1. Sotheby's is Holding an Auction of Megabucks Erotic Art... and so is Lovehoney!


    Who heads to an art gallery for the bums, boobs and willies?

    Plenty of people it turns out, and they're prepared to pay a pretty penny for a perfectly etched penis.

    World renowned auction house, Sotheby's, has been hosting Erotic: Passion and Desire, an exhibition of exceptional works dedicated to the naked human body.

    All works in the exhibition go to auction today, February 15th. You'll need a few quid if you're going to put a bid in, and it doesn't look like there's a '20% off when you buy 2' offer!

    With works from Picasso, Klimt, Matisse and more, collectors will be blessed with an abundance of breasts, bottoms, and other beautiful body parts as depicted by some of the most renowned artists from the past and present.

    Here are just a few examples of some the incredible works you can buy either at live auction or online:

    Whatever Sotheby's Does, Lovehoney Can do Better

    If your wage doesn't stretch to a 50 grand Rodin sculpture, fear not. We've decided to hold our own auction of Erotica, featuring stunning works from the hands of Lovehoney staff members.

    Step into the Lovehoney gallery and delight your eyes with some of our very own works of arse. I mean, art.


    Michaelangelow-hanging Fruit

    Reserve price: Ten billion tattoos


    Yoko Onanism

    Estimate: An eternal cycle of renewal


    Randy Yourhole

    Reserve price: 1 sherbert lemon and a train beer


    David Cockney

    Reserve price: A mindfulness podcast and a bowl of sausages


    Tracey Enema

    Estimate: 50,000 Captain Birds Eye fish fingers

    ceci cock blog

    Georgia O'Queef

    Estimate: A ferret playhouse and a Sir Walter Raleigh face mask


    Jackson Bollock

    Reserve price: 7 days worth of wigs


    Gustav Klit

    Estimate: 1003 basil plants

    boobs lovehoney blog


    Reserve price: 57 gins in tins and a jar of gherkins


    Fifty Shades Freed-a Kahlo

    Reserve price: A bag of 30056 assorted sweets

    lovehoney auction

    Labia Hirst

    Reserve price: A vegan sandwich and a caffeine drip

    Auction to take place in the back room of the Dildo & Duck pub, Bath, this Friday at 7pm. Early bids accepted in the comments section below.

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    • Laura: March 02, 2018 16:57
      The Georgia O'Queef one is inspired! Love it.