1. Get Your Knickers in a Twist - It's National Underwear Day!

    national underwear day

    Don't worry everyone, the biggest event in the calendar has arrived: National Underwear Day is here!

    First started in 2003 by Freshpair, this unconventional celebration praises pants, posing pouches, and petticoats in all their forms.

    So short of walking into work in your skivvies, how can you celebrate this momentous day?

    Well, why not throw on the underwear set that makes you feel your absolute best? Or, if you don't have one, why not head to our Sexy Lingerie category to find one?

    Plus, if you get yourself over to our Twitter page, Instagram account, or just drop a comment below, you could win yourself some brand spanking new Lovehoney Lingerie or LHM boxers. Tidy.

    Go on - you know you want to.

    Comments (11)

    • That twat over there: August 05, 2016 14:43
      I celebrated by doing a smalls wash and putting the majority of my undies on the line for neighbours to gawp at.
    • Bondage God: August 05, 2016 15:08
      All commented on Instagram. Added some photos to celebrate #nationalunderwearday. Of course wearing my favourite pair of LHM boxers.
    • Luvved up cupple: August 05, 2016 15:54
      Funnily enough Mrs LUC mentioned last night that she needed more small n sexy things. Timing.
    • cobey: August 05, 2016 17:55
      I didn't know there was such a national day... makes me wish I had some special boxers to mark the occassion.
    • mamz: August 05, 2016 19:12
      It is funny because I was hesitating to press check out with a basket full of pretty lingerie and didn't even realised today is national underwear day! There is still so many sets and pieces I am after!
    • lmh95: August 05, 2016 19:33
      In honour of the Rio Olympics opening ceremony tonight and national underwear day today I will be shaking my tush, carnival stylie later in my Lovehoney Love Me Lace Crotchless Brazilian Knickers :)
    • Rose: August 05, 2016 22:44
      National underwear day and I didn't even know! Oh dear :( Bit late now, I shall have to wear something nice tomorrow instead.
    • Shadow Collector: August 06, 2016 10:17
      A chance to win some of Lovehoney's stunning lingerie? Count me IN! :D
    • sirnick: August 06, 2016 18:03
      I refuse to buy into these corporate days, so will wear no underwear just to be sure I am not confused with a celebrator
    • Jezebella: August 08, 2016 15:35
      I had no idea there was only one day a year I am supposed to wear underwear! I've been doing it wrong all these years!
    • Ruby Red Slippers: August 10, 2016 18:07
      I had a clear out of all the boring underwear I've had for years to make way for more new sexy pieces!