1. Day 6: Win a Glass Dildo Today!

    Day 6: Win a Glass Dildo Today!Can you believe we're half way through our 12 Days of Christmas Giveaways already? We can't! Make sure to check the blog daily over the next week, as our prizes get higher and higher in value every single day.

    Today's prize wouldn't look out of place on your Christmas tree - it's the exquisitely beautiful Lovehoney Textured Sensual Glass Dildo (worth £24.99). We have 7 of these stunning dildos up for grabs today.

    Sex toy fans know that glass dildos are wonderful for G-spot stimulation and temperature play. Ideal for solo play and couples fun, this dildo would make a great last-minute stocking filler for your lover.

    Enter our competition below, and don't forget to tweet about the giveaway using the hashtag #LH12Days.

    To enter today's competition, simply use your Facebook account or email address in the box below and leave a comment telling us why you'd love to win.

    Best of luck, and don't forget to come back tomorrow for another great giveaway!

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    Comments (112)

    • Sharky: December 06, 2015 00:06
      Would like to surprise my girlfriend for Christmas. She's never experienced a glass one before!
    • SJ: December 06, 2015 00:07
      Looks prettier than your usual sex toys and what girl doesn't love extra gifts at Christmas
    • Sheila: December 06, 2015 00:07
      I really really really really want to try one of these!!!!!!
    • Kirst: December 06, 2015 00:22
      Already own this toy but would love to gift it to friends as can't recommend enough
    • lou: December 06, 2015 00:23
      look like it could be fun to try
    • Myghost: December 06, 2015 00:26
      ooh looks like a good prize
    • Vincent: December 06, 2015 00:27
      AAARRRGGGHHH glass dildo. I love to win this lovehoney glass dildo as we have got a love of all things glass when it comes to our sex toys.
    • Talia: December 06, 2015 01:01
      Glass dildos are my favorite type of toy! I love how hard they are. Perfect for g-spot stimulation. I really want one of these babies!
    • JM88: December 06, 2015 01:08
      Ooh love the look of this gorgeous glass dildo!
    • KitsiKiki: December 06, 2015 01:15
      I've heard so many women rave about glass toys, especially in my erotica group. Yet I never thought I'd like one. I'd love to be proved wrong.
    • Alex: December 06, 2015 01:35
      I'd love to try some temperature play.
    • Melissa: December 06, 2015 01:35
      I've never used a glass toy before so this would be fun to try!
    • Sandy: December 06, 2015 01:55
      I love glass toys, they are my favorite kind of material. I am always on the hunt for a new glass toy.
    • Claire B: December 06, 2015 02:22
      I've never used a glass toy before so this would be fun to try
    • AA: December 06, 2015 02:43
      Something new to spice things up.
    • Ruairi: December 06, 2015 03:29
      Glass dildo's are often works of art and this one is no exception. My girlfriend has been considering one for a long tine and this would be the perfect surprise
    • Jade O: December 06, 2015 03:38
      I kind of just want to put it on the shelf and look at it.. it needs a Christmas hat!
    • Fodra: December 06, 2015 03:48
      I want to win because I've never tried a glass you before and I'm really curious to try it.
    • BlackAsphodel: December 06, 2015 05:54
      I love the look & feel of glass toys.
    • Clare barlow: December 06, 2015 06:21
      Oh that would make for a merry Christmas!
    • KinkyMinxMoo: December 06, 2015 06:23
      I would love to win Day 6 of #LH12Days because Love Honey gave me my first experience of a glass toy and now, I can't get enough! Good luck everyone.
    • Steph Vel: December 06, 2015 07:23
      Have read great reviews about these and would love to try it myself.
    • grumpy bear: December 06, 2015 07:32
      My wife had never tried a glass toy but I bet she'd love it.
    • Vincent: December 06, 2015 08:02
      I would like to win the glass dildo for my wife as she brought three of these dildos for her work mates for Christmas so they could enjoy there first glass toy and to introduce them to lovehoney. Hopefully the lovehoney Christmas Angels would let her own this dildo herself.
    • Onlyones: December 06, 2015 08:21
      My wife has never tried a glass to and her trusty bullet has been failing her lately,she would love to try one of these.
    • Daniel Martins: December 06, 2015 08:25
      Because it is LoveHoney! That's why!
    • Jess: December 06, 2015 08:49
      Ooooh glass ?? my favourite kind of toy xx
    • Aisha: December 06, 2015 09:43
      Gorgeous! I want one
    • M92: December 06, 2015 09:43
      I have many toys from L.H (buzz is now my nickname...opps) but no dildos... thus year perhaps?
