1. What A Christmas Carry-On: Play Bing-Oh With Our Festive Innuendo Cards

    Cheeky Christmas BingOh

    Ah, Christmas. With only 26 days to go until the big event, many of us are frantically shopping, wrapping, and stuffing the cupboards with as many cheese footballs as they can hold.

    But, as we all know, Christmas is a time for quality entertainment, too - and what could be more entertaining than spotting accidental innuendos over the dinner table?

    From 'Santa came!' to 'Do you want stuffing?', we've identified 18 tongue-in-cheek double-entendres that commonly pop up on December 25th, and added them to these two print-and-play bingo cards.

    Cross through each card as soon as you hear the phrase, and when you get a full line, be sure to take a picture and share it on Twitter or Facebook with the hashtag #ChristmasBingOh!

    Who knows - you could win the prize of a lifetime. Or maybe some sex toys.

    How To Play

    Print off these bingo cards to play over the holiday period.

    Each time someone says one of the phrases in the square, cross it through.

    Continue to play until you've completed a row. The question is: what will the winner's prize be?

    Cheeky Christmas Bingo Cheeky Christmas Bingo Card 2

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