1. "We Haven't Looked Back Since!" - Celebrating 15 Years of Sexual Happiness


    Can you believe we've been spreading sexual happiness for 15 years?

    Apparently time really does fly when you're having fun.

    So how exactly has Lovehoney helped couples have fulfilling sex lives?

    Well, we asked 3 customer couples to find out.

    Check out this mini interview with our first couple below.

    Introducing Couple 1: Jade and Josh

    From: Sheffield

    Together For: 2 years, 4 months

    Did you discover sex toys together?

    "Yes, Jade had introduced me to sex toys, using vibrators during foreplay and sex. Lately though we have experimented more and more, exploring each other's fetishes, learning more about each other and ourselves."

    How did you bring up the conversation about using sex toys?

    "We had always thrown around the idea of using toys in the bedroom but had no idea where to begin really. It wasn't until we saw the Lovehoney advent calendar that we decided to dive into the deep end (and we haven't looked back since!)"

    How long had you been together before you started using sex toys?

    "Around 14 months."

    What do you like best about Lovehoney?

    "The value of the products have always been great, for whatever price range. You know you're always going to get a quality product.

    Also the customer service might just be the best we've experienced. Always fast to reply, friendly, understanding and will go above and beyond to make sure you're satisfied." 

    What difference has Lovehoney made to your lives together?

    "Apart from a lot more lube in our flat?

    Discovering Lovehoney has absolutely improved our sex life and we're willing to try so much more in the bedroom now.

    Things we previously would never have dreamed of."

    What are your favourite couples' toys?

    "Restraints, flogger, sleeves. Not all couples toys per say, but we adore using them all on each other."

    What would you like to try next?

    "We haven't tried paddles yet which is a definite must for us.

    Apart from that we're now willing to try anything and everything due to Lovehoney opening our eyes to toys."

    Describe how sex toys have changed your relationship in 3 words.

    "Closer. More intimate."

    Thanks so much for chatting with us Josh and Jade. Enjoy your new spanking adventures!

    Want to read more? Keep your eyes peeled for our next customer couple interview, coming soon.

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