    • Beaty: December 06, 2015 10:14
      Glass is one thing I've never tried but am intrigued
    • Martin: December 06, 2015 10:21
      Love using the lovehoney products especially the bondage toys, would love to try a glass dildo on the Mrs.
    • Kay: December 06, 2015 10:29
      I need something new and exciting for Christmas
    • Char99: December 06, 2015 10:35
      Speechless that this on 12 days of Christmas!! Me want pretty please!!
    • Xavier: December 06, 2015 10:47
      Hummmmm je veux bien tester ce petit jouet
    • Vanni Wood: December 06, 2015 10:51
      Ooh something to make me glassy eyed!
    • John mckinnon: December 06, 2015 10:57
      This looks like fun.
    • twinkUK: December 06, 2015 11:07
      Glass half full or half full of glass?! We don't have any glass toys and would love to try something like these - and they look amazing as well!
    • Julie: December 06, 2015 11:42
      Not got a glass one but would very much like to try one. Would be a lovely Xmas present.
    • Popk1n: December 06, 2015 11:53
      Oh my goodness, I would love to win because this prize is amazing! :o I've had my eye on this dildo before (I own 2 glass dildos already), and my friends were asking why glass is so good... now they could find out for themselves!
    • Catherine Reynolds: December 06, 2015 12:03
      I have never played with glass dildos so I am curious to see what it is like.
      I was always afraid of them breaking and getting cut by glass, so passed it up.
    • vicki cullen: December 06, 2015 12:09
    • Lesley hamilton: December 06, 2015 12:09
      Well who wouldn't want it
    • Stefan: December 06, 2015 12:10
      Its the perfect xmas gift when its cold outside and hot insice.
    • Briona: December 06, 2015 12:13
      This looks lovely, almost like a slightly eccentric Christmas decoration ;-)
    • The Count: December 06, 2015 12:14
      I really want to win one of these! My favorite glass toy broke the other day and I cant buy a replacement because the design is discontinued. I am on the search for a replacement and this one looks fantastic!
    • Fizzy: December 06, 2015 12:14
      This would be a great piece to add to my glass collection! Good luck everyone
    • Katie K: December 06, 2015 12:15
      They're so PRETTY!
    • Lorah: December 06, 2015 12:25
      I LOVE GLASS!!! ??
    • tray: December 06, 2015 12:27
      This looks lovely
    • kate: December 06, 2015 12:46
      Would love to try why not ?
    • Paul: December 06, 2015 13:03
      The wife doesn't have one of these I'm sure she'd love it ??
    • That twat over there: December 06, 2015 13:13
      I'll have some glass oh yes sirreeee please!
    • Denise: December 06, 2015 13:35
      Oooooooh would love one of these!! ??
    • Dowster: December 06, 2015 14:00
      Wife will love this whilst I'm away
    • Echo: December 06, 2015 14:10
      I'm obsessed with glass, and texture, so this... would be a dream come true.
    • Barrie Bullock: December 06, 2015 14:53
      My wife has never had a glass dildo.
    • Couple looking to spice things up: December 06, 2015 14:58
      I would love to be one of the lucky six to win. This dildo has been on my wishlist for ages. My vigina would be very happy if I was to win. ??
    • Jo hutchinson: December 06, 2015 14:59
      Glass is a new one to try.
    • Pr4wnst4r: December 06, 2015 15:10
      I love glass toys, would love to try this one as it's different to the ones I own
    • jane OH: December 06, 2015 15:18
      I'd love to give this a try!!
    • lloyd: December 06, 2015 15:39
      The wife has always wanted to try glass , but never bought one.
    • Irie: December 06, 2015 15:50
      Now this this exciting! Would love to try with my wife.
    • John Iveson: December 06, 2015 15:51
      Great prize would love to share with my wife
    • delilahxx: December 06, 2015 15:56
      I really want to win this!!
    • Dean: December 06, 2015 15:56
      Be nice to have a different glass toy for the wife
    • Vincent: December 06, 2015 16:04
      I love to win the glass dildo because of the beautiful swirls and enjoying the sensations.
    • Sarah Mcknight: December 06, 2015 16:10
      to try something new :)
    • jen morgan: December 06, 2015 16:44
      very interesting and new
    • Tracey W: December 06, 2015 16:53
      I have never used a glass dildo before, anticipating the pleasure I would get from this.
    • kate m jones: December 06, 2015 16:56
      never tried Glass before :-)
    • Craig: December 06, 2015 17:08
      Would love to try this on my wife! So sexy being able to see through it!!
    • Rachel Ray: December 06, 2015 17:18
      Never used glass before. Would love to try it. :)
    • deekayjay: December 06, 2015 17:20
      It's just so pretty!
    • Ophelia: December 06, 2015 17:29
