1. Lovehoney's Festive Giveaways: Win 1 of 6 Vibrating Love Eggs Today

    Day 6: Win a Remote Control Vibrating Love Egg Today!Mondays can be hard, but we're doing all we can at Lovehoney HQ to cheer you up today, with another fantastic giveaway for you!

    Since December 1st we've been giving away daily prizes to spread the festive cheer, and with each passing day the prizes have been getting bigger and better.

    Today we're giving 6 lucky readers the chance to win one of our customer favourites - the Lovehoney Dream Egg 10 Function Remote Control Vibrating Love Egg (normally £24.99 each)!

    Remote control toys are great for couples as you can pass the power to your partner and let them scroll through the 3 speeds and 7 exhilarating patterns at their leisure.

    Find out how to be in with a chance to win below…

    To enter today's competition, simply use your Facebook account or email address in the box below and leave a comment telling us why you'd love to win.

    Best of luck, and don't forget to come back tomorrow for another great giveaway!

    a Rafflecopter giveaway

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    Comments (81)

    • Couple looking to spice things up: December 07, 2015 00:01
      Because I'm still up at midnight
    • Kay: December 07, 2015 00:03
      So hope I win this for Christmas!
    • Popk1n: December 07, 2015 00:05
      I would love to win this because the two love eggs I have tried have not done anything for me... perhaps this could be the one to change my mind? ;)
    • Rebecca: December 07, 2015 00:20
      to spice things up a little!
    • vincent: December 07, 2015 00:25
      good luck who wins this toy.
    • slinky binky: December 07, 2015 00:26
      It's not letting me enter? I don't usually have any issues filling these in. Any advice /ideas would be appreciated
    • Robyn Clarke: December 07, 2015 00:27
      I'd love to slip this in someones Christmas stocking!
    • mummymermaid: December 07, 2015 00:44
      Crap... missed the last two by mistake..remember for today but I have this already..btw it's the most amazing egg ever! ..must remember tomorrow!!!! I.missed out on two things we would of really liked...good luck all xx
    • mummymermaid: December 07, 2015 00:47
      Slinky...it doesn't let you put a blog comment but just tick I commented and it will enter you anyways..that's what I have been doing xx
    • Norm ehrke: December 07, 2015 00:55
      Winner winner chicken dinner please.
    • mel: December 07, 2015 00:59
      please pleasee!
    • slinky binky: December 07, 2015 01:08
      Mm cheers hun, it's just not working :'(
      it doesn't let me tick anything. Never mind
      Best of luck everything X_X
    • lou: December 07, 2015 01:11
      i really want to win this :)
    • Claire B: December 07, 2015 02:16
    • K: December 07, 2015 02:35
      I reaaaaaally want to use this with my bf.....
    • KitsiKiki: December 07, 2015 03:31
      I'd like to win one of these because I've been wanting something like this for awhile. My SO expressed interest in a toy that he could control. We'd prefer one with an app, but this is a good place to start.
    • Melissa: December 07, 2015 05:41
      I don't have a love egg and it sounds fabulous!
    • Mike: December 07, 2015 07:57
      This would be great fun!
    • Beaty: December 07, 2015 08:48
      Because who wouldn't want one of these
    • Char99: December 07, 2015 09:16
      Because I've never tried an egg...
    • Purring-Pussy: December 07, 2015 09:27
      good vibrations is what I need!
    • Karenw: December 07, 2015 09:28
      Because i've never tried one of these!
    • roy brittain: December 07, 2015 09:50
      This would be great for the wife on date night when we go out for drinks with me in charge of the remote control
    • Tracey W: December 07, 2015 09:57
      One of these would be nice to try.
    • ck: December 07, 2015 10:17
      Because my OH would love these in her stocking to start a fin Xmas morning
    • Aisha: December 07, 2015 11:04
      My god I would adore one of these beauties
    • danielle: December 07, 2015 11:13
      Would love to win this first purchased a few items from here the other day one been the triple tickler dildo which i left a review for as i was amazed deffo my new fave sex shop!
    • Kim Carter: December 07, 2015 11:33
      Because this has been on my list for months now! Love the idea of having an orgasm in a public place.. Ooh la la ;)
    • Ragnar Lodbrok: December 07, 2015 11:41
      We'd love to adopt and give a lovely home to a LH Dream Egg. Sadly, our faithful old egg vibe has recently deceased and has passed over to that sex toy scrap heap in the sky.Sniff! Sniff!
    • Liz Briggs: December 07, 2015 11:46
      I have never tried an egg before :)
    • Xavier: December 07, 2015 11:59
      Bonjour je participe mais si je gagne je le veux en bleu merci
    • Denise: December 07, 2015 12:13
      Never tried one but would love to! ??
    • Rob: December 07, 2015 12:18
      Eggs are good for you
    • Marsha Richardson: December 07, 2015 12:22
      Ive heard these are good and ive never had any :)
    • Mel: December 07, 2015 12:23
      Who wouldn't want more pleasure
    • vicki cullen: December 07, 2015 12:24
    • pinkanimal: December 07, 2015 12:29
      so i can use it when going out to the cinema with hubby
    • Kiersten: December 07, 2015 12:39
      Because my husbeast and I need something to have fun with to spice things up
    • Tom Baines: December 07, 2015 12:42
      could be fun....
    • Ophelia: December 07, 2015 12:56
      Never tried this one before!


