1. Top Tips for Buying Petite Lingerie

    Trailing hems, baggy busts, and straps that won't stay put are just some of the struggles that petite ladies come across when shopping for lingerie.

    From moulded cups that don't fit your boobs to boning that digs into your hips, there can be so many struggles when it comes to selecting some sexy smalls that it can be tempting to give up altogether.

    If that's what you're thinking, DON'T! Help is at hand.

    I've trawled the Lovehoney lingerie collections to find you the perfect undies for the under-5'4"s, as well as offering a few key Do's and Don'ts when it comes to getting the most from your nightwear.

    Read on for all the answers to your petite lingerie dilemmas.

    Picking Your Petite Lingerie: The Do's and Don'ts

    Though choosing lingerie for your size can sometimes seem a little daunting, all you have to do is follow these simple tips for the perfect style, every time:

    1. DOLook for chemises or dresses with side slits as they'll elongate your legs

      DOChoose sheer fabrics as they create the illusion of longer proportions

      DOOpt for bodysuits and briefs with high-cut legs (thongs and bikini briefs rather than French knickers or boyshorts)

      DOLook for adjustable straps or ties that allow you to easily alter the length of the lingerie

      DOOpt for stretch-to-fit mini dresses - the one-size-fits-all fabric starts off tiny (like tights) and moulds to your body shape, preventing bagginess or excess fabric, plus the short hemlines elongate your legs

    2. DON'TGo for longline bras, as they'll cut off your shape and make you look shorter

      DON'TBe tempted by full-length chemises, bodystockings, or gowns, as they can swamp your frame

      DON'TBe afraid to match your shoes to your stockings or tights - by pairing similar colours, you can elongate the look of your legs

      DON'TChoose basques, corsets, or bustiers that end any lower than the hips as they can appear to shorten your proportions

      DON'TBe afraid of wet look lingerie - the shine of latex, PVC, and wet look fabrics can create voluptuous curves on even the slimmest frame

    The Best Lingerie for Petites

    We always want you and your partner to be totally happy with the underwear you choose, so if there are any problems at all with your final selection, don't forget that our no-quibble returns policy gives you a year to return or exchange your gift.

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    Comments (3)

    • Vanilla_kink: March 26, 2016 19:13
      Great tips! Love that you included an item for curvy petite women, shops often forget women can be petite and plus size too. I have that pink baby doll and it is gorgeous. I'm a size 16 and only 5 ft 2".
    • sassykitten;): March 27, 2016 13:48
      Thank you for this excellent blog on us petite ladies, Im only 5ft ish and I find it so hard to find good fitting sexy lingerie . Some cracking suggestions :)
    • KitsiKiki: March 29, 2016 16:01
      5' 2" here and roughly a 12, but with a 34E cup.

      Mostly good lingerie picks there, but the one for bigger busts is only true if they actually come in bra sizes (rather than S/M/L etc) which that babydoll does not. Most standardised sized lingerie is made to equate to a C or B cup, so not really very big.

      And then there are those of us in the unique rock/hard place position of having their breast tissue spread wide across the chest; so underwires in general, even well-fitted ones, dig in at the sides. For that reason, despite the lesser support (and more weight on the neck/shoulders) non-wired soft cups, halter styles and cupless pieces tend to suit me better.

      I also disagree on the full-length bodystockings. Just like the mini dresses, the stretch-to-fit aspect makes them perfectly suitable for us hobbits. Or maybe I just think so because I'm not bothered about trying to make myself appear taller. Nothing wrong with giving yourself a longer line sometimes, but I would also encourage petite ladies to embrace their shape. Shorter is NOT equal to less sexy.

      Gonna have to check out those Kix'ies, though...

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