1. Position of the Week: Tight Squeeze

    Position of the Week: Tight Squeeze

    She is in complete control in this position which means she can adjust pressure and stimulation to make him last longer.


    He sits and leans back on his arms, she lowers herself onto him, then leans back on her arm, using her feet to balance and thrust.


    From this position, it's easy for her to reach down and squeeze the base of his penis firmly for a few seconds, which can delay ejaculation.


    Stopping thrusting while you both lean forward to kiss. It's sexy but offers less intense stimulation.

    Make it even better…

    A vibrating love ring offers gentle constriction for him for enhanced erections and delayed gratification, while delivering tingly thrills to both of you for extra pleasurable playtimes.


    This position can be adapted for female-female couples with the use of a strap-on dildo. It's also a great position to try for anal sex (and add a male masturbator into the mix if the receiver has a penis).

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    • GeorgewBoyy: May 25, 2019 07:14
      One of my favourite position :D
    • Paul armitage: May 26, 2019 01:32
      More sex positions of the week please we love to try them out
    • Red Star: April 18, 2020 21:23
      really intense, watching each other, watching "the action" amazing connection with partner & tremendous orgasms!
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