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  1. Find Your Housemate's Perfect Present With Our Secret Santa Flow Chart!

    Find Your Housemate's Perfect Present With Our Secret Santa Flow Chart!

    It's almost the end of term, and you've just found out which of your housemates you're buying a Secret Santa present for. What on earth do you get them?

    Well, our Lovehoney wizards have whipped up a few questions to help guide you to the perfect sexy gift.

    Just like those old-school quizzes in our favourite teen mags (ah, Bliss, I remember you well), this flow chart uses simple yes/no questions to help you handpick your present.

    Is your housemate more of an All-Nighter, or a Study Bug? Perhaps they're the Chilled one, or the total BFF? There's only one way to find out!

    All presents are under £15 (and some are even under a tenner), meaning they're well within that Secret Santa budget.

    Have we tickled your interest-buds? Then read on to see our suggestions.

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    Secret Santa Gift Chooser Flow Chart


    Often to be found partying until the early morning, the life-and-soul All-Nighter knows every bar and club in town (and can keep going long after the clubs are shut).

    All-Nighter girls will love to spend dusk until dawn discovering every different sensation offered by the five heads of the Basics Powerful Clitoral Vibrator (£9.99), while the All-Nighter boys could last even longer with our Basics Vibrating Twin Cock Ring (£8.99).

    Social Butterfly

    With too many friends to count, the Social Butterfly seems to know everyone on campus.

    Give these Butterfly girls the diversity they love with the 10 powerful speeds and patterns of the Dream Bullet (£12.99), or allow the lads to pick a different bedroom accessory for almost every night of the week with the Tickler Cock Ring Multipack (£8.99).


    Though their social group may not be massive, the BFF is always on hand when the people who matter need them.

    Give them some much needed them-time with a copy of bonk-buster Fifty Shades Darker (£7.99), or why not have a giggle over a drink or two by playing 'Would You Rather' with our Kinky Confessions cards (£3.50)?

    Eternal Couple

    Whether they've been together for months or years, your friend and their partner are practically inseparable - and, with the Tease by Lovehoney Furry Handcuffs (£9.99), they can be even closer…


    Calm, cool, and easy-going, the Chilled one is happy to take life as it comes, and live in the moment.

    The laid-back ladies will love the hands-free fun of our Basics Vibrating Love Egg (£8.99), while the boys will go crazy for the minimal-fuss-but-maximum-pleasure of the tokidoki x Lovehoney Flash Textured Pleasure Cup (£9.99).

    Study Bug

    The Study Bug is no stranger to night-long study sessions, and sees the library as their second home.

    Help the lady scholar blow off steam with the discreet and handy Oh! Lipstick Vibrator (£14.99), or give the guys a hand with our ever-popular Reversible Double Stroker (£14.99) for a speedy stress-buster.

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