1. Sex Bucket List: 7 Sexy Things for Couples to Try


    If you're like us, you're currently stuck spending a lot of time at home. That could mean finishing the entire Netflix catalogue, turning a deserted island into a bustling town in Animal Crossing, and gazing forlornly out the window like little orphan Annie.

    Ticking things off a sexy bucket list sounds much better than that, don't you think?

    To help you make staying in the best thing since going out, here are our top 7 best sexy things we think couples have missed out on, and might like to have a crack at.

    Think we missed something? Pop it in the comments!


    1. A New Sex Position Every Week

    Avoid routine and keep things interesting by trying a new sex position every week.

    Trying a new position couldn't be easier.

    Flip and flop in bed until something new fits, grab a set of Kama Sutra Cards, or follow our regular 'Position of the Week' blogs for inspiration.

    Top tip: Not as flexible as you used to be? Need a hand holding that pose a little longer?

    Check out our range of sex swings and position enhancers for extra support.

    sexy massage

    2. Intimate Massage 

    What's your biggest sex organ? No, Brock, as much as you protest, it's not your dick.

    It's actually your skin, followed shortly by your brain. The good news is, you can arouse both with sensual massage.

    Spend time exploring your partner's body from head to toe, awakening their nerve endings and mind with gentle strokes, firm rubs, and deep kneading.

    There are so many sexy accessories to help you give (or receive) the best massage, including handheld massagers, hot rocks, and of course the world-famous deep muscle massager: the magic wand vibrator.

    Top tip: Whether you choose to massage with your hands or a handheld massager, always use a good quality massage oil or candle to help glide, and nourish the skin.

    love egg

    3. Stop Neglecting Those Nips!

    Nipples: sensitive, almost at eye-level, and you have two of them. So why are they so often overlooked in the bedroom?

    These small-but-sensitive niblets are a sure-fire way to get your brain and body in gear for mind-blowing arousal.

    Now for the science bit: As they're hardwired to the part of your brain that produces oxytocin (a vital ingredient for orgasm), nipple play awakens the body and mind, pumping climax-inducing hormones all through your body for fast-tracked orgasms.

    Cool, huh? Plus, around 1% of people can climax from nipple stimulation alone! If that doesn't make you want to play with them, I don't know what will.

    Top tip: Try using a tingly menthol lube over nipples, and follow up with licks, gentle pinching and side-to-side strokes.

    mutual masturbation

    4. Mutual Masturbation

    For those who are visually stimulated (aren't we all?!), mutual masturbation can be a highly excting couples' activity.

    Sit in clear view of each other and and masturbate You can both play at the same time, or take turns.

    Not only is watching your partner play with themselves a serious turn on (and a bit like having a live porn show!) but it also shows you how they like to be touched.

    Learn these tips and tricks, and the next time you're 'in the area', you'll know your way around like the back of their hand!

    Later, you can progress play by telling your partner what you want them to do to themselves, and vice versa.

    Top tip: Play with yourself as you would alone, so your partner can really see what you like, including toys/lube.

    5. Wear a Sex Toy in Public

    Wearing a sex toy while in public can be extremely arousing.

    Not only do you enjoy intimate stimulation, but the mental thrill of your shared sexy secret is out of this world.

    For couples, a remote control toy opens a whole world of public play opportunities. While one of you wears the toy, the other takes control of the remote, giving the wearer spine-tingling surprises.

    The control and pleasure aspect of this sort of play can be super-exciting for both of you!

    Top tip: A remote control butt plug is a great place to start as they stay inside of you easily (regardless of kegel strength), are gender-neutral, and can feel extra naughty.

    Just remember to carry some lube with you for reapplications.


    6. Light Bondage

    If you haven't tried a spot of tie and tease in the bedroom, but are intrigued, why not try it this year?

    You don't need a dungeon, or even any equipment to begin with. Simply start by holding your partner's arms where you want them, and ask them to keep their eyes closed until you say otherwise.

    If that goes down well, you can pick up some beginner-friendly soft handcuffs and an eye mask to blindfold them.

    Top tip: While you have your partner bound, kiss them all over, perform that sexy massage (see above) or stroke them from head to toe with a feather tickler.

    Always remember to set up a safe word before all bondage exploration, even 'light' bondage.


    7. Weekly Sex Classes!

    One of our mantras at Lovehoney is:
    "You can never know enough about sex".

    (And the longer I work here, the more I realise how true that statement is!)

    Even us sexperts learn something new about sex every day.

    Boost your sex life and enjoy it to its fullest by learning something new about sex every week.

    Top tip: Subscribe to the Lovehoney YouTube channel for new sex ed videos every Friday!

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    • Nuno Melo: January 08, 2019 17:28
      Def for try all this in 2019. Good year def.
      Do me a favor. Be happy!!!!
    • Donna: January 08, 2019 19:13
      Absolutely love this site x
    • Lee: January 08, 2019 19:24
      Should be fun
    • Brian: January 08, 2019 20:48
      Great website. We like the toys for a simulated MMF threesome as well as cheeky play.
    • Sophia: January 08, 2019 21:57
      When my partner gets back from his travels in India, we are going to work through your sex bucket list, I can't wait. I love the thought of a remote controlled butt plug is so stimulating, I didnt know that they existed ??
    • Lovehoney - Jess Wilde: January 09, 2019 09:38
      Hi everyone

      Thanks for reading!

      You can share your bucket-list experiences as you progress with our lovely community, if you wish!

      Just sign up for a free account and start joining in the forums here: www.lovehoney.co.uk/community/forums/

      Happy exploring!


    • Jay: January 09, 2019 14:05
      A nice facial after masturbation is good!
    • CHRIS: January 11, 2019 19:29
      Definitely going to have a go at bucket list
    • Kimmykib: August 18, 2020 21:34
      We have done all of these and more as a 12 yr married couple its always good to spice it up regularly and try new things, and you really help lovehoney :-)
      The only thing we struggle is with some of the positions due to both me and my hubby being disabled.
      A huge helper to me and my hubby would be more disabled friendly position that are different but not an event in the sexlympics lmao . .... any suggestions
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