1. 5 Ways To Give Your Balls The Love They Deserve

    Ball stimulation

    If you're the proud owner of a pair of balls, or you've got someone else's on hand to play with, then this guide is for you.

    When it comes down to providing powerful pleasure, testicles never get the credit they deserve.

    The balls are covered by a thin layer of muscle, and this muscle extends into the abdomen. This means treating them right can lead to an orgasm that ripples through the entire body.


      1. Try a little light constriction

      A double cock ring can offer gentle constriction around the base of the shaft and balls, which can make for a harder erection and more explosive climaxes.

      This soft, stretchy option is super comfortable and has 2 thick rings which may help boost performance - great for solo play or use with a partner.

      What Lovehoney customers say:

      "I like the restraining feeling around my balls. This offers more than the normal single ring. It sort of rubs against my perineum for additional stimulation." -Elbow.

    1. Tracey Cox EDGE Performance Enhancer Double Stamina Ring

      1. 2. Add vibrations

        The addition of a vibrating bullet to a cock and ball ring means spine-tingling vibrations travel around the balls and the shaft for powerful stimulation.

        One like the Bionic Bullet has added nodules for additional sensations and boasts 2 speeds and 3 patterns to send buzzing bliss to your balls.

        What Lovehoney customers say:

        "For a start, the ring is tight but comfortable and has a part that goes over your balls. This made me bigger and harder than ever before." -SouthernChunk

      2. Lovehoney Bionic Bullet 5 Function Vibrating Cock Ring

        3. All-over sensations

        Enjoy the incomparable bliss of ball hugging, tugging and tingling with a ball bag.

        This toy's tight opening grips around the top of the testicles, while the bag provides all-over contact and spreads mindblowing vibrations across the balls when a bullet is added.

        What Lovehoney customers say:

        "Feels very sexy to wear and with the addition of a bullet underneath tickles your balls good." -Smoothballs82

      1. Bad Kitty Adjustable Cock Ring with Ball Bag

        4. Try the wonder of weights

        Combining the adjustability of a ball ring with the swinging weight of a ball stretcher, weighted balls rings add incredible stimulation to play. Think gentle testicle tugging turned up a gear.

        What Lovehoney customers say:

        "He really enjoyed the gentle pulling sensation and the way the weights caused his balls to swing as he moved." - DreamsOfChi

      1. Adjustable Weighted Silicone Ball Stretcher

        5. Explore different sensations

        Balls need to be treated in different ways depending on the person's preference. One person's subtle sensation may be another's 'too much!'.

        Explore using different toys to caress the balls, whether that's the light, feather-touch of a tickler, or the more powerful buzzing sensations of a wand.

        What Lovehoney customers say:

        "These wands have awesome settings giving great stimulation and fun for both partners." -Lurnea

      1. Lovehoney 8 Function Mini Magic Wand Vibrator

      It's safe to say that all of these toys feel better with lube, so explore our wide range of the wet stuff here and enjoy a slippery, satisfying playtime.

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    • Chrissybaby: July 26, 2018 07:24
      Can't emphasize too much how it feels to have that 'tug' on the little fellas, particularly during oral.
      Love the feeling of a vibe being used against them as well. Most impressed with herself the other night when she eventually managed to get both in her mouth during a particularly wild session involving other toys already reviewed. Personally, would love to try a bit more stretching as well, but that's just my thing I guess!
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