1. Celebrate National Unicorn Day with Lovehoney!


    If you haven't already drawn a giant sparkly ring around April 9th in your diary, then you need to know that today is National Unicorn Day!

    What better way to show appreciation for those happy, horny mythical creatures than with plenty of glitter, rainbows and - of course - sex toys?

    We've picked 6 toys to help you harness your inner unicorn and send you soaring skywards, from dazzling dildos to seriously snazzy vibes.

    So cover your face in glitter, don your finest sequins and get your hooves on one of these twinkle-tastic toys.

    Positive Vibes Rainbow Classic Vibrator

    Positive Vibes Rainbow Classic Vibrator

    Woahhh there.

    This multispeed vibe will have you giddy with bliss and galloping full-pelt towards orgasmic paradise.

    Designed to send your pleasure skyrocketing into the stratosphere, the rainbow edition of our Positive Vibes classic vibrator is a magical must-have.

    Unicorn Silicone Rainbow Tail Butt Plug

    Unicorn Silicone Rainbow Tail Butt Plug

    Wiiiiiild stallionssss!

    Fluffier than a unicorn's forelock, this faux fur rainbow tail butt plug is perfect for prancing around the bedroom, pony style.

    A 16 inch multicoloured tail extends from a beginner-friendly butt plug, for arousing anal play with a heady dose of fun.

    Now swish that sweet tail and invite your lover to whip you into shape.

    Sparkle-tastic tip: Don't forget to give your plug a quick dip in your favourite magic potion (aka water-based anal lubricant) for heavenly sensations.

    Vixen Mustang VixSkin Bright Realistic Dildo with Suction Cup

    Vixen Mustang VixSkin Bright Realistic Dildo

    Ride off into the sunset with a kaleidoscopic cock that looks like a cross between a unicorn's horn and an extra-large slice of rainbow cake.

    Combining sensationally realistic stimulation with an eye-popping tie-dye colourway, a curved shaft and a pronounced head, every one of these dual density dongs is unique – so your dildo will be as rare as a real unicorn.

    Sparkle-tastic tip: Thanks to its flared base, this mythical beast is suitable for strap-on sex and pegging, so grab a harness and saddle up.

    So Divine Sweet Sensation Small Clear Crystal Butt Plug

    So Divine Sweet Sensation Small Clear Crystal Butt Plug

    What's the closest thing to sprinkling your butt with stardust? This bejewelled butt plug, of course!

    Twinkling betwixt your cheeks, this medium-sized butt plug will mesmerise your mate – plus it comes with a trio of sparkling jewels to swap in and out depending on your mood.

    Made from the silkiest silicone imaginable, it slides in like a dream.

    Sparkle-tastic tip: For a fantastically thrilling double filling, pair your plug with a dildo (or a pal with a peen) – what a whinneying team!

    Lovehoney Crystal Kink Couple's Sex Toy Kit (8 Piece)

    Lovehoney Crystal Kink Couple's Sex Toy Kit (8 Piece)

    We've saved the mane event (sorry) til last.

    When you've got the horn and you can't rein it in, you need something extra special to satisfy.

    Made with a shedload of stardust, the Crystal Kink is bursting with sex toy treasures for a night of unbridled adventure.

    This 8-piece collection includes vibrators, anal toys, a cock ring and more, to cover all pleasure zones for exciting spur-of-the-moment solo or shared play.

    Sparkle-tastic tip: This gloriously glitzy kit makes the perfect gift for a good pal or partner.

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