1. Watch Your Way to the Perfect Present: Tilly's Christmas Sex Toy Picks for Him

    December 25th is sneaking up and you still haven't nailed that perfect gift for your man-friend. By day, you scour every conversational transcript, cherishing hopes of a gift-purchasing clue, by night, you endure night-terrors of your lover's teary face under the tree.

    Well fret no more friend, as here I am in glorious Technicolor with a whole caboodle of stellar sex toy suggestions for your partner, to get his motor running and his frown upside-down.

    Check out the videos below to see each of my 60-second summaries of the fabulous benefits of everything from performance masturbators to prostate massagers. Offering an in-depth look at each toy plus my personal take on what makes each one so special, get a swift and comprehensive overview of these choice picks in less time than it takes to eat an apple.

    Still struggling? Take the 'What Should You Get Him for Christmas?' quiz to whittle down the options and sleuth his perfect present.

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    • R.Holiday: January 17, 2016 11:35
      Saw your gobsmacking film on tv here in S.Africa, what a wonderingly vast sale content you offer,also, the sales girls were so perfect in their presentations.( a plonker on their mouth in gratitude). Just had to send my appreciation as your products at present are so out of reach of my pocket due to the high exchange rate and postage, so at present must only enjoy the eye boggerling offers. happy new year to you all. luv & plonkers