10:06] Yeah. Love it. But I think... I mean we joke now but I think that's gonna be...


    Sammy [00:10:12] It wouldn't surpise me.


    Jess [00:10:12] That's gonna be in the next little while I think. You heard it here first people.


    Sammy [00:10:17] Yeah. I mean, I was about say like controlling it by your Apple Watch... You basically can if you've got the app.


    Jess [00:10:25] Yeah. Can you?


    Sammy [00:10:26] Almost. I don't know. I don't have an Apple watch. But you need we're not far from that.


    Jess [00:10:29] No.


    Sammy [00:10:29] Like ooh! Set my alarm for 6am. Oh yeah. My lover in Montreal is getting up... I better turn that on.


    Jess [00:10:36] Turn that on. Turn them on.


    Jess [00:10:40] Yeah. I think though like this technology, I mean, it's great fun for everybody to explore but really where it comes into its own is, like you say, people who have maybe got motor disabilities or any form of disability actually, and physically, it makes it more difficult for them to be able to get themselves off, a partner off or to use a traditional sex toy. This is where technology really comes in and can open up a whole new world. So yeah. And of course sometimes these things come in just with ageing. Grip can change with age and there's no reason that you shouldn't be enjoying an amazing sex life all the way. Yeah I love it.


    Sammy [00:11:13] I loves it.


    Jess [00:11:14] I loves it I do.


    Sammy [00:11:16] But what about. So we're talking about traditional remote control... I say traditional... remote control sex toys where you have an actual physical remote and also the app controlled versions - so those are the two main ones.


    Sammy [00:11:30] Can people... is there a way of like hijacking it almost so that someone else is controlling that toy that you don't want to be or is it a secure connection?


    Jess [00:11:39] So they are secure now.


    Sammy [00:11:41] Okay.


    Jess [00:11:41] I say now because when this technology was first created, if I'm not mistaken, I can't remember the blimming wave length they use to be operated on but it was the same as certain mobile phones. Like, I'm thinking the old Nokias. So like, really really old. So like somebody could call you and your vibrator would go off.


    Sammy [00:12:05] Because they'd be on the same frequency.


    Jess [00:12:07] Yeah. And they would like tap in to the same thing that you'd get on the original -not Bluetooth - but the original hands free headset. So there were some problems back in the day but...


    Sammy [00:12:18] They've been ironed out.


    Jess [00:12:19] They've been ironed out now so in a way we've got those problems to thank for the fact that someone's gone "wait a minute, how can we fix this?" So now...


    Sammy [00:12:25] So now they're a secure channel.


    Jess [00:12:28] Totally. For example if you hook your phone up to your Bluetooth speaker. Once you're connected, no one else is gonna be able to hijack that - you have to specifically pair it with your device. Absolutely. However there are some really cool toys on the market now that once you've synced to your remote you can sort of sync your one remote to more than one of your own toys. But again you have to pair them, you have to sync it. So it's not gonna happen by accident is what I'm saying.


    Sammy [00:12:53] So have a universal... for things!


    Jess [00:12:57] Which is quite handy. Mmm.


    Sammy [00:13:00] And how... So we've kind of touched on this already but how far away can you use them? So we've talked about using them across the world. But you can use them from different, in between different countries, if you got the app controlled versions? What about the traditional ones like what's the kind of range on those? Could you be on the other side of a city with one of those or would you have to be on the other side of the room? How does that normally work?


    Jess [00:13:24] Generally it's like the other side of a room or building. It's - it really depends what toy you get. I mean you know you get what you pay for. So some toys have just got sort of like a range of about 10 metres.


    Sammy [00:13:36] Okay.


    Jess [00:13:37] Others more like 50 metres. You're probably looking at not across a city or anything like that though if you wanted to do that you're really looking at the teledildonics or something with an app control. They are not limited to a direct connection. Also bear in mind things like walls between you and your partner, so you know, you can use it across a wider space if you're in a field, for example, as opposed to three bedrooms down in a house or something like that... So yeah... Best thing to do is to... If you buy a sex toy like this, test it, test it out, see what works in your house. Because again, like your house might have particularly thick walls... If you live in a castle... You know it's going to be a bit different to live in my house which has like paper thin walls. So yeah there's a range though. And mostly though they'll tell you, if you're shopping online, they'll tell you in the description or in the packaging, it'll give you an idea of the range for you to be able to experiment with. So you won't be left disappointed, like "oh damn it, it didn't work."


