1. "Six Months Later..." Sex Toy Review of the Month

    "Six Months Later…" Sex Toy Review of the MonthWe love reading your first impressions of Lovehoney products, but there's something impressive about a sex toy review that has been written after copious amounts of testing. That's why we were delighted to cast our eyes over Chastitysubman's thoughts on the CB-6000S Short Male Chastity Cage Kit, penned after six months of use.

    Review of the Month

    "We realise that chastity isn't for everyone, but this toy has improved our relationship hugely. It is a talking point with our more liberal friends, some say never in a million years, a few have bought one or a similar thing, at one party the key was sealed bid charity auctioned. The winner waited a week to claim her prize!" Read the full review.

    Congratulations to subman for being chosen as our reviewer of the month - a £100 Lovehoney gift voucher is one its way to you! Read on below to see if you were a runner up, and remember to submit your review now to be entered into our next competition.

    Runners Up:

    Not a winner this time? Luckily we've also chosen a handful of runners up to receive 2,000 Oh! Points each credited to their Lovehoney Community account.

    Gothic-tricks's review of Penis Pasta

    "In sum, I can say that this is an excellent pasta for general use (if your sense of humour so indicates) or for a cheeky gift for someone who'll appreciate it. Butta la pasta!"

    Lovehoney Humdinger Clitoral Vibrator

    Starfish99's review of Lovehoney Humdinger Clitoral Vibrator

    "Once home I hot-footed it up to my den and got down to business. OMG, it was amazing. The cupped side of the device is to cover the clitoris and give a nice gentle enveloping caress which was great for warming up. The small nubbed side, however, took things to an entirely different level, so concentrated and intense were the vibes from this pinnacle of pleasure that I was out of control. "

    freddiekay's review of Clone-A-Willy Kit Glow In The Dark Vibrator Kit

    "For us it's been great. I have something to play with whilst he recovers from his op. It turns us both on that it's a mould of him and not just any dildo. Once he is better I intend to have some fun with the original and the moulded version simultaneously."

    "The thought of using it on him also turns me on, and freaks him out slightly! In the mean time I think it's done his temporarily fragile male ego good to see just how big it looks from an angle he can't usually see, so it was worth every penny!"

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