1. It's Masturbation May! Win a We-Vibe Pleasure Bundle (Worth Over £200!)

    It's Masturbation May! Win a We-Vibe Pleasure Bundle (Worth Over £200!)

    With the advance of social media, it seems like every other day has a special significance - between National Sibling Day and International Talk Like A Pirate Day (September 19th, mark your diaries), barely a week can go by without a special Instagram hashtag.

    However, there's one of these (let's face it) made up holidays that we love getting on board with each year - Masturbation May.

    An entire month in honour of wanking - what's not to love? To celebrate this special event, we've teamed up with our pals at We-Vibe to give your solo pleasure chest a boost.

    We're giving you the chance to win a prize bundle including two of We-Vibe's hottest new toys, the Rave and Nova, plus some sex toy essentials for a total value of over £200!

    Enter below now, and make the most of Masturbation May!

    The Prize:

    1. We-Vibe Rave USB Rechargeable G-Spot VibratorWe-Vibe Rave USB Rechargeable G-Spot Vibrator

      1. We-Vibe Rave G-spot vibrator for intimate pleasure
      2. Asymmetrical shape features a soft edge - twist to surge stimulation intensity
      3. 10 vibration modes for customisable play sessions
      4. Compatible with the We-Connect app for added functionality
      5. USB rechargeable for worldwide charging - 90 min charge offers 120 min playtime
      6. Price: £99.99
    2. We-Vibe Nova USB Rechargeable G-Spot Rabbit VibratorWe-Vibe Nova USB Rechargeable G-Spot Rabbit Vibrator

      1. We-Vibe Nova rabbit-style vibrator for tandem G-spot and clitoral stimulation
      2. 10 modes of vibration, each with adjustable intensity for tailored play
      3. Compatible with free We-Connect app for remote use and added functionality
      4. USB rechargeable, 90 minute charge powers a 2 hour play session
      5. Price: £119.99

    Plus, the lucky winner will also receive We-Vibe Water-Based Personal Lubricant by Pjur 100ml and We-Vibe Sex Toy Cleaning Spray by Pjur 100ml for everything you need to have the most fun with your new vibes and to keep them clean and ready to play.

    How to enter:

    To get in on this giveaway, simply use your email or Facebook account to log in to the Rafflecopter widget below. Don't worry, we won't save your information.

    Next, leave a comment on this post telling us why you'd like to win all of these new goodies from We-Vibe. Earn extra entries by checking out our social media profiles and sharing this giveaway.

    Competition ends May 31st, 2016. Please read our Terms and Conditions here.

    a Rafflecopter giveaway

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    Comments (198)

    • Coupleltstu: May 04, 2016 14:50
      Wow amazing competition!
    • NatandTom: May 04, 2016 15:01
      Amazing competition. Would love to win because we-vibe make some of the strongest vibrators around and my inner power queen loves it!
    • Sum sub: May 04, 2016 15:04
      We vibe is her vibe my vibe our vibe. Gimme the vibe!!
    • LittleSwitchBitch: May 04, 2016 15:05
      Ooooh such want :)
    • Echo: May 04, 2016 15:10
      I'd love to get my hands on the Nova and Rave, I love my Tango, but my g-spots been feeling hella left out!! :D
    • Jess: May 04, 2016 15:15
      Wow fab giveaway ??????
    • Gem: May 04, 2016 15:24
      Amazing prize!!
      I would love to get my hands on the Nova. Being able to connect and still have fun with my BF while he's not here would make for an interesting masturbation May!
    • Daisy: May 04, 2016 15:24
      I would love to win because I'm in an awful sexual rut at the moment and these gorgeous We-Vibe toys would cheer me up no end ??
    • H: May 04, 2016 15:43
      I absolutely adore the we-vibe range, currently owning the we-vibe 2 and the tango. The tango is the best bullet I have ever bought and I recommend it to everybody. I'd absolutely love the nova in my life, this would really help long distance frustration between me and my partner, as I have been away a lot recently. Fingers crossed and thank you for the opportunity.
    • Bex1213: May 04, 2016 15:55
      Happy Masturbation May everyone! x
    • OUCH: May 04, 2016 16:00
      Another Tango junkie here! I'd love to get my paws on the Nova to give my g-spot some lovin', and even though I have the Rave already, I know exactly who I'd give it to if I won. Good luck to everyone, including me and my friend :-)
    • RandomRedRose/yummymummy :-*: May 04, 2016 16:00
      This is an amazing competition! I don't know why I should win but I would love to. I'd have to give my friend one if I won because shes only just gotten interested in introducing toys into her relationship and what a way to start! ??
    • Bondage God: May 04, 2016 16:18
      We do love our national days. I do love international talk like a pirate day. Glad you mentioned that day and today of course is national Star Wars day. Who wouldn't love to win these toys in masturbation May. Great giveaway lovehoney.
    • Jezebella: May 04, 2016 17:01
      I would love to win this we vibe bundle because I have been lusting after we-vibe toys for literal YEARS. I also have the feeling that if I won, masturbation may would quickly turn into jerk off June, and the next thing I'd know it'd be self-love September. And I'd be super okay with that xx
    • Popk1n: May 04, 2016 17:04
      Man, would be SO AWESOME to win this!!
    • Kinkervedi: May 04, 2016 17:05
      Entered this competition as I've heard great things about WeVibe from others and I'm interested in learning more for myself!