    Sammy [00:14:34] And you said as well, you know, you get what you pay for. What are we talking about in terms of price of these toys, because obviously some of them are very technologically advanced. Are they all really expensive?


    Jess [00:14:46] No the cool thing is that you can actually experiment with this kind of play without spending too much money at all. So if you're looking for remote control, definitely under 20 pounds, maybe even cheaper than that... What's that in dollars? About...


    Sammy [00:15:01] 28 dollars.


    Jess [00:15:02] Okay so yeah if you're in like America you're pretty looking at under under 30 dollars.


    Sammy [00:15:06] And then if you're in Australia that's around 40 dollars. Yep. So I'd say you can definitely sort of try this out. You don't need to sort of buy something with all the bells and whistles if this is just something you're trying out, particularly if you're going to enjoy it with a partner that's in the room with you or for solo play. You probably don't need something that's going to be like able to be functioning 3000 miles away, but then it goes through all of the price ranges and goes up in steps as you might imagine. And then when you're looking at this or app controlled you could be looking at around 120 pounds, give or take. Maybe 100.


    Sammy [00:15:40] I would say some are even higher than that. 180/200 pounds. So you're looking at 280 USD/400 AUD.


    Jess [00:15:48] Yeah okay. So as you can see sort of it really ranges - there is something to be said though for yeah, you get what you pay for. My top tip with any sex toy, doesn't matter what you're trying, is start small, start with something that... You know, don't fork out lots of money to begin with because you might not like it but if you do like it, then it is probably worth sort of taking maybe a jump to something - maybe saving up and investing because something that you invest in, is going to last you for longer, is probably going to be made from more body friendly materials and it's something that's gonna give you a lot more use and versatility.


    Sammy [00:16:21] And also the thing with the ones that are controlled by an app or have the functionality to be controlled by an app, is apps can be patched and updated and can have new functionality added. There are app controlled toys out there, for example, where you can set your own vibration pattern.


    Jess [00:16:38] Mmmm yeah.


    Sammy [00:16:39] So you have a toy that could be constantly evolving. And finally if there was one remote controlled toy, that we sell on a Lovehoney, that you would recommend to somebody. What would it be?


    Jess [00:16:51] Oh that's a good question isn't it?! I think I would recommend probably a vibrating butt plug.


    Sammy [00:17:00] Okay.


    Jess [00:17:01] The reason I would recommend that is because any gender can use it. So no matter who you are and particularly if you're buying something which is maybe silicone, you can sterilize that and you could share it with your partner. That's totally fine and safe to do so. The other thing is is although it's designed as a butt plug, as long as you do clean it properly there is no reason it can't be used vaginally so it's kind of it can be used either or. And also again it negates that thing of like, the button being in an awkward place and trying to bend yourself in two, so if you're playing solo, I would say it's a really great way that you can explore that. But anyone who knows me and all my chit chat - I'm always talking about anal so that's probably why.


    Sammy [00:17:41] Butt toy.


    Jess [00:17:41] Yeah. After that though I guess it would probably actually be a cock ring.


    Sammy [00:17:45] Okay.


    Jess [00:17:46] Because again if you're in partner play and maybe your partner's wearing the cock ring and you are taking control of the remote, and you're having penetrative sex, you can...


    Sammy [00:17:56] Control.


    Jess [00:17:56] Yeah. You can take control of what's happening near your clitoris. If you're a person with a clitoris or the stimulation that your partner is feeling around their penis and balls. So that can be really fun particularly if they're on top, sort of you're kind of sharing the power. But really they're all great. I'll be honest. What about you, would you recommend a particular way?


    Sammy [00:18:14] I would. So again I want to talk about We-Vibe a lot because they are kind of leaders really in the world of app controlled sex toys. But they've just partnered with another well-known sex toy brand called Womanizer, who you have probably heard us talk about before. And Womanizer create suction clitoral toys which are kind of like, there is a gentle sort of vibration but it doesn't rely on vibration, it's this thing called Pleasure Air Technology.


    Jess [00:18:44] It's so cool.


