1. A "Wanderful" Valentine's on London's South Bank

    Lovehoney Wanderful Valentine's Event

    Valentine's Day can be a stressful time of year for many of us. Deciding on the perfect present or the ideal date night isn't always easy, and can make what is meant to be a fun evening into something rather more... taxing.

    So last Thursday, to relieve some of London's foot-weary Valentine's shoppers, the Lovehoney team saddled up an Airstream bus with some trained masseurs and a ton of magic wand vibrators, and headed to London's South Bank to hand out free hand and foot massages (as well as some sex toy goodie bags, too!).

    And boy, did you guys love those massages!

    From 9am until 5pm, we had round-the-block queues of stressed-out Londoners looking for a fun way to relax (and warm up from the February chill), not to mention some famous faces from the world of the sexy media (including Reed from Come Curious, Emma from Bloomzy, and Mia More from Cliterati).

    Want to see more? Check out the video of the day below.

    Watch how our #Wanderful event went down!

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    Comments (2)

    • Nina: March 09, 2018 16:42
      Will there be a review of the month this month?
    • Lovehoney - Leanne: March 13, 2018 14:08
      Hi Nina,

      Yes there will be, just waiting for it to be proof read and it shall be scheduled to go live.