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  1. Day 4: Win 1 of 9 Amazing Prizes Today!

    Day 4: Win 1 of 9 Amazing Prizes Today!Another day, another sex toy giveaway!

    We're spreading the Christmas cheer in our own sexually happy way, with 12 days of sexy giveaways happening right here on the Lovehoney blog. The prizes are getting bigger with every passing day, so make sure to check back after midnight.

    Today's prize is especially for him. In fact, it's one of our best-selling male sex toys.

    Win 1 of 9 Lovehoney Reversible Double Stroker Intense Ticklers (worth £14.99 each) today only.

    We love that this textured sleeve is reversible, meaning you get to try two different sensations.

    To be in with a chance to win, simply enter our competition below…

    To enter today's competition, simply use your Facebook account or email address in the box below and leave a comment telling us why you'd love to win.

    Fans of Lovehoney on Facebook and Twitter get extra entries, and you can score more chances by tweeting about the contest with the hashtag #LH12Days.

    Best of luck, and don't forget to come back tomorrow for another great giveaway!

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    Comments (71)

    • Couple looking to spice things up: December 04, 2015 00:00
      Because you have to be in it to win it!
    • Fun Louise: December 04, 2015 00:03
      This could be 9 strokes of fun.
    • lou: December 04, 2015 00:15
      oooo Reversible
    • Mr spanky: December 04, 2015 00:17
      This feels immensly intense
    • Acenorm: December 04, 2015 00:21
      Winner, winner?
    • Vincent: December 04, 2015 00:25
      Someone new with first comment tonight. I like to win one because it's the first male toy in the giveaway.
    • Daelia: December 04, 2015 00:31
      Dear Father Christmas, and the elves at Love Honey.

      I would very much like to win, as my partner has troubles. As many aids for him to enjoy Christmas morning as much as me please.

    • FirstTimeLovers: December 04, 2015 00:50
      Well I've never had a male sex toy and I'm going to be laid up over Christmas after surgery so it'd be good to win to keep my spirits up
    • Vanilla: December 04, 2015 01:47
      I would love to win so my partner can discover the joys of toys :D
    • Rebecca: December 04, 2015 02:21
      we have two kids so this would be great to inject a bit of spice!
    • mummymermaid: December 04, 2015 02:45
      One thing we don't have is a stroker..could be fun xx
    • JM88: December 04, 2015 07:06
      Great to see a treat for the boys!
    • hdtv: December 04, 2015 08:00
    • Onlyones: December 04, 2015 08:04
      Would love to win a toy for me,as my wife would not dream of buying me one.
    • Xavier: December 04, 2015 09:13
      Hummmmm le bonheur
    • Kat: December 04, 2015 09:29
      My husband deserves a treat!
    • *Emma*: December 04, 2015 09:37
      I have quite a large collection of toys so it's always nice to find something new for the other half! xx
    • Maria Jane Knight: December 04, 2015 09:47
      The perfect treat for my fella!
    • Aisha: December 04, 2015 09:50
      I would love to see the look on my boyfriends face ;)
    • Sarah: December 04, 2015 10:38
      I'd like to give one to a friend as a joke, but they'll probably enjoy it.
    • Tikilou: December 04, 2015 11:00
      This stoker would make a nice if cheeky gift to a single make friend!