      Testing out the remote aspects of them would certainly lead to be good fun, whilst I'm out of the house I'd be able to leave it to the other half to have a play as well!

    • Jessica P: May 04, 2016 17:22
      I would love to win this!! I am new to the vibrator scene, because I've had some bad experiences with poor-quality toys. I've heard that WeVibe is an incredible company, so I'd be so excited to try these out!
    • LeilaK: May 04, 2016 17:55
      Amazing prizes! I would love to win because the the we-vibe luxury vibrator's look fantastic and would make me very happy.
    • Shawn Smith: May 04, 2016 18:05
      Wow! What a competition prize!

      Would love to get my hands on these! Pretty sure my wife will be happy getting these lol ??

    • melissa: May 04, 2016 18:06
      looks like a dream!
    • Delphiuk: May 04, 2016 18:12
      Id love to win for my partner, what better way to surprise her and introduce her to the joys of toys ;)
    • delilahxx: May 04, 2016 18:16
      Wow, what a great prize. Both fabulous toys. I'd love to win because who wouldn't want to win such a luxurious prize bundle :)
    • elizabeth: May 04, 2016 18:22
      These toys look fabulous, i've never owned bigger toys like this, would even replace my boyfriend with them.
    • Inara S.: May 04, 2016 18:26
      This is a fantastic giveaway! I would love to win this contest because I can think of SO many fun things to do to with both myself and my partner using either of these lovely toys. Plus, I love being in a LTR with my toys and the quality of WeVibe's products is top notch!
    • Sammi (Squeaky Springs): May 04, 2016 18:27
      I've never tried we-vibe products. Hopefully I'll get the chance! <3 In desperate need of a new vibe.
    • Rob: May 04, 2016 18:31
    • Mirjana Radovanov: May 04, 2016 18:41
      i would love to win to add some hapiness in my life :)
    • Lorah: May 04, 2016 19:12
      I'd love to win as I'm yet to try anything We-vibe but really really want to!
    • Ruby Red Slippers: May 04, 2016 19:16
      Would love to win because I've never tried a We-Vibe toy and they look AMAZING!
    • Scorpius12: May 04, 2016 19:31
      What an amazing Competition! :) xx
    • BarginHunta: May 04, 2016 19:34
      Great prizes!
      We would love to win this as we've heard great things about We Vibe products but have yet to experience it for ourselves.
      They both look amazing, but the curves of the Rabbit have us intrigued, and the app functionality sounds like a great bonus!
    • Miss Rose: May 04, 2016 19:52
      I'd love to win one of these, one of my friends swears by we-vibe so I'd love to try one :)
    • Hooch: May 04, 2016 20:08
      Look fun!
    • lou: May 04, 2016 20:32
      this would be an awesome birthday present for me lol :)
    • Chris Ivens: May 04, 2016 20:46
      It's my birthday this month and at the grand age of 37 I'm feeling like 40 is encroaching way too quickly. Maybe if I'm living in a blissful post-orgasmic haze it'll not be such a bad thing.
    • Jenny Os: May 04, 2016 21:17
      Lost my last two vibrators in a hotel room - I think they got kicked under the bed.... getting desperate now!
    • Ishka: May 04, 2016 21:35
      I'm not going to tell you why should I win, I'll write why I would like to win.