    • Barrie Bullock: December 07, 2015 13:04
      My wife likes vibrations & I like to give them to her.
    • Sarah: December 07, 2015 13:08
      Id kove to win for a little treat for myself ????
    • Ian: December 07, 2015 13:13
      I would love to win this as my wife has always fancied trying these so winning this would surprise her in more ways than one.
    • Scott: December 07, 2015 13:28
      I'd love to win so we can use it at my work Christmas party!
    • Eclectic sex: December 07, 2015 14:07
      I love to tease my wife sexually and this will make Xmas dinner at the in laws a whole lot of fun!!!
    • lisa fahey: December 07, 2015 15:12
      Always wanted to try these fingers crossed
    • Amadej Grzinic: December 07, 2015 16:04
      because my wife loves eggs
    • Siobhan: December 07, 2015 16:05
      I'd love to win this because me and my partner have been so busy lately, with work and university. Sex is hard to fit into our schedule, we forget to make time for it. With this vibrating egg, one of us could wear it and we'd be able to have a naughty reminder to make time for each other!
    • vanilla: December 07, 2015 17:12
      Because I've been spoiling everyone else this Christmas and would love a little treat for me :)
    • Kezkinz: December 07, 2015 17:23
      I would love to win of these to add an extra element to our play and to the rest of our collection from LoveHoney ??
    • Lovewasp: December 07, 2015 17:41
      Would love to win this for the wife.
    • slinky binky: December 07, 2015 17:47
      I would soooo lurve to win that glorious egg, ive lusted over it for some time now. It would make the perfect Xmas present for me *?*xx
    • wildflower: December 07, 2015 18:05
      I'd love to win an egg because I'd like to be brave enough to wear it during Christmas dinner, it'd be more exciting than pulling crackers !
    • tray: December 07, 2015 18:31
      gOOD EGG
    • Claire Elizabeth Noke: December 07, 2015 18:53
      we like to keep things fun :)
    • Victoria Middleton: December 07, 2015 19:01
      I have something similar that I have nearly worn out so could do with a replacement
    • Michelle S: December 07, 2015 19:55
      My poor egg dies suddenly last week ;( so now I need a new one x
    • Sarah Mcknight: December 07, 2015 19:57
      It looks fun ;)
    • delilahxx: December 07, 2015 19:58
      Great prize!
    • usedworkshoes: December 07, 2015 19:59
      Because my jingle balls don't vibrate!!!
    • caroline tokes: December 07, 2015 20:27
      would love this to add more fun
    • sarah wells: December 07, 2015 20:30
      I've never tried anything like this and I'd really like to
    • Jo: December 07, 2015 20:34
      Could have some fun with one of these
    • chris: December 07, 2015 20:35
      great xmas prize
    • Dean: December 07, 2015 20:44
      Yes yes yeeeesssss
    • Ellen: December 07, 2015 20:45
      I would love to try one. Haven't before.
    • Terriana340: December 07, 2015 20:54
      I would like to win because it would an interesting first vibrating toy for me.
    • Dowster: December 07, 2015 20:56
      feel the vibe
    • G: December 07, 2015 21:05
      Love everything about this place except hearing that my mother-in-law gets your emails. Information I just did not need to know...
    • deekayjay: December 07, 2015 21:20
      Would love to give the remote control to hubby for his Christmas present!
    • Catherine: December 07, 2015 22:13
      I want to win because then I don't need to buy them and will be able to buy more sex toys!
    • grumpy bear: December 07, 2015 22:14
      Tried a few times today but can't get it to work.

      I really hope I win something one day. Been entering competitions on here for ages and still no luck.

    • John Iveson: December 07, 2015 22:14
      To be able to go out and use this with my wife as a naughty torment
    • pegasus1975: December 07, 2015 22:36
      they look like fun
    • DW: December 07, 2015 22:38
      Something Different!
    • Oksana Fitzgerald: December 07, 2015 22:43
      Would love to try something new
    • Winsron: December 07, 2015 22:49
      Would love to tease my wife with one of these! Here's hoping I win!
    • Tom: December 07, 2015 22:58
      As a man I will be in charge of the remote
    • Natalie Crossan: December 07, 2015 23:26
      I've never used one!!
    • Jo Hutchinson: December 07, 2015 23:54
      this would definitely cheer me up today
    • Solange: December 08, 2015 00:01
      They look like lots of fun!