      Especially since I forgot his birthday on Tuesday :-(

    • lloyd: December 04, 2015 11:23
      I`m sure the wife would prefer using this for 9 strokes more than the usual 15 mins
    • bex1213: December 04, 2015 11:30
      I would love one of these for my boyfriend! It's his birthday next week and I'd love to give him a little extra something...
    • sam: December 04, 2015 11:37
      id love to use this to tease the gf- untill she helps out ;)
    • vicki cullen: December 04, 2015 11:48
    • Denise Molyneux: December 04, 2015 11:57
      Ooooh would love one of these! ??
    • Vincent: December 04, 2015 12:03
      I would love to win one because it would fit on me like a present would fit In a stocking from Santa.
    • Vincent: December 04, 2015 12:05
      I would love to win one because it would fit on me like a present would fit In a stocking from Santa.
    • Daren: December 04, 2015 12:38
      Oh the fun we could ave with this!!
    • sarah clegg: December 04, 2015 12:46
      it would be a fun treat ;)
    • kittyondrugz: December 04, 2015 12:47
      This would be a great opportunity to get my new guy to try male sex toys.Fingers crossed.xx
    • lisa fahey: December 04, 2015 13:13
      looks like fun
    • Tom Baines: December 04, 2015 13:17
      need something to get the mrs going rotfl
    • Jo Hutchinson: December 04, 2015 13:21
      I would love to try this out on him
    • Mel: December 04, 2015 13:39
      Nice new toy for him
    • Nokinator: December 04, 2015 13:57
      Because we still like to keep things "fresh" and "fun" after 16 years ! :)
    • bellybeans: December 04, 2015 13:58
      ...because my better half would secretly love his own toy -purely for *his* pleasure, but won't let me buy him one. But I'm sure he wouldn't look a gift horse in the mouth ;)
      This would make his Christmas go with an oh, oh, OH.
    • Claire B: December 04, 2015 14:11
      looks fun
    • david: December 04, 2015 14:54
      this well make christmas a lot better for me
    • Louise K: December 04, 2015 15:05
      The OH would love this! XD
    • Rachel Ray: December 04, 2015 15:12
      It'd put a smile on my Mr's face :)
    • Steve Stewart: December 04, 2015 16:10
      Lonely nights!
    • TJ: December 04, 2015 16:51
      It looks like it will be hours of fun to play with!
    • Vincent.: December 04, 2015 17:06
      I love to win one because I can see clearly with this stroker.
    • Barrie Bullock: December 04, 2015 17:16
      My lady could use this on me without having to work hard.
    • Louise Bennett: December 04, 2015 17:28
      I would like to try this as don't have anything like this and would like to try it
    • Tammy Tudor: December 04, 2015 17:37
      it would be a great gift ;)
    • gina ackroyd: December 04, 2015 17:48
      give hubby a treat
    • kate m jones: December 04, 2015 18:01
      Now this would be a nice little treat for him ;-)
    • Paul: December 04, 2015 18:17
      Tingles all the way !!!!
    • Becs: December 04, 2015 18:43
      I love to please and a toy is always better than just my hand
    • Dowster: December 04, 2015 18:50
    • caroline tokes: December 04, 2015 19:35
      nething is worth spicy up love life
    • Victoria Middleton: December 04, 2015 19:37
      Got to give him some pleasure occasionally!
    • Honest Customer: December 04, 2015 20:28
      I would love to try this out on my other half.
    • Lucie: December 04, 2015 20:29
      My partner would love this!
    • chris: December 04, 2015 20:32
      a great prize, guys order from lovehoney too ;)
    • JJ: December 04, 2015 20:36
      Fingers crossed
    • Lorah: December 04, 2015 20:39
      Would love to show hubby that there's nothing to be scared of when it comes to male toys and this would be perfect I think!
    • Red Vinyl Kitty: December 04, 2015 21:32
      I'd love to win because I'm always looking for new toys that might entice my partner.
    • Lloyd: December 04, 2015 21:34
      I entered because my hand has hand enough abuse.
    • Thorn: December 04, 2015 21:43
      Because I would love to try it.
    • protectyournuts: December 04, 2015 21:44
      I had one of these before but it uh... Got worn out ;)
    • Stacy Freeland: December 04, 2015 21:46
      I think the hubby deserves a new toy (hopefully he will return the favour with a Doxy lol)
    • Ragnar Lodbrok: December 04, 2015 21:49
      I have always been the caring partner who has tended to all my wife's sexual needs and desires. She recently commented that I am a totally unselfish lover. The Reversible Double Stroker would allow me some self indulgence for a change!
    • james: December 04, 2015 21:51
      id love to win, as my wife and i dont have sex anymore and I would like to feel something different from my hand on my cock
    • cazzie: December 04, 2015 22:27
      needing a new one here!!!
    • Knux6666: December 04, 2015 22:42
      looks fun im sure the missus will agree
    • Royster: December 04, 2015 23:23
      Love love hunny products and the wife likes them to
    • Jade O: December 04, 2015 23:43
      I don't know who will enjoy this more, my partner or myself! Cetainly going to make for a fun time!
    • Jimmy: December 04, 2015 23:45
      I'm going to be laid up over Christmas after foot operation so this would cheer me up no end!
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