      I'd like to win these toys because I haven't heard anything bad about we-vibe. Everybody loves their toys and I wish I could experience it too. They are made of body-safe materials and have powerful vibrations (something I have never experienced so far). And they look (especially the Nova and Rave) so interesting! I'd love to have them.

    • Mummymermaid: May 04, 2016 22:00
      Omgosh..amazing giveaway! Everything crossed for this one! Good luck all! Xxx
    • tray: May 04, 2016 22:26
      Masturbation May everyone
    • Michelle: May 04, 2016 22:48
      Wow this is an amazing giveaway! I adore my Tango! and I've wanted to try the new products by We-Vibe! but as a student can't afford them!

      Enjoy may everyone I know I will!
      Good Luck x

    • Defiant: May 04, 2016 23:15
      May the 4th be with us in this competition.
    • mamz: May 05, 2016 00:24
      I'm so curious about the Nova! I'd LOOVVEE to win!
    • Fancy: May 05, 2016 01:11
      Oh this looks amazing, I would LOVE to win
    • happilyexperimenting: May 05, 2016 02:19
      I would love win this bundle because it's my OH's birthday soon and I think he would love seeing me writhe under his hands as he weilds them! It would be like an extra birthday pressie for him!
    • Sean: May 05, 2016 03:39
      I'd be able to have a ton of fun with my partner, and help them have the best birthday ever!
    • Claire: May 05, 2016 05:22
      Would love to get my hands on a rabbit...... Never had one before!
    • Alex: May 05, 2016 07:13
      Ill be glad to win this, it can be a great gift to my girlfriends birthday.
    • Paul: May 05, 2016 09:59
      Oooooooh, I likey ! Good luck people !
    • The Count: May 05, 2016 10:33
      What a great competition, and a brilliant idea of a month of dedication. Imagine, all of may devoted to wanking!!!
    • The Count: May 05, 2016 10:36
      What a great competition, and a brilliant idea of a month dedication. Imagine, all of may devoted to wanking!!!

      I would love to win this prize so I could share one of these toys with my GF. That way we can play solo and together!

    • Andrey: May 05, 2016 10:52
      What a great bundle :D
    • lmh95: May 05, 2016 11:11
      What a wonderful prize to make the most of Masturbation month.
      Good luck everyone :)
    • Vanilla_kink: May 05, 2016 11:33
      Amazing give away! I have the nova and it's fantastic!! Good luck everyone :)
    • KittenFeatures: May 05, 2016 12:04
      I have nowhere near the amount of money I would need to spend on these toys but have always, alllwaaaayyys wanted to get a toy that works with a phone app. This is because they're so versatile and just the ideas of how me can use them drives me wilddd!
      The We vibes have such good reviews all around and I hear people raving about them all the time and am so eager to try them. I really need toys that are more powerful but these toys are so expensive. All of my money goes towards my daughter these days and it isn't often a single mother gets to treat herself to toys as amazing and high quality as these.
      Other than that, I believe everyone is in with a fair chance to win, as usual, and I don't think I'm overly special because of any of what I've said but it would be an amazing pick me up after what was essentially one of the worst years of my life to win toys that will last years and will be very much loved.
      Thank you for the opportunity to win, Lovehoney! I love how much you keep your customers as your priority by doing competitions like this.
    • mr spanky: May 05, 2016 12:53
      thanks for chance to win amazing toys :)
    • Onlyones: May 05, 2016 13:14
      I think Mrs Onlyones would love these and what better introduction to we-vibe could there possibly be.
    • Sir.nick: May 05, 2016 13:32
      It is may - I should win so i can fulfill the task set ^^.
    • KitsiKiki: May 05, 2016 14:19
      I've been long intrigued by we-vibe products, but have never had the kind of spare cash to take a risk on them.
    • Leesh: May 05, 2016 14:41
      I'd love to win this, it would make my year!
    • Naughty Miss K: May 05, 2016 15:12
      This would be amazing to win!
    • Chuckytah: May 05, 2016 16:06
      I am curious and this giveaway is cool! TY Lovehoney for the opportunity
    • Linda: May 05, 2016 16:07
      I need to win this! I've never owned any toys and feel I'm missing out.
    • Lava: May 05, 2016 16:20
      I, like so many others, would love to win this!

