1. UPRIZE: The World's First Self-Erecting Dildo

    Ever wished you could have rock hard erections at the press of a button?

    Well now, you can!

    Introducing UPRIZE: The world's first auto-erecting dildo.

    With the ability to go from limp to pimped in a matter of seconds, there's never been a boner so reliable.

    Plus, it houses a super-powerful 10-function motor for intense vibrations that'll please even the most power-hungry pleasure-seekers.

    And its versatility doesn't stop there: UPRIZE is hypoallergenic thanks to its silicone body, 100% waterproof, remote controlled and perfectly shaped for G-spot and P-spot massage. Phew!

    What's your favourite feature? Let us know in the comments section.

    To learn more about UPRIZE, and watch Jess and Sammi gawk at its fabulous uppy-downy glory, keep reading...

    Video: Jess Wilde and Sammi Cole take a closer look at UPRIZE. What's your favourite feature? 

    1. UPRIZE 6 Inch

      UPRIZE 6 Inch

      Also available in purple.

    2. UPRIZE 8 Inch

      UPRIZE 8 Inch

      Also available in flesh pink.

    3. UPRIZE Strap-On Harness

      UPRIZE Universal Strap-On Harness

      Compatible with all URPIZE models.

    Video: UPRIZE gets on up (like a sex machine).  

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