    Sammy [00:18:44] And it creates a suction, throbby kind of feeling around the clitoris and Womanizer are really well known for that and they're really popular, and they've just created a toy together which is called The Melt. But The Melt is essentially an app controlled clitoral suction toy. So it's combining two really new and exciting technologies. And it can be used anywhere in the world. And it's really fun.


    Jess [00:19:07] That's so cool. I haven't actually seen this toy yet.


    Sammy [00:19:11] It looks a little bit like an ear thermometer. It's not quite the same shape as the traditional Womanizer's. It's got that We-vibe kind of slickness to it and it's made of silicone.


    Jess [00:19:19] Is it hands free?


    Sammy [00:19:19] No it's not hands free, it is hand controlled - it has like an ergonomic handle. But yeah you can use that on your own - amazing.


    Jess [00:19:29] Yeah. And I'm a big fan of Womanizer, so yeah these two brands together - that's exciting. I know what I'm doing after this recording. I shall be shopping.


    Sammy [00:19:37] It is a match made in heaven that one.


    Jess [00:19:39] Wow. Yeah. Okay so scrap I said. What Sammy said.


    Sammy [00:19:44] It's combining two really new technologies. So you know, it's not going to be the bottom end of the price market but you get what you pay for and it is really good and it will last you.


    Jess [00:19:51] Yeah totally. And like I said before, you're investing. If your sex life is important to you...


    Sammy [00:19:56] Invest in it.


    Jess [00:19:58] Yeah love it. Love it all. So we had a question on the forum this week that I thought would be quite nice to answer on the podcast this week.


    Sammy [00:20:07] Okay.


    Jess [00:20:08] So the question was about fetish materials and what the difference is and the benefits between PVC and latex.


    Sammy [00:20:17] Okay.


    Jess [00:20:18] So I would say these are like the main two like fetish materials.


    Sammy [00:20:22] That kind of shiny, wet look...


    Jess [00:20:26] Cat womany, kinda shiny "am I a beetle?" Am I...


    Sammy [00:20:30] It isn't so shiny?!


    Jess [00:20:33] Exactly. Yeah. So there are others - fetish materials out there. But I would say that that's the focus and obviously this question specifically.


    Sammy [00:20:39] Okay. Well you are the bondage expert, you know more about this than me. So what are the differences?


    Jess [00:20:45] So when it comes to the material itself. For anybody out there who doesn't know, latex is a natural, naturally occurring material that's actually made from trees - the sap of a certain tree.


    Sammy [00:20:57] Is it the same as rubber? Is it a kind of rubber?


    Jess [00:20:59] Yep. So it is the same as rubber. It is rubber. And this does mean that some people can have an allergy to it. So you've probably heard of latex allergies before? So that's something to bear in mind. With PVC it's manmade - polyvinyl chloride is what it is.


    Sammy [00:21:17] Rolls off the tongue.


    Jess [00:21:18] Yeah. It does, hence PVC. And it is manmade and generally speaking people don't have allergies to it so it's quite good replacement for latex if you like that shiny look. But you are a bit sensitive to latex in particular, going to PVC is a good option. When it comes to actual wear the look is quite similar. PVC arrives already shiny whereas latex often, if you've never bought latex before and you've bought it and you think "Oh!". It comes quite dull, it looks dull in the packaging.


    Sammy [00:21:54] It's quite dull in appearance isn't it?


    Jess [00:21:55] And you think, this isn't what I bought.


    Sammy [00:21:56] And it's often covered in like a kind of powdery substance.


    Jess [00:21:59] Exactly. So this powdery substance is to kind of stop it from sticking to itself. But what you need to do is you need to buff latex when you put it on. So to get that shiny finish you do need to shine it up. And you can do this with... You can buy special latex polishes but generally they're made of silicone so you can just use a silicone lube. And the more you shine your latex and the more that you look after it the more shiny it stays.


    Sammy [00:22:26] Okay.


    Jess [00:22:26] So something that gets better with time generally speaking.


    Sammy [00:22:30] So like when people say, like a leather jacket like distresses with age. I know that's a different thing but...


    Jess [00:22:34] It gets better to a certain point. I mean latex does also have a bit of a time limit. So latex... The more you wear it. So we've got body oils and obviously as you know or you may not know, oil in latex do not mix. So you never want to get oil near your latex garment and that includes latex condoms too, never get any oil near it.