      I've nevet owned a We-Vibe product before, so this would be an amazing start and experience.

      Good luck everyone ?? x

    • Anonymous Lady: May 05, 2016 16:33
      Who wouldn't want these? :)
    • bowgirl104: May 05, 2016 16:37
      Would love to try them out and spice up out love life.............. new man, new toys!
    • Jayne: May 05, 2016 17:38
      Yes please.
    • Al: May 05, 2016 17:38
      Any excuse is a good one ;)
    • Shadow Collector: May 05, 2016 18:05
      Thanks to a million different things I am not currently in a position to spend anything on myself except rent and grocery money, and I have wanted that Nova for as long as I can remember. I know my chances of being picked are tiny, but please Lovehoney gods of luck- throw in a good word for me!
    • John: May 05, 2016 18:08
      Cool prizes
    • Paul: May 05, 2016 18:09
      So....my wife is expecting our 2nd child at the start of June....it really is going to be Masterbation May for me!! I'll need help....
    • Purring-Pussy: May 05, 2016 18:20
      Looking like a popular comp. Good luck honies!
    • Jeremy Findlay: May 05, 2016 18:25
      Would love to use them on my gorgeous wife.
    • Jenny: May 05, 2016 18:26
      Would love to win because me and my partner are inside at what you to try next, and this would be perfect for us!
    • Mizzyjulie: May 05, 2016 19:51
      Pleeeease! My fav vibe just broke...this girl needs a great replacement like this!
    • Wend: May 05, 2016 20:06
      ??Perfect wanking material ??
    • tom: May 05, 2016 20:11
      Perfect for my missus.
    • charlene: May 05, 2016 20:58
      Mmmm yummy play throgh may love it get that vibe on vaby :-)
    • Tom Taylor: May 05, 2016 21:33
      That pink one looks like a torture instrument! Saying that it probably is, in a good way!
    • Le Captain: May 05, 2016 23:11
      An awesome giveaway for an awesome website!

      Home to win!

