1. 15 Things People Believe About Masturbation (That Just Aren't True)

    15 Things People Believe About Masturbation

    When it comes to masturbation, everyone has an opinion.

    For some, it's the highlight of their day, and they can't get enough of it; for others, the appeal is completely unfathomable.

    Over the years, a ton of myths have sprung up around the concept of self-love, and it can be tricky sometimes to seperate the fact from the fiction.

    Will you go blind? Is it bad for you? Will it ruin sex if you do it?

    Particularly when it comes to our upbringing and the beliefs of those around us, the benefits of masturbation can be a bit of a murky area.

    But the good news is, if you're still on the fence about flicking the bean or doing the five-knuckle-shuffle, here are 15 common beliefs about masturbation that just aren't true.

    1. It's only using your hands

    If you're reading this, it's hardly likely you're unfamiliar with vibrators and male sex toys, but the myth that masturbation is a purely 'hands-on' endeavour is a pervasive one.

    In fact, whilst almost all sex toys are suited to use with or without a partner, some like the magic wand style of toy really come into their own when it's just you, your bed and earth-shattering, awesome power.

    2. It's unhealthy

    One of the biggest concerns many people have about masturbation is the looming threat of long-term health effects. In reality, this couldn't be much further from the truth.

    The health benefits of masturbation are well documented and extensive, some of which we'll dive into later in this list.

    3. It has to be solo

    While it's true that one of the big appeals of masturbation to many people is the chance to unwind, relax by yourself and really experience the true meaning of 'me time', there's no reason this needs to always be the case.

    Masturbating with a partner can be super rewarding and a great way to learn what makes each other tick.

    4. It's bad for productivity

    All too often, masturbation and procrastination are lumped 'hand in hand', but that doesn't need to be the case.

    Orgasms have actually been shown to help boost memory, focus and other mental attributes, which is definitely worth bearing in mind with exam season looming.

    5. Most women don't do it

    Just because female masturbation is talked about far less than male, doesn't make it any less common!

    The stats may vary from survey to survey, but it's generally agreed that more women masturbate than don't, though typically not as frequently as men. In fact, some figures estimate up to 85.5% of women indulge in bean-flicking from time to time.

    The abundance of sex toys aimed at women speak to themselves, especially the popularity of toys like the rabbit which are designed with solo play in mind.

    6. It's all about the orgasm

    There is much more to masturbation than a mad dash to the finish line, just like in good sex.

    It's a chance to explore what works for you, to relax and de-stress after a long day or even just play with seeing how long you can last. Orgasms are great ,but they're far from the be-all and end-all of masturbation.

    7. There are no benefits to masturbation compared to sex

    It's a question that comes up time and time again: why would I masturbate if I have the option of having sex?

    It's true that most of the time the majority of us would choose sex over solo play, but that's not to say that there's anything wrong with sometimes favouring some no pressure, single-minded sexy solo fun.

    8. People in relationships stop masturbating

    Sometimes your partner isn't around, sometimes one of you isn't in the mood, sometimes you'd just rather take your pleasure into your own hands - the start of a relationship certainly doesn't mean the end of masturbation.

    9. You'll go blind

    It was shocking to discover whilst researching this article that many, many people out there still believe this old wives' tale.

    The only threat masturbation can be to your vision is if you're getting a little kinky and forget to take off your blindfold: a low-cost twist that can take your solo pleasure to the next level.

    10. If it doesn't feel good, you're not doing it right

    Sometimes your body just doesn't feel it, even if your mind does, and for some people masturbation just isn't a pleasurable experience.

    That's OK! Everyone has different sexual preferences and lacking a penchant for masturbation is just as valid as any other.

    11. Using solo sex toys can ruin sex without them

    There are plenty of urban myths and horror stories of a women trying a vibrator and never wanting to have sex with her partner again, but this really isn't something to worry about.

    There is a primal aspect to simple, passionate sex that can never be replaced by a toy, only enhanced.

    12. Masturbation makes men less fertile

    While men's 'recharge times' vary, masturbation only impacts a guy's fertility for up to a couple of hours after discharge. In the long run, there's nothing to worry about.

    13. Masturbating is bad for your mental health

    Far from making someone an anti-social shut in, the positive effects of masturbation on stress, tension and mood can be just the boost you need at times.

    14. Everyone masturbates

    So masturbation might not be for you - so what? Some people don't like films, some people don't like pizza and some people don't like masturbation.

    Just like those who 'treat themselves' twice a day everyday shouldn't feel ashamed, neither should those for whom masturbation just isn't something they enjoy or are interested in.

    15. People will judge you for masturbating

    While in most circles it may not exactly be dinner party conversation, acceptance of masturbation (especially female) has come along leaps and bounds in recent years.

    Although you certainly shouldn't be throwing the details at strangers in the street, there is a growing notion in society that yes, most of us do it and no, we shouldn't be ashamed.

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    • Angela Newsham: May 21, 2020 23:50
      I love my magic wand. Its amazing. Biggest Cum evverr.
    • Jon: May 22, 2020 09:46
      Masturbation is healthy, promotes good sleep, saves very uncomfortable balls and the brain chemicals from your orgasm are good at keeping you positive.
      Having said that, having a partner to do it with is way better than flying solo.
      If we weren’t meant to play with them, why put our genitals just at our fingertips???
    • Richie: May 22, 2020 10:01
      Masturbation is great really relaxing it also gives you a chance for a try at back end exploring with a prostate massager I’m not gay but a massaging Wand is great. Try to cum without touching yourself !!!
    • Graham: May 22, 2020 15:40
      I find masturbating a great way to relieve the stresses of the day,I personally like to use my wife's pantys to stroke my self with and cum my load on them.
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