      Thank you for hosting this Lovehoney! I'd love to win because it's gorgeous, and I've always wanted to test out glass!
    • Trix: December 06, 2015 18:15
      It looks beautiful, and I really enjoy glass!
    • Charlotte: December 06, 2015 18:17
      I've always wanted to try one of these, I'd love to win :)
    • Sweetypie29: December 06, 2015 18:56
      I would love to try this. Always wondered what it would feel like :)
    • caroline tokes: December 06, 2015 19:05
      I would love this have always wanted 1 like this
    • Ragnar Lodbrok: December 06, 2015 19:35
      We have just recently purchased Tracey Cox's Super Sex Dido Set (our first glass dildos). My wife would very much try a textured glass dildo and winning one LH's Textured Glass Dildos would replicate the orgasmic effect these toys have on her.
    • Ragnar Lodbrok: December 06, 2015 19:35
      We have just recently purchased Tracey Cox's Super Sex Dido Set (our first glass dildos). My wife would very much try a textured glass dildo and winning one LH's Textured Glass Dildos would replicate the orgasmic effect these toys have on her.
    • Ragnar Lodbrok: December 06, 2015 19:35
      We have just recently purchased Tracey Cox's Super Sex Dido Set (our first glass dildos). My wife would very much try a textured glass dildo and winning one LH's Textured Glass Dildos would replicate the orgasmic effect these toys have on her.
    • Michelle: December 06, 2015 19:48
      would love to try this glass dildo, as I've never tried glass before :) x
    • Lisa Parker: December 06, 2015 19:57
      It looks could add an interesting aspect to our love life x
    • Louise bennett: December 06, 2015 20:03
      Would love to try this as I need something while I'm single
    • Mike: December 06, 2015 20:12
      I would love to win this for my wife! Thank you!
    • Hayley: December 06, 2015 20:14
      This is super pretty, I'd like to give it a try!
    • Angel: December 06, 2015 20:19
      Always looking to add a new glass toy to our collection. This looks nice.
    • Sharon: December 06, 2015 20:25
      This dildo would make a lovely Christmas gift for me..... Love LH.
    • gary phelps: December 06, 2015 20:26
      Would love to try a glass dildo with my wife and see if she likes the new sensation!
    • Amelia Avossa: December 06, 2015 20:26
      Id like to final own a toy to spice things up
    • Fay Smith: December 06, 2015 20:32
      I'd love to win, because I think these look great
    • Solange: December 06, 2015 20:34
      Looks like a 'toe curling' prize to try...
    • Claire Bingham: December 06, 2015 20:35
      after 3 kids and the same partner for 16 years, we desperately need something to bring back the fun and this looks great
    • denise s: December 06, 2015 20:35
      OMG would put this on display if i could -what a design and it would work on another level to please me
    • John G: December 06, 2015 20:41
      My wife and I would love to try this out!
    • Louise K: December 06, 2015 20:48
      This looks a lot of fun!
      Fingers crossed! :D
    • Iris: December 06, 2015 20:56
      I have never tried a glass toy before would love to find out what this one feels like
    • Lynsey Buchanan: December 06, 2015 21:05
      Always up for trying something new
    • Ellen: December 06, 2015 21:09
      I always like to try something new. Never tried glass before!
    • Jo: December 06, 2015 21:13
      Looks fab, would love to try
    • purpleelysium: December 06, 2015 21:14
      I love using glass dildos and the bulbs on this one look interesting.
    • Gilly Langley: December 06, 2015 21:35
      Glass oooooohhhh yes please
    • kate andrews: December 06, 2015 21:39
      Never tried one before and like the idea of being able to freeze, would add a new level to things
    • Vincent: December 06, 2015 21:46
      I would like to win the lovehoney glass dildo because it celebrate our Christmas tree going up.
    • Helen B: December 06, 2015 22:20
      Love to have a go
    • Vanilla: December 06, 2015 22:29
      Ooo pick me pick me pick me! Pretty please ;)
    • Karenw: December 06, 2015 22:53
      Would love to try one!
    • bex1213: December 06, 2015 23:00
      AH! I would love one because I only use glass dildos and would love to try one with this much texture!
    • Natalie Crossan: December 06, 2015 23:04
      Looks like good fun xx
    • sarah wells: December 06, 2015 23:14
      Cinderella can keep her glass slippers, I want my prince to bring me one of these
    • Catherine: December 06, 2015 23:34
      Because would you believe I have never owned a dildo!!!! Need to have a play with one I think
    • raul: December 07, 2015 15:24
      i want to by for my wife and for my girlfriend as well. how it is?
      it's a good choice?
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