    • Paul McInnes: May 06, 2016 00:25
      I want these for my wife
    • Callie: May 06, 2016 00:26
      I'd love to win these since I recommend them to folks all the time but don't yet own them!
    • readsal: May 06, 2016 00:42
      I'd love the opportunity to try the rave and nova as who wouldn't want to rave about the nova (a cataclysmic nuclear explosion) . Sounds fun to me x
    • readsal: May 06, 2016 00:44
      I'd love the opportunity to try the rave and nova as who wouldn't want to rave about the nova (a cataclysmic nuclear explosion) . Sounds fun to me x
    • Caitlin L: May 06, 2016 02:44
      I would love to win because I'm still new-ish to the sex toy world and these seem like staples for one's toybox. :)
    • Kim: May 06, 2016 06:09
      WOW!! Yes please. My box is empty just now need some new toys to (full)fill it up!!
    • Young couple: May 06, 2016 06:57
      Wow I would love to win this. Something completely different to what we already use..
    • Karoly: May 06, 2016 07:26
      Being a 58-year old guy with a 55-year old wife, we enjoy sex much more than in the first period of our marriage 28 years ago. That is due to open talks over many nights, lots of experience and, to great deal, toys and all the accessories purchased from LoveHoney. WeVibe is the next thing we have eyed... There is always a higher stair.
    • Mai: May 06, 2016 09:10
      This is the best prize ever! Would love anything we-vibe :)
    • Lauren: May 06, 2016 09:40
      I've never tried we-vibe but I'd love to rectify that :)
    • Cazzaflackshair: May 06, 2016 10:30
      Would love to try the we-vibe Nova :-)
    • Philip: May 06, 2016 11:37
      I would love to win...mainly because I never win anything!
    • NightWaltz1993: May 06, 2016 14:12
      Would love for my partner to help me use these ;)
    • truegrace: May 06, 2016 21:10
      Another amazing blog comp, with equally amazing we vibe!
    • Krysta Mahon: May 06, 2016 21:43
      I would love to win because I need a new toy and love experimenting x
    • ScarlettBlacks: May 07, 2016 02:25
      I know just the person who would love one of these and I'd be more than happy with the other, that's got to be worth some good luck from the giveaway gods. Either way, good luck to everyone xx
    • Bec: May 07, 2016 05:15
      Think I could get on board with this day! :')
    • Melissa: May 07, 2016 05:25
      Fantastic competitive would love to win!!
    • Daniel: May 07, 2016 07:19
      I'll be in my bunk
    • PM: May 07, 2016 17:39
      Our anniversary is coming up, my wife would have the best time with these.
    • Michael Teahan: May 07, 2016 19:17
      I'm a big fan of LH and have been a customer for a long time now. You guys have changed our lives for the better.
      Love the quality of the LH own brand kit and we have put a good few of them to the test lol.
      Would love to get our hands on these babies for sure.
      Please send these beauties across the Irish Sea. ?????
    • edeneve: May 07, 2016 23:06
      I've read about the Ina Wave & I'm so curious to try it for myself, but alas, the price is way out of my toy budget. I'd love to win it!
    • Dante: May 08, 2016 08:07
      If music is the food of love, then masturbation is a snack between meals. My wife and I have a fantastic sex life, but sometimes it's nice to sit back, be selfish and just concentrate on your own pleasure. Plus, I work away for four months at a time, so having something We could use remotely to maintain our intamacy would be fantastic!
