1. Ep.10 Sexual Happiness Podcast: What's the Best Sex Position?

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    This week on the Sexual Happiness Podcast, Sam, Nick and Jess are answering the all important question: "What is the best sex position?"

    As you might expect, there isn't really a 'one size fits all' answer to this, and it really depends who you are and what you're doing!

    Listen in to find out which positions we recommend for amazing G-spot pleasure, oral sex, anal sex, for couples who are mismatched in size, and more.

    And of course we cover our usual segments "You can never know enough about sex" and "Question of the week" where we share what we've learned about sex this week, and answer your sex questions.

    Got a question or topic you want us to cover?

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    Comments (10)

    • Nigel Hinch: September 12, 2020 15:05
      It's got to be doggy and cowgirl
    • Phil: September 12, 2020 15:09
      Either doggy( wife’s fave) or 69 ..my personal choice
      Either gets the juices flowing ????
    • Debbra: September 12, 2020 16:15
      I love the reverse cowgirl! I am in full control and can go as slow or as fast as I want! It makes hubby frustrated that he had no control ??
    • Dan: September 12, 2020 16:22
      A good old 69 with sprinkles goes down a treat!
    • Carl: September 12, 2020 16:35
      A spit roast 2 blokes one girl a doggy and blow job combi
    • Deed U No: September 12, 2020 18:43
      the 69 Pretzel!
    • tracy kirkham: September 12, 2020 22:23
      A good old 69 and doggy
    • James: September 12, 2020 22:40
      I was under the impression that the most pleasurable position in doggie style was with the woman to have the shoulders right down but apparently it's better with the arms extended and the back arched as much as it's comfortable to do....any opinions on that? I'm not a woman so I can't make an opinion about it myself! ????
    • Nathan: September 13, 2020 06:02
      I love missionary position you can gaze in to each other’s eyes while you are love making, you can either go fast or slow depending what sort of mood you are both in. You can also rub her clit at the same time bring you both to climax.
    • Alan: September 13, 2020 11:37
      Cowgirl is definitely worth a go then a bit of doggie
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