1. How to Choose the Best THRUST For You


    Upgrade your pleasure with THRUST, a new generation of realistic male sex toys designed to propel your orgasms to the next level. Use this guide to explore the variety of styles and textures in the collection and find your perfect partner.


    Decipher the key assets of each THRUST toy with these quick-reference symbols.

      • Opening

      • Vagina opening
      • Shows the entrance style(s) of your THRUST masturbator.

      • Vibe compatible

      • Vibe compatible
      • Masturbator can hold a bullet vibrator for extra stimulation options.

      • Internal length

      • Internal length
      • Indicates the length of the internal sleeve.

      • Texture

      • Realistic texture
      • Illustrates the mould of the internal sleeve style.

    Four Thrilling Ranges

    THRUST Pro Mini

    The THRUST Pro Minis are an inviting set of entry-level strokers. Operating as an extension of your palm, these pared-down pocket styles feature realistic entries and a range of internal textures, delivering extreme stimulation that belies their discreet dimensions.

    THRUST Pro Mini Ella Realistic Pocket Pussy Ella Realistic Pocket Pussy (£14.99)

    vagina opening, vibrator compatible, realistic texture, 5 inch length

    Enjoy instant thrills with Ella, a handheld stroker featuring 5 inches of engulfment. Ella's soft, full lips make for a very warm welcome, while her twisting and turning realistic canal will keep you coming back for more.

    THRUST Pro Mini Lola Realistic Pocket Pussy Lola Ribbed Pocket Pussy (£14.99)

    Vagina opening, vibrator compatible, ribbed texture, 5 inch length

    Showgirl Lola has something new to show you - an easy-grip sleeve and realistic vagina entry. Plunge on in to enjoy every one of her 5 divine inches, with tight ribbing running throughout for squeeze-and-release stimulation.

    THRUST Pro Mini Eva Super Tight Pocket Pussy Eva Super Tight Pocket Pussy (£14.99)

    Vagina opening, vibrator compatible, realistic texture, 5 inch length

    Push between the pursed lips of Eva to discover her realistic, close-fitting canal within. A super-tight pocket stroker offering 5 inches of fulfilment, the compact creation features discreet dimensions ideal for taking on trips away.

    THRUST Pro Mini Maya Super Tight Pocket Pussy Dana Ribbed Pocket Pussy and Ass (£14.99)

    Vagina and ass openings, ribbed texture, 5 inch length

    Flip-reverse funtimes are here with Dana, a two-sided toy twinning vagina and ass openings with the compact proportions of a stroker. Whichever side you choose, 5 internal inches are waiting to please, lined with soft ribs to set sensation alive.

    THRUST Pro Ultra

    Winsome triplets Holly, Rachel and Chloe make up the THRUST Pro Ultra collection. Sharing identical vagina entries and easy-grip external ribbing, each boasts a fresh texture inside so you can discover the style that triggers you best.

    THRUST Pro Ultra Holly Realistic Vagina Holly Realistic Vagina (£24.99)

    Vagina opening, vibrator compatible, realistic texture, 6 inch length

    Now you can enjoy Holly in between the festive seasons with this pleasure-boosting super-stroker. Deliciously realistic both inside and out, this time-tested best-seller is vibrator compatible for optional extra sensation.

    THRUST Pro Ultra Rachel Super Ribbed Vagina Rachel Super Ribbed Vagina (£24.99)

    Vagina opening, vibrator compatible, ribbed texture, 6 inch length

    Rachel combines a best-selling vagina-style opening with a rousing super-ribbed sleeve, for 6 sizzling inches of stroker satisfaction. Grab ahold of the easy-grip exterior and ride the tide to a wild-style climax.

    THRUST Pro Ultra Chloe Super Ribbed and Bumps Vagina Chloe Super Ribbed & Bumps (£24.99)

    Vagina opening, vibrator compatible, multi texture, 6 inch length

    Hot and heavy play awaits with Chloe, a have-it-all heroine boasting delicious dual textures. Dive inside her best-selling vagina opening to delight in super-ribbing, then send sensation skyrocketing with the bump-dense sleeve end.

    THRUST Pro Extra

    Pick up the pace with the THRUST Pro Xtra collection, a set of twin-entrance playthings in a range of welcoming poses. This bevy of beauties feature better-than-real textures for vigorous invigoration and a selection of sizes for a custom session.

    THRUST Pro Xtra Karly Ribbed Vagina & Ass Karly Ribbed Vagina and Ass (£24.99)

    Vagina and ass openings, ribbed texture, 6.5 inch length

    Mix things up with the twin openings of Karly, whose vagina and ass entrances offer differing degrees of tightness into a rib-lined single canal, for 6.5 inches of engulfment and an easy post-play clean up.

