1. Feel Sexier In An Instant With These Body Confidence Tips


    I like to think I'm a very body-positive person, and I genuinely believe in beauty at any size, but when it comes to my own body, I really struggle to put my beliefs into practice.

    But, really, body confidence comes from accepting your body exactly as it is, rather than trying to make it into what you think everyone else wants it to be.

    So, if you're looking for a boost to your sex appeal and sensuality, we've got some easy tips for you that can help you love your body, and everything it does for you.

    Above: Need some feeling fab in your lingerie? Watch Sammi Cole's top tips for total sex goddess confidence.

    Celebrate your body


    If you're having a low self-esteem day, having sexy photos to look back on can give you a real boost.

    'Sexy' doesn't have to mean naked: you can wear anything you like. Your favourite outfit, the lingerie you've been looking for an excuse to wear, or nothing at all - basically, whatever you want, as long as it makes you feel confident.

    Take a leaf out of body positive blogger Gemma Jamieson's (find her on Instagram here) book and celebrate your unique sexiness with snaps of you in your favourite lingerie. We've put together a great guide to taking the best sexy photos to help you out.

    It's up to you what you do with your photos next: send them to a partner or somebody you know who would appreciate them, even just a close friend; keep them all to yourself to look back at on a bad day.

    Set the scene


    This is something I'm so glad I learned. Making your bedroom somewhere you want to be and where you feel in charge can create a feeling of relaxation and confidence that will instantly have you feeling sexier.

    This can be achieved by something as simple as getting new bedsheets and clearing out the clutter.

    Even if you aren't currently in a relationship, you can still put the sensual setting to use. Masturbation has proven health benefits, not just physically but mentally.

    Nurturing yourself sexually and emotionally in this way has been shown to aid better sleep, improve your immune system, and boost your body image.

    The more you allow yourself to be naked, in a setting where you feel sexy and empowered, basking in sexual pleasure, the better you will feel about yourself and the amazing things that your own body can make you feel.

    Stop comparing yourself


    Let's face facts - we live in an image-obsessed world. Morning commutes are marred by posters asking us if we're 'beach body ready' and magazines are packed with promises of making our tummy rolls disappear.

    It's no wonder we have a tendency to compare ourselves to others, if you think about it.

    In exactly the same way that body shaming someone else can be hugely damaging to their self esteem, putting yourself down because you don't look like you belong in Taylor Swift's squad is a bad habit that won't help your confidence.

    Instead of picking at things you don't like about yourself, focus on a few things you're happy about and have them on standby for those wobbly moments. Before you know it, being kind to yourself will be second nature.

    Treat yo’ self!


    It’s a simple trick, but something as simple as a new pair of knickers can make you feel amazing.

    Be it a cheeky pair of shorts or a flirty thong, the secrecy of having something new and naughty under your clothes as you go about day-to-day tasks can give you such a rush.

    This isn’t just one for the ladies. Fellas, treat yourself to some new boxers and unleash your inner sex god! The feel of nice fabric hugging your hips and bum is sure to give you that extra bit of swagger in your stride. And believe me, a partner is more likely to prefer sliding off your jeans to see a nice pair of LHM boxers than to find themselves face-to-face with the Cookie Monster.

    If pants aren’t so much your thing, then there are plenty of other options. A silky robe or chemise can be enough to make you feel like a vintage movie star.

    And, admit it, we’ve all had that fantasy of opening the door to your crush in nothing but one of these babies.

    Lizi is a Sociology student at Northumbria University, often found blogging about as Some Angry Northern B*tch. When she's not balancing her affection between her two partners, it often goes to her pet hedgehog, Stormageddon.

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    Comments (17)

    • Marina: July 09, 2018 15:06
      While I agree that body image isn't everything and we have to step back and realise that no we aren't all models with top bodies unfortunately, what I disagree with is and to be honest made me quite annoyed is that while you are saying about making the most of what we do have and having better self esteem you then display pictures of beautiful women with great bodies? Is it me or is that defeating the object? I myself have real confidence issues with my body, I have recently lost quite a lot of weight and being 49yrs old I don't have much hope of getting rid of a lot of my excess skin, so when I saw the email about boosting your body image confidence I thought great that could be just what I need, unfortunately all it has done has made me feel even worse because you are saying one thing but showing something totally different basically showing me that you do need to look like that to be sexy! Oh and the one slightly larger model still had a great body! thanks for the advise but I think this time I will give it a miss and may be even think twice about using love honey again.....
    • Coral: July 16, 2018 20:15
      Hi Marina, I agree totally with what you're saying. At 69 - yes there is still life, and even a sex life at this age! - it really bugs me too when the article seems good sense and good advice, but the models are all young - that's equally annoying - or very slim, and/or stunning. You don't usually need to boost your confidence when you look like that! How about helping those of us who're not quite so stunning or young?
    • tara: July 21, 2018 16:00
      I have to agree with what you both say, I am sick of all this body positive advice showing perfect models, I feel for you marina, I have a body full of scars, all through muscle and have no chance of getting toned, so basically, I live the rest of my life looking ugly. I give up, no point trying to look sexy, just isn't going to work
    • Dea: August 02, 2018 00:09
      Ladies you are looking at this all wrong we don’t have to look sexy to feel sexy you need to feel sexy to look sexy we are all different body shapes colour height weight but sexy comes from inside you. We all need to find that sex kitten from with in we all have it just find it. Be happy with you. Xxx
    • Louise: August 16, 2018 12:15
      I totally agree with the other ladies comments we all see this beautifull women but there airbrushed perfect skin bodies I had children lost 3 stone weight but still have stretch marks excess skin which only cosmetic surgery will shift .. your underwear is lovely Having brought some items over last few months but some item you have be size 6 too wear .. you need real women’s bodies in society we don’t all look like models unless you have money too look like that ..
    • Becky: August 20, 2018 12:42
      Whilst I don't want to criticise the writer for simply trying to improve people's body confidence, I do have to agree with the other comments about the images used in the article - the women aren't your typical woman. Yes, you've included women who aren't all stick-thin, but they still don't portray 'real' women.
      I think LH's current TV advert does a better job of encouraging body confidence - I'm not left with the sense that the people used are actually models. Instead I'm given the impression that these people were almost picked off the street at random.
      All these pick-me-up guides are great, but it's the images that really send the message. How can people really feel more confident in their bodies, unless they are inspired by people who look just like them?
      I think it would have been better if the images used included people of different ages and body 'imperfections', to really get the message across - if these people can look and feel sexy, then so can you.
      Otherwise, the article had some good tips.