    Sammy [00:22:58] That's why you can't use oil based lubricants with a latex barrier.


    [00:23:02] Exactly. Because, so oil will actually degrade it. So this is nothing to worry about or the oils on your body. However what you will find is if you are a fan of latex and maybe you wear it to clubs or even just in the bedroom, you will find that maybe after five/eight years or so that that latex garment may need replacing just because over time your body oils can begin to degrade the latex. So it's not something that's going to last you forever, but the better you take care of it and the more quickly you wash your latex after wearing it, the longer it's going to last you. So that's a top tip. So something, basically one of the main differences between latex and PVC is latex needs a lot more care and it needs a lot more preparation to put on, which I'll come onto in a minute. PVC is really great if you just want that shiny look, you want something really easy to look after... Because you just get it on really easily. It doesn't require a lot of care or careful storage. It arrives already shiny... It's like the easy, simple, beginners version of fetishwear I would say.


    Sammy [00:23:58] And what's the difference price wise?


    Jess [00:24:01] Ooh they really vary to be honest. So PVC - it depends what you're getting but you can get PVC garments from sort of like around 20 pounds so again, what are we saying... Like under 30 dollars in America ,under 40 in Australia. And again it can go right up if it's quite a complicated outfit to you know, you name it.


    Sammy [00:24:23] Yeah. Any price.


    Jess [00:24:24] Latex generally falls into a slightly higher price point. Just generally because it is a more complicated material I would say. Having said that you get two main families of latex. You've got dipped latex that has to be quite cheap.


    Sammy [00:24:39] Okay.


    Jess [00:24:40] So it's quite a good beginners place to start. It tends to be a bit thicker.


    Sammy [00:24:44] And. Why is it called dipped?


    Jess [00:24:48] Because the way that it's made is they have effectively, like a mannequin, that they literally dip into liquid latex. They pull it out and then they let it dry and then they will cut it into the shape of the dress, for example, the top that you're going to have at the end. Whereas cut latex is made much more like you would imagine regular tailoring, which is that pieces of latex are cut and then glued together to make a garment. Generally the glued latex is a little bit more expensive but you'll get more complex designs usually - it'll be slightly more of a tailored fit. You can get thinner latex which can offer a different sensation during wear.


    Sammy [00:25:25] Okay.


    Jess [00:25:25] So shop around is basically the main thing. Two massive differences between the two of them as well is PVC is usually lined, so it'll have some sort of cotton lining which makes it very easy to put on and off - you just slip it on and off your body just like any other piece of clothing. And it means that the sensation to wear it is again not too different to wearing regular clothing - it might be a bit hot as it's not quite as breathable, but it's nowhere near as hot or sweaty as latex.


    Sammy [00:25:54] Okay.


    Jess [00:25:54] Some people like that. Some people don't. And latex also has that sort of rubbery smell about it - again, that's either something you love or you really dislike but as you can imagine, trying to get yourself into rubber is not as easy - it's skin tight material. So we usually say you need a dressing aid. So dressing aid is usually silicone lube which you can slather yourself in and slide it on, or talc if you want - a dry lube talc is a very popular option as well for sliding in and out. So basically, long story short is PVC is beginner friendly shiny wear, latex requires some research, some preparation and some extra accessories, but you know which one you prefer. It really is down to how much sensory exploration you want with your wear - are you just looking for a look, or are you looking for a feel? Yes, it's quite large subject really.


    Sammy [00:26:47] Yeah.


    Jess [00:26:48] But yeah. It's cool stuff. I would definitely say look at it, see what you like and read the descriptions online if you're thinking about shopping. And also check out the Lovehoney YouTube channel.


    Sammy [00:27:02] Yes.


    Jess [00:27:03] Because, it's a little bit old now but a couple of years ago I did make a video all about the different types of fetish materials and also how to wear and care for latex. So if you're somebody who thinks latex is the one and you want a bit more information on that, it's a whole video all about that so go watch that. If you still have questions, drop us an e-mail.


    Sammy [00:27:22] Yeah perfect. So that brings us to the end of the show this week. But to say thank you for listening, we're giving you 15 percent off absolutely anything that you want to buy at Lovehoney. To claim your discount, just check out the links in the episode description below and you can be taken to the website nearest you wherever you are in the world.


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    Sammy [00:28:07] Thanks for listening. Bye!