1. Sexy Summer Nights: How to Keep Cool When Things are Heating Up


    We're freewheeling it down to the hottest summer months here, and though the sun may not be particularly forthcoming, the heat certainly is.

    But with the nights as humid as they have been lately, it's not always that easy to get in the mood come bedtime.

    If you're anything like me, the evenings are more an experimentation to see which combination of arms and legs flung outside the duvet keeps you coolest, rather than which combination of entwined limbs is most erotic.

    Luckily, though, there are ways to raise the raunch factor without raising the temperature. We've put together a hand-selected collection of summer-friendly toys, lingerie, and bondage gear to keep you looking and feeling your sexiest through the summer months.

    So whether you're getting steamy in Southampton, sizzling in Swansea, or fiery in Fife, just read on to see our sultry summer treats.

    Sexy Summertime Lingerie

    Whether you're looking for sexy sleepwear that won't leave you feeling sticky and uncomfortable, or a summer-y new take on seduction, we've got just the thing for you. Opt for lightweight, sheer fabrics which breathe easily, and flared shapes that skim over your body to give greater airflow.

    1. Lovehoney Flaunt Me Floral Lace Robe

      Lovehoney Flaunt Me Floral Lace Robe (£19.99)

      Thanks to the short hemline, elbow-length sleeves, and adjustable fit, the Flaunt Me lace robe makes the perfect summer cover-up. Throw it over bare skin to create a comfy but sexy lingerie look.

    2. Exposed Luv 1/2 Cup Blue Floral Lace Bra & Suspender Set

      Exposed Luv 1/2 Cup Blue Floral Lace Bra & Suspender Set (£29.99)

      Summer is all about those bright colours, and the stunning royal blue and cerise pink of this flirty bra set is a great way to inject some sunny style to your lingerie. Plus, the half-cups and lace mini skirt keep you cool all evening long.

    3. Dreamgirl Lace Back Polka Dot Fishnet Chemise

      Dreamgirl Lace Back Polka Dot Fishnet Chemise (£24.99)

      With sheer heart-printed mesh and a lace-up back that lets the breeze easily get to your skin, this slinky chemise feels as fresh as it looks. Plus, the white colourway and baby-blue ribbons will really set off your holiday tan.

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    Temperature-Play Toys

    If you've never tried a temperature-responsive toy before, then now's your time. These glass, ceramic, and metal pleasure playthings can be heated (and, more importantly, cooled) in water before use for refreshing new sensations.

    1. Icicles No. 8 Ribbed Glass Dildo

      Icicles No. 8 Ribbed Glass Dildo (£29.99)

      As much a treat for the eyes as anywhere else, this ravishing ribbed glass dildo is made from hypoallergenic borosilicate glass and decorated with a sparkling iridescent pattern. Pop it in the fridge for a few minutes for thrilling chills.

    2. Coco de Mer Hot and Cold Ceramic Dildo

      Coco de Mer Hot and Cold Ceramic Dildo (£149.99)

      If patterned china is your cup of tea, a ceramic toy such as this vintage-inspired dildo could be just the thing. The hollow interior can be filled with cold water to keep it cooler for longer, as well as adding an unusual and exciting motion to the toy.

    3. njoy Pure Plug Small Stainless Steel Butt Plug

      njoy Pure Plug Small Stainless Steel Butt Plug (£79.99)

      Adventurous anal players will love the smooth and sturdy sensation of this beautifully crafted steel plug from njoy. The slim-but-firm shape can be cooled in a bowl of cool water for a feeling that's more refreshing than a lemonade ice lolly.

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    Leather-Free Bondage

    When it comes to the world of BDSM accessories, the market can seem a little leather-dominated (pun fully intended). So keep away the sado-masochist summer sweats with our selection of satin, cotton, and silk restraints instead.

    1. Lovehoney Oh! Silky Bondage Restraints

      Lovehoney Oh! Silky Bondage Restraints (£8.99)

      Slim, smooth, and simple to use, these scarlet satin restraints are a must for fuss-free summer bondage play. The handy loops at the ends allow you to create quick and easy knots, even if you never got your knotwork badge at Scouts.

    2. Bondage Boutique Soft Cotton Pink Shibari Rope 10 Metre

      Bondage Boutique Soft Cotton Pink Shibari Rope 10 Metre (£9.99)

      There's nothing quite like cotton for keeping cool in the summer months, and this versatile shibari rope offers you 10 metres of the stuff. Experiment with harnesses, wrist restraints, and ankle cuffing, or check out our guide to rope bondage here.

    3. Coco de Mer 'Always Be Desired…' Black Blindfold

      Coco de Mer 'Always Be Desired…' Black Blindfold (£44.99)

      Whether you're looking to block out that early summer sunrise, or fancy a more luxurious addition to your bondage collection, Coco de Mer's pure silk blindfold is the bondage equivalent of the cool side of the pillow. Simply tie it over your eyes for comfortable visual restriction.

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    • Lovingnewtoys: June 28, 2016 18:28
      Oh my god - its not just me with an arm and leg poking out from under the covers, had to giggle at your description.
      Some of your suggestions look awesome, not sure about them keeping me cool though!!
    • That twat over there: June 28, 2016 20:56
      This time of year suits us - I give up my duvet rights, have the fan on full and the OH wraps herself cocoon like in the duvet to protect from the gale force fan
    • Holylove: June 29, 2016 09:27
      Can't forget the coolest place when it's hot and sticky in the bedroom, heading for the garden or countryside. Nice cool night air on bare skin everything bathed in moonlight or candles. Nice place to experiment with wax play too. Cool skin hot wax and no messy sheets after.
    • that guy from uni: June 30, 2016 20:45
      i fancied you at uni
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      Well I want to come to on pens pumps ..half the companies say great thing but I'm askingng do they work...does it feel good....
    • Slinky binky: July 08, 2016 14:36
      Arh yes the fan on full pelt and lying on a throw over the top of the duvet with one leg between is both mine and ohs positioning!
      The lingere in the post is lush! As are the bondage and toys. Love it ??xx
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