1. 12 Days of Giveaways: 8 Cock Rings Up for Grabs Today

    12 Days of Giveaways: 8 Cock Rings Up for Grabs TodayAre you feeling the Christmas spirit yet? Today's prizes in our 12 Days of Christmas Giveaways series should help you get into the swing of things!

    In case you're just joining us, we're hosting an epic sex toy lovefest for the first 12 days of December, with multiple exciting prizes up for grabs every day. Although we lower the number of prizes each day, the value of each one goes up. (You won't believe what we have planned for Day 12!)

    On this fine Saturday, we're giving you the chance to win 1 of 8 Lovehoney Bionic Bullet 5 Function Vibrating Cock Rings (worth £19.99 each).

    Offering two sex toys in one, this stretchy double ring firms up his erection while the removable bullet vibrator adds plenty of clitoral stimulation for her. Win win!

    Enter our competition below, and don't forget to come back tomorrow for more festive cheer.

    To enter today's competition, simply use your Facebook account or email address in the box below and leave a comment telling us why you'd love to win.

    Best of luck, and don't forget to come back tomorrow for another great giveaway!

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    Comments (48)

    • Vincent: December 05, 2015 00:02
      I would like to win one because 8 is one of my favourite numbers.
    • bex1213: December 05, 2015 00:04
      I'd love to win one of these because my partner and I just put this on our wishlist yesterday! We'd give it such a good workout.x
    • lou: December 05, 2015 00:15
      could be a fun prize :)
    • Emily: December 05, 2015 00:23
      Would love to win this as never tried one! I'm a cock ring Virgin!
    • Sonia Cash: December 05, 2015 00:54
      we love your toys and this would be a great addition to our collection
    • lincslad: December 05, 2015 00:57
      I would love to win this because I've never tried a cock ring before and I'm sure me and my wife to be would both enjoy it and also it would be the first time that I've won a sex toy so would put me well in the christmas spirit ;-) #LH12Days
    • JT: December 05, 2015 01:06
      Man can never have enough cock rings, especially those with that extra "vibe" about them.
    • Claire B: December 05, 2015 01:26
      cock rings fun for both this looks interesting
    • dv8: December 05, 2015 03:33
      These are made out of silicone and would be an upgrade from others I've thrown away.
    • grumpy bear: December 05, 2015 04:50
      I want one!
    • Onlyones: December 05, 2015 07:47
      Now that is much better than a pair of novelty socks.
    • Paul: December 05, 2015 08:48
      Good luck people !!!
    • Alex: December 05, 2015 09:33
      You can never have too many functions on your ring!
    • Katie Kingsbury: December 05, 2015 09:40
      Would be a great stocking filler!
    • Xavier: December 05, 2015 10:56
      Hummmmm une nouvelle sensation à découvrir
    • Steven: December 05, 2015 11:05
      Now this does look like a fun xmas gift!
    • Aisha: December 05, 2015 11:17
      This could fill my stocking
    • Bay: December 05, 2015 12:46
      Looks like fun!
    • Chaz: December 05, 2015 13:13
      something to keep me perky !
    • Kellee: December 05, 2015 13:40
      Thank you for the entries!
    • kate m jones: December 05, 2015 13:52
      Ohhh let the fun times begin ;-)
    • Kay: December 05, 2015 14:04
      I'd like to win cuz I quite like sex
    • Mel: December 05, 2015 14:47
      Fun for me and him
    • Dave: December 05, 2015 14:50
      Would love to win this. Very curious about it !
    • Michelle: December 05, 2015 14:59
      I love LH version of the day of christmas x
    • Claire Elizabeth Noke: December 05, 2015 15:17
      Like to keep things fresh and exciting!
    • caroline: December 05, 2015 15:21
      it would be nie to spice up my love up
    • Pia Stephens: December 05, 2015 15:27
      This would be great to bring a little extra buzz into our love life ??
    • Dave Stephens: December 05, 2015 15:34
      I would like to win this and tickle my wife's nose whilst she is pleasuring me with her mouth, I wonder if she would sneeze? Ouch lol
    • Denise: December 05, 2015 15:52
      My husband has just said "get it entered" (the comp) that is! lol ?? ??
    • vicki cullen: December 05, 2015 16:10
    • Barrie Bullock: December 05, 2015 16:33
      One ring to bind them or is that rule them?
    • Tammy Stevenson: December 05, 2015 17:01
      I would love to win to spice things up a little!
    • Victoria Middleton: December 05, 2015 17:27
      My boyfriends always been curious about cock rings
    • Rachel Ray: December 05, 2015 18:20
      A little extra spice can only be a good thing!
    • Thorn: December 05, 2015 18:34
      My lady would love that
    • cazzie: December 05, 2015 18:50
      i need sumthing new to spice up our love life!!! :D
    • Ellen: December 05, 2015 18:54
      To spice things up a little.
    • chris: December 05, 2015 19:39
      great fun for both of us, and to think i sed to think sextoys were only for women !!
    • Natalie Crossan: December 05, 2015 20:21
      Looks like fun!
    • Helen B: December 05, 2015 20:42
      To spice it up for both of us
    • alison duke: December 05, 2015 20:43
      I would love to win as this would besomething me and my hubby can both have fun with x
    • Couple looking to spice things up: December 05, 2015 21:30
      Who needs 5 golden rings, when Lovehoney have 8 cock-rings!
    • sarah wells: December 05, 2015 23:05
      I want to win because it's fun to share the pleasure, just reading what this does has made me feel horny. Time to switch the lap top off x
    • Becs: December 05, 2015 23:08
      I love sex toys, it makes everything so much more fun
    • Michelle: December 05, 2015 23:20
      Would love to win this for our collection of lovehoney toys x
    • Mr spanky: December 06, 2015 02:39
      I'd like as this gift would help just kkep on giving ;)
    • raul: December 07, 2015 15:42
      it's nice, but I like more sex toys for women. it's such a great pleasure to fuck her and play with her and the same time.
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