1. These Are The Funniest Festive Sex Toy Searches of 2018

    Christmas Cock Bells

    From 'spider condoms' to 'parrot sale in India', we've had some pretty weird and wonderful searches on the Lovehoney website in the past year.

    Our top 101 searches left tears in the eyes of everyone at Lovehoney HQ, while our spooky Halloween edition caused a few shivers (not to mention raised eyebrows).

    So what better way to celebrate the holiday season than with a round-up of our favourite unique Christmas search terms?

    From typos, to very niche product requests, to copy-and-paste gone awry, we've rounded up 52 of our favourites to tickle your festive funny bone.

    All together now: "jingle boils, jingle boils, Christmas launderette..."

    All I want for Christmas is...

    1. tinsel butt plug

    Tinsel Butt Plug Tinsel Butt Plug

    2. jingle boils

    3. christmas tree dildo

    4. bishop vibrator

    5. black tingle balls

    6. anal stocking

    7. jesus christ dildo

    8. christmas cock bells

    9. nipple tinsel

    Nipple Tinsel Nipple Tinsel

    Don't forget the...

    10. christmas frackers

    11. christmas clander

    12. christmas chackers

    13. christmas crackets

    We hope this was Autocorrect's doing

    14. christmas nipple taxi

    15. christmas underwater

    16. grenade christmas

    17. satisfying penguin

    18. christmas stalkings

    19. christmas condones

    20. holly cow

    Holly Cow Holly Cow

    21. christmas sexy snags

    22. christmas stickings and suspendars

    23. santana knickers

    24. christmas lingered

    25. christmas fancy dredd

    26. santa pitiful

    27. christmas launderette

    28. christmas might wear men

    29. christmas but then plug

    What do you give the person who has everything?

    30. nightmare before christmas inspired jack and sally ring for men

    31. latex rubber siberian husky headgear mask halloween fancy dress christmas party

    32. festive extra quiet silicone realistic dildo black

    33. christmas vibrating tongue elf

    34. cat ladder christmas advent calendar

    35. sexy santander out fits 4 women

    Now that's an odd Christmas dinner

    36. cock sauce

    37. turnip vibrator

    Turnip Vibrator Turnip Vibrator

    38. breaded dildo

    39. turkey baster

    40. extreme goose

    41. christmas cookie lube

    42. fluffy chicken

    43. turkey slap

    44. natural roasted peanut butter crunchy tub, 1 kg

    45. pickled onion condoms

    46. jessica trifle

    47. jolly green jive turkey

    48. mama cabbage

    Mama Cabbage Mama Cabbage

    I think you may be in the wrong tab

    49. christmas bin collection

    50. what to write in a christmas card

    51. whitney hustons life story when is it being shown on tv over christmas

    And finally... what?

    52. christmas baknin

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