    • amanda: May 08, 2016 17:40
      Would love to win because we vibe has amazing, high-quality toys that would be so wonderful to add to my collection!
    • Alex: May 08, 2016 18:11
      Would love to win because I'm in serious need of some new toys for Mastutbation May!
    • Textualteasing: May 08, 2016 22:16
      The wevibe would be really great to win and try. I like to experience lots of different sensations with my partner.
    • LibraLover: May 08, 2016 23:22
      We always like trying something new
    • Enby: May 08, 2016 23:32
      I would like to win because I think sex toys are a fantastic thing, and I would love to win...things?
    • lilith: May 09, 2016 01:30
      I should win because I am a sex toy blogger at lilithstoyroom.wix.com/reviews and if I won I when I received the products you wouldn't just be giving me free toys, but you would be getting promotion!! I would be doing reviews of both products, thus promoting and advertising for lovehoney and the wevibe products!
    • SPurdeyswarning: May 09, 2016 06:26
      Great competition. I wouldn't mind winning aye, not had a new toy in a long time!
    • pinkanimal: May 09, 2016 11:50
      thats amazing!
    • Lucky7: May 09, 2016 16:02
      Would love to win this! Been looking at these since they came out :)
    • Dawid: May 09, 2016 17:41
      I would be so happy to win this prize
    • KellyPC: May 10, 2016 02:09
      Great prize! thank you so much! I've never had an expensive toy before. lol
    • GeekyGirl1980: May 10, 2016 20:05
      Ooh I need to tame my inner power queen.
    • Sam a: May 10, 2016 20:17
      great cop I love to win all these goodies
    • PurringTiger: May 11, 2016 02:30
      After a horrible year healthwise, having some wonderful new toys could be just what I need to get my mojo back! Good luck all x
    • Andrew: May 11, 2016 02:44
      This would be awesome to win and surprise my girlfriend with. It's her birthday soon and would make a excellent fun gift.
    • Penny Bronzelle: May 11, 2016 13:23
      I'd love to win this bundle as my husband & I just celebrated our 10 year anniversary! We'd love to bring back the spark in the bedroom! Help us please! XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO
    • Hannah Smith: May 11, 2016 18:04
      It's my birthday at the end of the month so would be great to win this to have some fun with my boyfriend! I've always liked the look of the We-Vibe products but sadly they are a bit out of my price range so they would make a great present :)
    • tkdbabe: May 12, 2016 22:31
      What's not to love about another excuse to masturbate? ??
    • Karen Dunhill: May 13, 2016 18:27
      I would like to win cause it would make me and the hubby closer intimately
    • Paul: May 13, 2016 19:05
    • Yue: May 13, 2016 19:47
      I would like "We-Vibe Nova USB Rechargeable G-Spot Rabbit Vibrator".
    • Iona: May 14, 2016 00:10
      We-Vibe has incredible products and I love g spot stimulation plus with the rabbit your clitoris gets plenty of attention too!
    • Martina Ercoli: May 14, 2016 12:31
      My SO and I will be apart until September, and we went from open to exclusive relationship for a number of reasons. Seeing each other every other month sure makes the heart grow fonder... but damn do I miss the sex. The chance to feel connected when we are apart, and even (especially!) when we will finally be reunited, is certainly something I look forward to. Plus, there is no such thing as too many sex toys anyway! Good luck to everyone!
    • Kseni: May 14, 2016 22:19