    • Rebecki: August 26, 2018 11:34
      I never even saw the pictures I was too busy reading the article. It doesn’t matter if we’re young old chubbier or stick thin everyone has issues with themselves and always believe we need to improve to be better all this article was trying to do is boost your morale and say love what you have. I have been given a lot of clarity just lately and after almost 10 years of not loving myself I’m starting to like myself more and more and realise I may not be perfect, but I am a perfect version of me. Thank you for your post I hope it does go through to some people I enjoyed it a lot of people read the words but don’t fully grasp the meaning for themselves.
    • Ian: September 16, 2018 00:25
      I’m sick and tired of the whole body conscience issues raised LH use a range of models all of who are sexy despite of size and shape. At no point do they show or advertise that women should be size 6 and skinny. Those that think this should go preach your views elsewhere as I find it offensive that anyone says this, especially with a company that has sizes for all and doesn’t promote the size 6 approach. If you don’t fulfil your own perfect image don’t portray that on others. Which asks the question as to why you are being opinionated here, or being a part of a community that represents all shapes, sizes, genders, sexual orientation. LH has in no way promoted the comments you’ve made. Please deal with your own insecurities rather than pushing yours on others.
      I wish you all the best.
    • Tasha Hirons: October 03, 2018 19:01
      Love to look hot and sexy
    • Pen: January 14, 2019 21:48
      I am actually a size 6,and I hate it. Even the smallest bras are too big on me and I look like a pencil. It's hard for me to feel sexy when my front looks like an ironing board. One of the things I found really useful was watching Naked Attraction on telly, I was amazed at how different we all are, from the hair on our heads, to the shape of our vagina area, and that beauty comes in many forms. That programme showed me what real women look like ?? So, am trying to stay positive and will keep stuffing socks in my bra!! Xx
    • Gary Heard: April 02, 2019 21:06
      Not happy with this article as it only represents woman myself and my wife use lovehoney to give us body confidence think you can do better
      Regards Mr G Hrard
    • Gary Heard: April 02, 2019 21:06
      Not happy with this article as it only represents woman myself and my wife use lovehoney to give us body confidence think you can do better
      Regards Mr G Hrard
    • Tricia: April 14, 2019 20:18
      I used LH a lot and I love the fact that if I’m having a low/high time in liking my body they have something to fulfil my need.
      For those who have issues with the photos used for this article. No matter how we look as women we all have insecurities about or bodies, why should they not use beautiful women here? Are you all that insecure you can’t bare to celebrate another woman? I don’t think you’re issues are just your body image if instead of reading the article and celebrating what you have, you spend time moaning at attractive women.
      We are all beautiful, size, skin tone, stretch marks, your perfect imperfections, etc they are simply signs of the path you have travelled to become the beautiful wonderful you. Celebrate the journey as much as then end image ladies!!!!
    • Carolyn Middleton: June 01, 2019 17:53
      Well ive read all your comments and whilst i agree with some not all i myself has confidence issues but i love to dress in sexy lingerie for myself and my husband that gives me a real boost.. i just love LH website & have had a great deal of products from them to make ME feel great & my husband gets a great time too..but when all said & done i am a woman of 59 had 5 children & i feel i should celebrate the fact i still feel sexy when dressing up..also i have a fantastic supportive husband...good luck to all you ladies just celebrate being you...
    • Angela: August 17, 2019 08:11
      I love the fact lovehoney cater for all sizes
      They have beautiful underwear that’s not available in small sizes.
      I’m a size 6 and aged 50 it doesn’t look well if only I had curves.
      When you hear comments like bones are for dogs it puts us size 6’s down.
      I’m flat and I need padded bras that’s why I love LH.
      Everyone is unique so we have to embrace what we do have.

    • Carol: October 18, 2019 00:18
      I am a size 18 I have a major hang up about the dead flabby stomach which annoys my partner as I have to be drunk to wear something sexy also he hates the fact I won't go naked as my body and what I see makes me physically cringe and disgusted how do I get over this my sex life is amazing an healthy apart from the stomach issue
    • Rose: November 05, 2019 20:57
      It's good to read about treating yourself to some sexy lingerie, taking photo's of yourself glammed up or not and feeling fabulous. It's taken a long time for me to love myself and my body and at 54, I'm making the best of what I have and loving it. Now where are those stockings....
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