1. 6 Sexiest Ways to Feel Empowered (the Lovehoney Way)

    Feel Empowered International Women's Day

    The Lovehoney ladies have come up with 6 super top tips to help women everywhere feel confident, self-assured, and empowered both in and out of the bedroom.

    After all, the first person that needs to think you're sexy, is you!

    Read on to see our expert advice in full, and don't forget to let us know what makes you feel powerful in the comments below.

    1. Dress to Impress (Yourself)

    Wearing an outfit that makes you feel good about yourself is such a boost, even when you're not wearing it for anyone other than yourself.

    Slip on your favourite dress or top, wear some outrageous lingerie under your clothes, or treat yourself to something new - whatever you like to wear, regardless of fashions or rules, just go for it!

    2. "Who Am I?"

    If you're going to be satisfied in the bedroom, it's important to know exactly what you want and what makes you tick.

    Spend some time getting intimate with yourself, either with a toy or just using your hands, and find out exactly how you like to be touched. Then, make sure you pass what you've learned onto your lover.

    3. Love Yourself

    It's all too easy to think about things that we don't like about ourselves, so make a list of everything you do like! Look at your naked body in the mirror, and instead of homing in on the negatives, consider all the other parts instead.

    It can be something big, like you love your boobs or butt, or something tiny, like the fact that you have a cute nose. As you go, you'll build momentum and find that there's really a lot more to like than you first thought.

    4. Knowledge is Power

    Sex isn't something you learn about once, and then you're done. It's a constant journey of exploration, and you may find that as you get older or your relationship develops, your tastes have changed.

    Write down a list of everything you've ever thought about trying in the bedroom, and then do a little more research into what's involved. Our Buyer's Guides have lots of useful tips to get you started.

    5. Sharing is Good

    Have a get-together with your friends and share your top sex tips or fantasies with them. After all, you share tips on everything else, so why not sex, too?

    It can also be very liberating to find out that other people you know think about the same kind of things that you do, and don't be afraid of being judged - that's part of what empowerment is all about.

    6. (S)Exercise

    Finally, we all know that an endorphin rush is a sure-fire way to feel happy and confident, so why not get the blood pumping by going for a workout with a difference?

    Swap the gym for a serious bedroom sesh, and show your lover just how much you feeling empowered does for your sex life. Plus, did you know that a half-hour sex session can burn more than 30 minutes of push ups? Now that's a class we can get on board with.

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    • Nadine: March 09, 2016 06:54
      Love your post!
    • Faye: March 10, 2016 01:16
      Fab post. Will deffo put some of these to the test ??
    • Natalie: April 23, 2020 17:31
      Great comments, the first place to start is with yourself. We can’t expect others to love us or know what we want until l we first love ourselves and do some sexual discovery.
    • Beth: April 23, 2020 17:47
      I’m a newbie to these blog post & I love them!!!
    • Carla: April 23, 2020 20:49
      I want to know more , I very immature about sex