1. How Lovehoney Customers Spice Up Their Sex Lives

    Spice Up Your Sex Life

    In all areas of life, we have our favourites. Our go-tos. Our undies that make us feel great and our meals we never turn down.

    Of course, this applies to sex, too. Think about that one position you always go back to or that one toy you reach for to guarantee a banging orgasm.

    Much like a good bowl of comfort food, these sex staples make us feel content, safe, and satisfied. But sometimes, safe isn't what we're after: it's the thrill of something new and exciting that gets your blood pumping.

    That's why we've asked our Lovehoney community what kind of spice they use to bring new flavour to their bedroom adventures, and they didn't let us down.

    Here are 8 tasty tips teeming with potential for cooking up some spicier sessions in the bedroom.









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