    THRUST Pro Xtra Angel Realistic Vagina & Ass Angel Realistic Vagina and Ass (£32.99)

    Vagina & ass opening, vibrator compatible, realistic texture, 5 inch length

    Realism just got realer with Angel, a twin-entry toy with a twisting internal sleeve designed for uncanny authenticism in play. Slip a bullet or two into the holes in the base to enjoy perfectly placed vibrations for a vigorous extra tease.

    THRUST Pro Xtra Taylor Ribbed Realistic Vagina & Ass1 Taylor Ribbed Realistic Vagina and Ass (£34.99)

    Vagina and ass openings, vibrator compatible, ribbed texture, 4.5 inch length

    Perkily positioned into a doggy-style pose, Taylor offers a divine view and effortless access to her vagina and ass entrances. 4.5 inches of tight internal ribbing and vibrator compatibility ensure strong stimulation to take you all the way.

    THRUST Pro Xtra Riley Wavy Vagina & Ass Riley Wavy Vagina and Ass (£34.99)

    Vagina and ass openings, vibrator compatible, wavy texture, 5.5 inch length

    Wide open and waiting for you, Riley is ready and raring for a bumper pumping in either of her two authentic entrances. A 5.5 inch wavy internal texture ensures pleasure at each push, while vibrator compatibility takes stimulation to its apex.

    THRUST Pro Xtra Hayley Ribbed Realistic Vagina Hayley Ribbed Realistic Vagina (£34.99)

    Vagina and ass openings, vibrator compatible, ribbed texture, 4.5 inch length

    Release your beast into the supple sleeve of Hayley, a ribbed dual-entrance vagina and ass with 4.5 ribbed inches to enjoy. With space in the base for a bullet, supplement each sweet sensation with thrilling vibrations.

    THRUST Pro Elite

    Blur the distinctions between simulation and reality with THRUST Pro Elite, a deluxe line of masturbators offering the ultimate authentic experience. Featuring bulkier proportions alongside twin canals to fluctuate sensation, these durable styles are made for energetic sessions.

    THRUST Pro Elite Sophia Realistic Vagina & Ass Sophia Realistic Vagina and Ass (£69.99)

    Vagina & ass openings, realistic texture, 5.5 inch length

    Take solo sessions up a notch with Sophia, a substantial twin-canal toy featuring perfectly sculpted vagina and ass entrances. Close-ended for suction-style stimulation, alternate between the realistic sleeves to work your way to a show-stopping pop.

    THRUST Pro Elite Layla Realistic Vagina & Ass Layla Realistic Vagina and Ass (£99.99)

    Vagina and ass opening, realistic texture, 4.5 inch length

    Savour the soft skin and splay-legged showcase of Layla, a weighty vagina and ass masturbator made for men who want more from their solo time. Twin canals deliver up to 4.5 inches of realistic internal texture, so you can switch between sleeves as you play.

    THRUST Pro Elite Alana Ribbed Vagina & Ass Mega Masturbator Alana Ribbed Vagina and Ass Mega Masturbator (£229.99)

    Vagina and ass opening, ribbed texture, 7.5 inch length

    Behold the beautiful booty of Alana, a ribbed vagina and ass masturbator that takes realism to its apex with a to-scale ass that's begging for a squeeze. Distinct tightnesses within each ribbed sleeve means you can work up from a snug pump to an ultra-tight flight.

    Caring for your THRUST toy

    Essential extras for keeping your THRUST toy in tip-top condition.

    THRUST Pro care

    THRUST Toy Care Kit (3 Piece) THRUST Toy Care Kit (3 Piece) (£15.00)

    Keep your THRUST toy at its peak potential with this care kit, which features everything you need for proper use and upkeep of your toy. The kit comprises water-based lube for play, toy cleaner for cleansing, and renewer powder for retaining softness.

    THRUST Mesh Drawstring Male Sex Toy Bag THRUST Mesh Drawstring Male Sex Toy Bag (£3.99)

    Keep your THRUST stroker in tip top condition by hanging it in this mesh drawstring bag after use. Designed to improve airflow during storage, the drawstring bag keeps your toy's real-feel material supple and ever-ready to please.

    THRUST renewer powder THRUST Lifelike Sex Toy Renewer Powder 118g (£5.99)

    As with any partner, it's important to show your real-feel pleasure playthings a little bit of love. Keep them feeling as soft and supple as the day you first met by adding a dusting of this renewer powder post-clean, and enjoy long-lasting lifelike fun.

    Above: Still not sure which sex toy is right for you? Watch our video guide above and let Sammi give you the facts.

    Need more help?

    You can Contact Customer Care, who will be able to help you find the perfect realistic male sex toy. You can email, telephone or live chat to an experienced advisor 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

    The other great place to look for people's advice on sex toys is on the Lovehoney Forum, where our community is on hand to give their opinions and tips.

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      If you've yet to try one, these are a great place to start. Easy to clean, durable and feel amazing.

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