1. Vegan-Friendly BDSM: 15 Toys for Cruelty-Free Spanking

    Leather is an extremely popular material for bondage play because it's durable, comfortable and only gets better with age, but what if you don't like (or agree with) leather products?

    With more and more people choosing to live a life free from animal-based products, it can be tricky to expand your sexual horizons without going against your beliefs.

    The good news is change is happening, and it's happening quickly. Manufacturers are now realising the increasing number of vegan kinksters out there and are making excellent alternatives to leather to help you get your kicks, without feeling guilty.

    So, whether you're giving Veganuary a go, are a vegan-lifestyle veteran or simply don't like leather, I've picked out our top vegan-friendly spanking tools for newbies, experts and all those in between.

    Come back next month for my leather-free restraint recommendations.

    Brand new to spanking:

    Some experience spanking:

    Advanced spanking:

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    • lilly: January 31, 2017 16:42
      It is easy to use for light taps, which give a nice sensation.