      If I win , we-vibe will be my first vibrator. I want it.
    • Matty: May 15, 2016 18:16
      Wow id love to win this for my wifes 40th. The weekend away will go with a bang!
    • Sara: May 15, 2016 18:17
      Unf, this would make my life right now! It's such an amazing prize bundle c:
    • Sheila craig: May 15, 2016 19:11
      Wow EVERY girl should have one!!
    • Kulbeer: May 16, 2016 01:57
      Yayits an amazing competition. Hope that I will be the winner
    • Bobby: May 16, 2016 03:53
      I just want to see it disappear
    • Tania Silva: May 16, 2016 13:58
      WOW, those guys seem soft, I would love to try them. Thanks for the chance!
    • Alan Duval: May 16, 2016 17:33
      It's my birthday at the end of the month and, having just started being polyamorous, I'm going to need all the, erm, tools at my disposal to keep the ladies in my life happy.
    • Fodra: May 16, 2016 22:41
      I should win because not only is we-vibe one of the few companies that make toys that always work for me, but that this might be the only rabbit style toy that might work for both me and my girlfriend. I really need the strength these offer.
    • Janie Carlsen: May 17, 2016 07:05
      I'm new at this I'm almost 40 and I have no idea how or why or anything. I want to learn.. I've been married for over 24 years to the same man and just now found out he's gay and hasn't even told a single sole. Anyways sad sob story guess I know why he never wanted me and why I've never had an orgasim before. Wow I really need to try these things listening to u all talk makes me sad yet very interested. Hope to learn more from u all. Hugs
    • Janie Carlsen: May 17, 2016 07:07
      I would love to try ur products and review them if u do that..
    • Quarbs: May 17, 2016 08:44
      This would be an amazing surprise for when my girlfriend finishes uni and comes hone for good. I Love Lovehoney competitions you guys rock.
    • ericson: May 17, 2016 09:12
      if i will be the winner, i will spread how great this product because it help uplift my sexlife experience.
    • Luna: May 17, 2016 10:10
      I would love to win so I can review both of these products! I've read interesting things on both and would love to get my hands on some We-Vibe products to try!
    • Kim: May 17, 2016 14:17
      It's masturbating May, what more can I say? Use it alone or with my hubby, it will require lube and lots of rubby!
      Yum!! I hope I win xx
    • India: May 17, 2016 20:01
      I would love to win because I have been wanting a We-Vibe Rave for ages! But don't have enough spare cash to spend on it :( This competition is a perfect solution! Hope I win *fingers crossed* x
    • Kulbeer: May 18, 2016 15:53
      Awsome! What a great deal. Let me win guys
    • Randy: May 18, 2016 16:05
      I would like to win the Luxury We-Vibe bundle to help add that extra spark when needed
    • Cassy: May 18, 2016 18:11
      Would like to win, I suffer with chronic pain and it's difficult to get in the mood when your in pain all the time.
    • Julie Page: May 18, 2016 18:41
      Great prize!!
    • Gareth: May 18, 2016 22:28
      Happy wanking everyone ;-)
    • patricia silva: May 19, 2016 09:58
      hummmm i love that
    • funnygirlxxx1: May 19, 2016 09:59
      i am webcam model if i earn i will adive lovehoney
    • Vixenx24: May 19, 2016 11:00
      Omg this looks amazing!!!! Would be a wonderful way to play out May ??
    • Kulbeer: May 19, 2016 16:52
      I would love to win because I have been wanting a We-Vibe Rave for ages! But don't have enough spare cash to spend on it :( This competition is a perfect solution! Hope I win *fingers crossed*
    • David: May 19, 2016 18:32
      love to win this for me and my Gf thank you
    • Kulbeer: May 20, 2016 02:13
      I want these toys
    • Kulbeer: May 20, 2016 02:18
      Yes pls i want these toys
    • Kulbeer: May 21, 2016 13:10
      I wants to win this contest because i don't have so much spare money
    • Meesta Sainz: May 22, 2016 17:20
      What a great prize! I had no idea that things had got to phone apps already - the missus and I have been toying in the dark ages!!!!
    • Will H: May 23, 2016 04:59
      Another one of these, fantastic! These both look fantastic!
    • Sherelle: May 23, 2016 11:54
      I would like to win because I've heard the wevibe toys are really good but as a poor student lol
      I can't afford them so this would be a perfect way of trying them out :)
    • Kulbeer: May 23, 2016 18:07
      Amzing prices awsom contest
    • Gilly Langley: May 23, 2016 21:12
      Yes yes oh yes please love you lovehoney
    • Asif Baig: May 23, 2016 22:09
      Great prize for me and my partner!
    • Daniel Tolmie: May 23, 2016 22:09
      We would love to win these prizes as we get married on 3rd June & oh what fun we could get up to on the honeymoon with these ??
    • Lindsay: May 23, 2016 22:10
      I would like to win because im 30 and never had a BIG O!!! Hope these will finally get me there!
    • Tracey Vaughan: May 23, 2016 22:12
      Been alone for over 15 yrs now with no toys .. Think you should show me what I've been missing !
    • Neil: May 23, 2016 22:25
      Would love to win these to use with the rest of our lovehoney collection:)
    • Cylie: May 23, 2016 22:39
      Always looking to add to the toy chest!
    • Mistress J: May 24, 2016 04:03
      Omg yes!!! This everything a girl can dream of!
    • SexyBirdie: May 24, 2016 07:25
      I would love to hand the remote to my OH and let her control me
    • Denise: May 24, 2016 08:36
      These look amazing!
    • Kulbeer: May 25, 2016 01:30
      Thanks for giving a chance to win such amazing toys
    • private: May 25, 2016 06:15
      i've always wanted to try a we-vibe but never have tried one. this would be great
    • kerryann: May 25, 2016 17:46
      Yes please husband works nights and I'm sure this would be perfict late night company for me :)
    • Ginny: May 25, 2016 18:16
      I'm soon to be put on an anti anxiety medication called lyrica which drives my sex drive through the roof. It keeps me in the mood 24/7. Not only that, but it makes it much harder to come. I've been on it before and once it took 7h for me to come, though that was with clitorial stimulation alone. Usually it'd take about 3 hours if I tried really hard, again, without internal stimulation because I didn't have any insertable vibrators. It's also the only anti anxiety medication which works for me so it looks like I'll be on it for many months to come. A year or two at least. It would've been fun had I lived with my boyfriend, we could've spent so much time in bed, but we're in a long distance relationship. He lives in another country so I rarely get to meet him. Even without medication I am a real power queen so it looks like I'm in for quite a challenge. Hopefully toys like these would help me think of something other than sex for a little while every day, though with such beauties in my toy collection, I imagine it'd be difficult. And oh the fun my boyfriend and I could have on the rare occasion we do get to meet.
    • Nadine: May 25, 2016 20:13
      This would be awesome to win during masturbation month!! Gimme the vibe!!
    • Susan: May 25, 2016 22:07
      Because they look super fun ^_~
    • Chantelle: May 25, 2016 23:42
      would be nice to have a different variety of toys :)
    • j mc: May 26, 2016 10:07
      getting bored with my rabbit would love to give this a go
    • Kulbeer: May 26, 2016 14:22
      Winning masturbation toys in MasturbationMay is really a great deal
    • Karen: May 26, 2016 17:10
      I'm ready for trying something new that will blow my top off.
    • Nick James: May 27, 2016 02:03
      We-vibe - if these are as good as the other one we have - we WANT!
    • vanessa: May 27, 2016 18:41
      need this to spice things up
    • Simon Hillard: May 27, 2016 19:19
      I know the Wife is going to love trying this out.
    • Jan: May 27, 2016 20:36
      Would love these prizes - your website makes me so horny!
    • Nika: May 28, 2016 07:40
      I would love to win because I love the WeVibe brand - I have the WeVibe Four Plus, and I would love to explore more of the collection.
    • Cornishballs: May 28, 2016 08:26
      Rediscovering our sex life after a years seperation, these toys would be a much welcome addition to our small but growing love honey collection
    • Sam: May 28, 2016 23:16
      Who wouldn't want more sex toys for their collection ;)
    • Slinks: May 29, 2016 05:50
      I'd sooo love to win this incredibly luxury prize as I am not fortune enough right now to be in a position to buy the we-vibe race and nova right now or anytime in the best future due to me and oh having to save all our pennies for potentially life-changing treatment. If it works we will be so happy and bought could bring us down.
      Winning this prize would mean a great deal as we haven't won anything in years and with the hard times ahead I'm certain the pleasure would ease the pain ??xx
    • Amason: May 29, 2016 10:05
      Boys with toys can bring so many joys and toys for the girl can make her toes curl. May we play everyday in May and play every day may we.
    • Sandy: May 30, 2016 02:12
      I should win because after such a rough year, I deserve to be pampered!
    • Kulbeer: May 30, 2016 10:20
      This would be awesome to win during masturbation month!! Gimme the vibe!! 
    • Elodie: May 30, 2016 21:51
      Becasuse I would love some rumbly goodness in my life! In the last years I went from having very little sensitivity and not wanting my vulva touched at all to discovering that yes, I AM an orgasmic woman! And now I'm going to teach other women a self loving / masturbation class! I have my favorite toys that I'm going to recommend experimenting with, and I heard a lot of good things about these we-vibe vibes, ummm rumbles!
    • miriam krutska: May 30, 2016 22:05
      perfect treat for spice up our love life after 17 years together this would be great xxx
    • Claire Elizabeth Noke: May 30, 2016 22:05
      Because Im horny ! LOL
    • Layla: May 30, 2016 22:10
      Because I'm currently single.
    • Richard: May 30, 2016 22:14
      They look ace
    • Lucy: May 30, 2016 22:14
      Would love to win these as I've been eyeing we-vibe toys for a while and I'm desperate for a new g spot vibe!
    • Andrew Rees: May 30, 2016 22:16
      Would love to try these on my wife they look amazing. I know she would love it and would review them. Have used Lovehoney for a number of years. Great site. Great products and always discrete.
    • throbinhood: May 30, 2016 22:31
      I would love to win because " I Wank for the rich and Cum for the poor. "
    • Le Captain: May 31, 2016 10:56
      Oops! Forgot to leave a comment!

      Why do I want to win this prize? Because of reasons!

      First: I'm just a sextoys nerd, I love them and I want to catch them all!
      Second: as a geek, anything connected or with a remote app appeals to me, I really want to find out how much fun and pleasurable it can be.
      Third: I'm always looking for new opportunities to spice up our intimate life my wife :)

      Thanks again for running this giveaway!

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